Digital posting iotbw, mbmc, ect

Whisper is a location-based ANONYMOUS MESSAGE BOARD app used by the younger generation. And we are taking it over.

>How to Shitpost Whisper

1. Get the Android or IOS app.



2. Get Fake GPS( Android only)

3. Set location to shitpost (college campus, liberal hellhole, or even a city in another country)

4. Post any of our successful poster memes and watch them go viral (IOTBW, MBMC, FYMP, etc)

5. Set another GPS location and repeat

>Advantages to Whisper

- Lets us test poster campaigns before committing to them


- Influence the younger generations

test of Film Your Marxist Professors campaign, we did 6 campuses. This is a supercut of all the responses so far.

The best results we got were on the IOTBW campaign. We tested various backgrounds and a few variations of the message. We got over 52,000 views across US and Canada, and hundreds of comments. Using a "hot guy" as the background gave us the best results, as did phrasing IOTBW as a question - "is it okay to be white?"

Its working as we speak

Looks like some facebook normie shit


Oy vey don't influence the normies goyim!

That's the point faggot, specifically gen z normalfags

Ty for the idea im going to have fun trolling snowflakes,any suggestions for the most liberal collages?

See it works?

I mean't can you recommend me the most liberal collages i can visit

Fake GPS Usage in pic related


Berkely? Most colleges are liberal infested so you won't have a hard time there

Using Social media is haram in islam

Maybe I'll troll my state's colleges to test the waters there.


have a bump


When I post "Blacks commit 52% of homicides while only making 13% of the populaiton" people get so pissed kek

Lemme guess, they're pissed because muh ignoring social inequalities?
also, post the salt.
Salt for the salt god

Everyone post your replies in this thread


moxie marlinspike is a literal communist. user are in a /leftypol/ thread

suggestion for a whisper test (since guns are a hot topic right now)

Bumped by command


Seems interesting ill check it out


The fish is eating the bait

Remember to post salt in here like pic related

Dont get involved in anything from honeypot general.

There is no phase 2


Fucking nice, also for everyone here basically look at that, low effort post that gets a quick 327 views. Imagine that multiple times

Stfu faggot this is not a phase 2

hey guys ;)

this is great because it allows us to mine salt to promote a future poster campaign

you need that first reaction to inspire more anons to join in and post more

stay scared shill

Saved for future reference ;)

Just think of all the (you)s

why would I be afraid of you rabbi?
all I did was post a warning to naive newcunts reading this.
never join a discord, never click an unarchived link and never download a file, this is a false flag against pol.

Oy vey don't download OC goyim or join a high cohesive group oyy gevalt shut this down..

>high cohesive group
still struggling to assimilate with pol I see rabbi, will you guys ever learn.

the warning is posted, let people do whatever they want

everyone knows that IOTBW was a massive success, MBMC was also very successful, FYMP has major potential (previous videos of extremist profs advocating violence in their classrooms have gone viral), the RWPS discord has been behind all of this and you're terrified of it because it's a powerful weapon in the culture war and you're terrified of more people joining it

Dont give attention to a shill,focus on the posting!!!

Any good places in particular to shitpost?

the more leftarded the area, the more salt you will generate

Berkeley California is a great example

would whisper be a good way to promote the next IOTBW poster date (this Halloween)?

Berkeley got that guy 327 views in just a few mins

Actually it would help a lot

Not a concern troll, but please be aware of the data stored on Whisper. Keep doing what you are doing guys, but please be smart.

Not like were doing something illegal besides you're supposed to spoof your device before posting

Of course, but don't leave patterns.

I'm continuing to solidify and expand my media links from MBMC and should be able to use those to help get some big names to broadcast the next IOTBW
whisper would help too, and T_D, and the chans obviously, and twitter, Instagram, youtube, facebook, etc etc the entire internet basically
the message should flood the entire internet at full volume ~1 to 2 weeks before Halloween to ensure max participation

Ok George, go get your soma


It wants too many permissions on my phone otherwise I'd do it

Hey guys you can change your name on the settings and posts from previous whispers do not change the name , so you can be infinite people

OP is late to the party, I've been spamming this picture since the day the app came out.

hi shill
you've never posted that image before on whisper but nice try at demoralizing

i'd give your attempt a 0/10

>doxx yourself, the game for retards

If you are going to do shit like this, use bluestacks

How are we doxxing ourselves by doing this more than posting here?


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hi CIA nigger.

They have deleted all my posts just now(probably because i was using fake
location to post around whole us),i had around 10.000 views on my posts,5 people said they will film their professors and asked me for the link.


nice going lads

if even 1 out of 5 of those videos is good it could be the next viral one that gets millions of views
great job



give us an update