Is there a name for this fallacy?

Sup Forums, what is the name of the fallacy when one person claims to represent an entire group of people?

For instance feminists, or in this case an individual feminist, may say they speak for all women.

What is the name of this logical fallacy, if there is even a name for it?

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I don't know a name for it. If brevity is what you're after, the best what I could come up with is being a "self-appointed spokesman"

I'd cal it interest shilling, but maybe that's not it.

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sounds like a tangent of bandwagon

That is a good term. Maybe someone should make up a specific name for it though. Especially since it's something that seems to happen quite often.

But that is something that doesn't necessarily mean you claim to represent a group of people, which is what I mean.

He's not blind so he'd see.

checked. I also thought it came close to bandwagen, but it's not the same. I think it would be good to make a specific term for this fallacy.

self-appointed spokesman fallacy seems legit

Maybe it would sound better if we call it the sas-fallacy? Or does that sound gay?

There's No True Scotsman, which is the negative side of the argument.
>No TRUE Scotsman would caravan, he's sleep outside, naked on the hard, unforgiving rocks!
>That's not REAL Communism!


It's okay to deport illegals.


it's called facism

Ad poplum i would say good sir.

Looked it up; its the 'honor by association fallacy.'

Where and how did you "look it up"?

That fallacy says something is true because many people believe it. But thanks anyway.

Almost but not exactly what I mean.

I'm off. Thanks for the replies everyone.

Are you talking about that thing (((they))) do when (((they))) claim to be white and then advocate for white genocide?

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