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dont say sauce

I forgot that used to exist.

>starting with the LN instead of the anime
You dun goofd.

Oh shit, finally someone picked it up.

>Outbreak Company
I forgot the show existed but I actually remember parts from it and that I liked it

For anyone who cares J-Novel is going to announce 4 more licenses soon. Here are the hints they gave.


how did she break her legs?

Gonna wait the epub version on nyaa

The anime was seriously underrated


No clue what those might be, but I've been hoping they'd pickup the Saekano novels or even Netogame.

Dunno, don't care, Blood Sign?, dunno.
One of the female isekais?

Flatter the scarier + Doesn't need a club = GJ BU - BUT WHY?

Is there a fan translation I should backup before it gets nuked? Google only gives volume 1.

>GATE but without the /k/ and ten times the /jp/
How did this bottom of the barrel malarkey get 18 volumes again?

Nah only 1 volume I think.

Because it's actually good literature

>Blood Sign
I hope not.

I recommend you try some of the real good books then - like Twilight and Fifty shades Of Gray.

I liked the anime, but I won't ever go out of my way to read a light novel. Even officials ones are written badly. I'll gladly take a second season though.

>now without the annoying fairy

That sounds like Phantom World, since the fairy was added in for the anime, right?

If I wrote a book series about a Victorian gentleman spreading the gospel of top hats, sweatshop child labor, and scones to Meiji Japan while getting the Imperial Japanese Navy addicted to the works of Rudyard Kipling and Jane Austen, would I get published for 18 volumes?

what is this, a cover for ants?

If it had some hot elf in it, probably yes

Go read Goblin Slayer, Maou-sama, Saihate no Paladin, or Infinite Dendrogram. All official translations done by someone actually competent and not just literally whos that YP grabbed off the street.

If you wanted replies you should have put "isekai" in the title.

Add SNAFU, Ransom's Monogatari translation and S&W to that list as well for official translations.

Fuck off YP devs

>Fuck off YP devs

Found Quarkboy.

Literally who? Some youtuber faggot or drama namefag? Well if he hates YP too maybe he's not a total jackass.

He is the founder of J-Novel Club.

That I am! And the translator for Outbreak Company is Kevin Steinbach, who also translated Bluesteel Blasphemer and... also translates Goblin Slayer and Konosuba for YP.

So yeah, good translator is good translator and I don't judge.

Sooo how did the smartphone anime effect the sales on the western side. Was there a significant boost?

Hotcakes. Isekai hotcakes.

how'd you get the Elevens to trust your business senses again after Animesols crashed and burned (burning all the unsold stock with it)?

I love half-elves.


I fucking love to hate this show


Because Anime Sols was a success and made money and I stopped it before it could be run into the ground. The stock issue was forced on me by the lawyers and the nature of Japanese LLP dissolution. Member companies would have to pay taxes on value of stock they receive so cheaper to destroy than "distribute" remaining capital.

Have you looked into doing print on demand for series that Seven Seas aren't interested in? I need print Rokujouma.

Can we PLEASE have a print version of Infinite Dendrogram? I don't give a fuck about any of your other titles but Dendrogram is the coolest thing on your roster right now.

I'm a bit surprised Seven Seas didn't pick this up for a print release. Now that the animes over it seems unlikely for them to pick it up.

Have any publishers other than Seven Seas shown interest in releasing your series in print?

Seven Seas is somewhat hand-tied by Macmillian their distributor, which is in turn restrained by book store buyers/shelf space. Seven seas is already releasing like 50% more manga than last year and the catalogs only have so much room.

Go away Steiner.

I haven't really reached out. I once talked with Udon about the idea but I haven't really followed up with them.

Steiner works for these guys? Is his stuff good?

Is there any way for you to use the fact that you translated the Tatami Galaxy anime into picking up the novel?

his puts out quality work but he's also leakier than Trump Tower.

Steiner translates Smartphone Jesus and Infinite Dendrogram.

Maybe? Would love to get any of those books... Maybe one day.

Steiner get back to work on Smartphone 5.

Can you comment on any of the remaining unsolved clues , like, of the four which of them have actually been animated?

anime announcement seems very likely for Arifureta in winter seeing the PV which will probably be especially 'hotckackes' for you guys but well who knows
regarding Arifureta:Zero spinoff also mentioned here, any plans to translate that one in the future?

No, I am Spartacus.


If not then he really should. I'd pay good money for print Rokujouma.

What is it with Japan and listing prequels as Zero? What is an Arifureta prequel even about, the original war with the mavericks and God?

Maybe try doing a kick-starter?

Careful you'll set off the animesols PTSD.

It's a buddy comedy about Oscar and Miledi .

why aren't you sleeping it's like 1:30am in moonland?

dropping by /vita/ any time soon or has even pqube abandoned us?

more kimoi(gross) otaku pandering...........


This was hard enough to watch in animated form, I can't imagine having to read it.

Isn't that most pure for of literature?

I still lurk there, I've just had no reason to post lately. Got stuff in the works with PQube for you guys, but it's just nothing I can talk about any time soon, sadly. I'm up to my neck in work but I can't really talk about any of it! It's the worst.

>leakier than Trump Tower

License Isekai Mama before jewpress gets their hands on it.

Sweet. I only hope it'll come out before my three year old 64GB card decides to finally give up the ghost.

How many times do I have to tell you... bidding war.

Please license Kara no Kyoukai from Kodansha, the fan translations all suck.
Also please license Schwarzesmarken from Tech Gian/Enterbrain, the anime sucked.
And please license Mushoku Tensei from MF Bunko J/Kadokawa, the fan translation is garbage.

Please actually release all the Campione volumes physically.
I'll suck your dicks.

It is honestly surprising how Mushoku Tensei still better than 99% every other LN even with that shitty MTL.

doesn't Shueisha already own Viz? You're better off bugging them about it.

doesn't Kadokawa already own Yen Press? You're better off bugging them about it.

Implying Yen Press will pick up something with 15+ volumes already published. It would take them at least 10 years to finish MT.

Which light novels out there actually have good translations and are available physically?

Took J-Novel half a year to release 5 Smartphone volumes. Why can't other companies be as fast?

>doesn't Shueisha already own Viz? You're better off bugging them about it.
Seven Seas licensed a LN from Shueisha about a year ago, so they seem willing to license to other publishers.

Its MF Books not BunkoJ, though you are right. That's the label of Media Factory which in turn was bought by kadokawa in 2011.


Because digital publishing cuts out a lot of the overhead of stuff like typesetting, printing, distribution, etc. A six week schedule is completely unsustainable for physical publishing.

>calls YP Jews
>JNC is run by an actual ethnic Jew

>S2 never


That is exactly what Waneko does and it works out perfectly for them.

>Finally a female protagonist!
>Now without the annoying fairy
Kind of makes me think of OSO. Yun plays a female avatar, and the second hint kind of sounds like a jab towards SAO/Yui.

thanks for fucking up the saki subs

do you plan on kidnapping any more yen press translators?

Still a male.
And it has an annoying fairy too.

OC was Gate done right

I actually forgot about the fairy, but I didn't find it particularly annoying. Might have if she stuck around as a relevant character for more than half a volume, but she didn't.

>Still a male.
Barely see him outside the game, most the cast thinks he's female, he acts like a female most of the time.

It's a bit of stretch, I know.

Where's volume 4 of My Little Sister Can Read Kanji you fuck.

Season 2 soon.


Did the BDs have nips?
I haven't rewatched it since it aired.

J-Novel any good? Was thinking of trying.

>Female protag
>Probably not Bakarina, Reika-sama, Eliza, or Schere/Noel/Yuusha

Heck I'll settle for super mainstream stuff like Iris or Kumoko, why are LN with female protag ain't popular (yet)?

Yeah pretty good translation-wise. Just make sure to read through their "How it Works" page if you want to sub. PR-wise it is the best lol. The founder was in this thread before.

>Kumoko, why are LN with female protag ain't popular (yet)?

Knights & Magic is pretty popular.

Their subscription model is retarded, but their translations are decent. They're probably one of the better english publishers.

Their subscribtion model is a mix of Audible and CR I would say. It definitely offers a lot if you know how it works. If you want to read something new or something you have caught up to, you can get a lot out of a regular 5$ sub. Hell you can read 5 volumes with 5$ which is pretty fucking great. (But that would mean you are reading 5 different series which you already caught up to). On the other hand premium sub which I have at the moment is fucking great.