Love Live- Perfect Gravure Project

I was wrong. Gen 3 Girls did do gravure or at the very least one shoot. /ai/ fans can sleep easily tonight knowing that Miyutan won't be lewd yet.

Old News with my notes in brackets

"As indicated by its name, each issue of Seiyu Paradise R features photos of and articles about voice actors (seiyu in Japanese) who work in the anime industry. In an upcoming volume, set to go on sale July 14, Seiyu Paradise R will be putting the spotlight on a group of six voice actresses who will appear as “swimsuit gravure models” within the issues pages.
Japan usually has no complaints about swimsuit modeling, but this time is a little different.

Generally speaking, Japanese society is quite happily appreciative of swimsuit modeling. The gravure/gurabia sector of the modeling industry, which focuses on women in skimpy bikinis and other revealing outfits, is as robust as ever, and even coming up with innovative new ways to please fans.

So ordinarily you’d be forgiven for assuming that a magazine announcing a photo spread of six young bikini-clad women would be met with a warm reception. However, that’s not the case for Seiyu Paradise R, a monthly periodical from Tokyo-based Akita Publishing.

As indicated by its name, each issue of Seiyu Paradise R features photos of and articles about voice actors (seiyu in Japanese) who work in the anime industry. In an upcoming volume, set to go on sale July 14, Seiyu Paradise R will be putting the spotlight on a group of six voice actresses who will appear as “swimsuit gravure models” within the issues pages.

Posing for the photos are voice actresses Aguri Onishi (Ayumu Uehara), Hitomi Sasaki, Mayu Sagara (KasuKasu), Erika Momota, Junna Amako, and Shu Uchida, who have been grouped together because they’re be performing in a drama CD to be released in conjunction with the seventh collected volume of manga Yomekura, which is currently being serialized in Akita Publishing’s Monthly Shonen Champion comic anthology."

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"However, many online commenters in Japan have noticed something else the six actresses have in common: none of them are particularly successful or established within the industry. Amako, whose voice acting resume goes back to 2014, is the most experienced despite her relatively short time in the voice acting game. Sasaki and Uchida only made their voice acting debuts last year, and none of the women have more than a handful of credited roles to date. This has sparked an online backlash against the Seiyu Paradise R photo shoot by those who feel it’s a distasteful way to drum up publicity for underperforming/unproven voice actresses, with critics making comments such as:

“Putting them in swimsuits is really going too far.”

“Do NOT make voice actresses take off their clothes.”

“Are the people planning this morons? They’re morons, aren’t they.”

“I could see if they were also trying to make it as gravure idols, but how is this going to help them get voice acting roles in the future?”

“Is there any point to having people who work a voice actresses wear swimsuits?”

Seiyu Paradise R might even have a legitimate story-based reason for putting the six Yomekura actresses in swimsuits. The announcement tweet says that the photo shoot will “recreate the world of [Yomekura],” and given that it’s a harem series about a teen who transfers into an elite high school where a number of his female classmates claim to be his fiance, some sexy poolside (or hot spring, judging from Seiyu Paradise R’s tweeted photo) seem well within the trusty playbook of the genre.

To answer Number 4's rhetorical question, 3 months in the future (hi), gravure work probably didn't nab Aguri and Mayu an additional role being the role in LL. Looking at the promo art the shoot was taken when Aguri's hair was much shorter. Based on Sunshine interview she probably auditioned successfully for the role at least a year beforehand. If nothing else, LL will get her a lot of recognition.

As for will it get them future roles, looking at Rippi and Shikako they got a lot more roles after Love Live then anytime immediately before (when they were doing gravure) so the answer is probably no.

That's what I call idol skills.

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Ain't that long.

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> “Is there any point to having people who work a voice actresses wear swimsuits?”
> “I could see if they were also trying to make it as gravure idols, but how is this going to help them get voice acting roles in the future?”
Based japs

Gen 1- Rippi and Shikako
Gen 2- Arisha, still doing gravure
Gen 3- Mayu, Aguri


I buy seipara every once in a while.
Out of the top of my head I remember Marika Kohno doing a swimsuit shot (she is a regular) but it was on a rather tasteful one-piece that covered quite a bit.
But yeah, the more who you are the sluttier the shots. Generally it's tame stuff. Seifuku, cosplay as characters, mostly showing leg and that's about it.

Do not lewd my pure Swiss waifu please.

>yeah, I don't know how having a bigger profile will help me to get more roles and job

Why do voice actors need to be attractive? I'm not looking at them and I don't care. Otaku are so gross.

Reminder Miyu belongs to /ai/!

I don't know, ask Playboy, or you mommy why she needs to be pretty

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There's a difference between the seiyuu doing bikini gravure work for another magazine and doing bikini gravure for a seiyuu magazine.

Seiyuu are humans; seiyuu are women. It only takes being in Japan context.
We are all gross and much worse

Probably not the profile you're expecting. Pile doesn't seem to be any more or less roles after that one gravure she did.

I looked it up and it doesn't seem like more, as in popular seiyu do more gravure.

Holy shit who cares, the seiyuus who voiced you're waifu showed off some skin. I bet you're one of those people who think that fictional chinese cartoon girl are forever soiled after you accidentally clicked on some ntr guro scat doujin. You faggots are the same as tumblrinas who think that fiction is reality

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Almost but not quite.

tl;dr: JP White Knights were pissed because they thought the girls were being coerced into gravure in return for more roles and fame.

Two of them will get famous for being in Love Live alone.

haha, oh wow. Had no idea Hugh was such an /ourguy/

Rina and Ayumu- 94K
Karin- 80K
Kanata onee-chan- 67K
KasuKasu- 65K
Emma and Shizuku- 61K
Ai- 58K
Setsuna- 42K

I've honestly never understood why there are even attempts to get Japanese voice actors into idol-esque careers. I don't give a shit how attractive they are, it shouldn't matter. Needing a 3D face to promote a 2D show smacks of misplaced priorities to me.

Now I'm not saying they can't make use of it if for example someone form the idol industry goes into voice acting or something like that, or if some of the VAs are particularly popular. I don't hate it, I just dislike how it seems to be an established thing they "need" to do. The Japanese idol sensibility is at times kinda cancerous.

the most talented


Because it's fun to see some real people behind anime, especially because animation staff are avoiding public like crazy.

As cancerous as football sick people
As cancerous as metalheads
As cancerous art critics

You don't care, but other people do.
You just have to accept that you're where you don't want to be.
I also don't like how somethig "has" to sell, has the need "innovate" to prove genuine nice quality, but hey; they have to eat.

>as cancerous as "fans and critics"
where is the equivalency here

Lifestyles they have: fans who do crazy and wicked, vile harm. a.k.a. fanatism.

You just can't evaluate art as a profession. The dirty parts comes where feeble people follow and support your "objective" view.

These things exist in the world, and they make it move (or make it move ourselves). These cancerous things are aound us

Point is: otakus "aren't the" cancerous one

But I wasn't talking about otakus, I was talking about the animation industry emulating the idol industry with how they handle their VAs.

In this thread we already have quotes from otakus saying it doesn't seem necessary.

I would like to see more of her talent, if you know what I mean.

Kanata's seiyu is ponytail without ridiculously large ribbon.

...I see, you're talking about the trend
I, personally, don't view it like that. I just take it because... why not
Thing is: I don't have problem with it, on a general sense. "yeah, things work like that, what gives". I consume worse shit than that. I blame the seiyuus themselves for what path they have choosen, as in "i won't say i wasn't see it coming: you can be a 2d today, and tomorrow you'll be something else... it's just.. ok"
However, I can and do care if the seiyuu, which I care and love so much, does something I don't like, simply as that... When things get personal, that's when I do care.

So yeah, I understand your dislike of this trend, but, personally, I choose not to care about it

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Anyone else coming to the live today?

The most fuckable Earphones. Does anyone have photos of her doing a swimsuit shoot?

The thing is Ai is a slut herself, and has made a gravure photoshoot. In one of those Q&A's back then it's revealed

Are you telling me my future wife Ayumu is a slut?

Why do I always fall into the lewd meme?

I wish. I still need to figure out how to make the delayed viewing.

I wish I could go, but I probably won't go even a single time to one of them. I live in a third world country

>Spending money on a shittily cut and mixed concert
Just wait for the BDs or drop the cash to get the real experience live.

Don't forget Ucchi, even though it took her a while.

t. has no idea how balloting for idol tickets works
it's not the sort of thing you can just "drop cash" on


Also forgetting Shuka and soon Anchan.

Scalpers exist for a reason.

Ever heard of ticketcamp?

Not living in Japan makes that hard.

That why you "drop the money".
We probably only have a handful of lives left with Aqours.
Take a few days off work, maybe if you're lucky it happens on a weekend.

I would if I had work to take off. Being a recent grad looking for work is suffering.

Hell, I'm in my 2nd year, you know for goddamn sure all my part time money is going to that trip if it happens at a good time.

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can I have some very cute rikako pics please

Apparently Setsuna's VA is still a 17 year old highschool girl so fortunately she's spared the gravure treatment.

Imagine being pretty much a celebrity and going to school at the same time

love you

post miyu

I wonder if she gets asked out a lot now that she's famous?

Imagine being 17 and being famous

Imagine being 17

Reminds me how one of the idols from Macross couldn't get on the scene to say goodbye at the end of Anime Expo idol concert because she was only 16. And Japanese laws prohibit underages from working after 10 pm. I think she was 15 when her anime aired. Setsuna's VA is an old hag in comparison (and PDP will never get anime).

9 years ago. Fuck this.

Has this been scanned yet?


Buying resold tickets for Japanese shows isn't a great idea since they're tied to the purchaser's name and they do random ID checks at the door.

Not that I've seen.


Well keep posting.
Do you know if the Pile one was scanned too?

To be fair, Ucchi is actively looking for someone to fuck.

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Ucchi wants to marry someone and wants 3 kids.
She also made a joke that the guy must make 100k a year.


Is this Idolm@aster?

Pile's body reminds me of Kate Upton minus the tits, built like a gotdam fridge!

post very cute ucchi pics pls
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Here you go.

It's Yamakan saving anime.

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They're all carpet munchers.

The current gray uniforms of Uranohoshi really pale in comparison to the uniforms of Otonokizaka.
Why didn't they stick with the black uniforms?
Was it too lesbian?

In Dengeki it says that they wear the black uniforms something around November-December. I don't Sunrise will animate it but I would like to see it.

>tfw no Nanjo photobook

Nanjo dresses weird. Shame because she is pretty hot.

She dresses comfy af

why do we hate her again?

Sunrise being Sunrise I doubt that they will include it, plus we didn't get anything close to black uniforms in the preview.

They are going to lose all their female fans if they keep pulling this crap.

More like turn them all gay.

It's a shame cause the black uniforms are so good looking.

I've literally never met anyone that hates sww.


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