Tied for best sports Anime with Eyesheild 21

Tied for best sports Anime with Eyesheild 21.


Not sure if shit post or not.

Ping Pong, E21, and Haikyuu are the holy trinity of sports anime.

That's not Kuroko

That's not slamdunk

Eyeshield 21 anime was bad. Try Eyeshield 21 manga before the America arc. That's the best sports manga I've read.

I have no idea why anyone would watch Eyeshield 21's shit tier animation when a Murata drawn manga is right there. Definitely one of the best sports stories in manga played straight.

Eyesheild 21's anime is shit but the manga is great.

Slamdunk anime is not as good, kinda hard to enjoy it after you read the manga.

Eyeshield's animation was average as fuck, the manga was good and it had great characters/art but it was quite generic for a spokon

If good animation doesn't matter then Baby Steps is easily one of the best sports anime out there. I can't remember if the animation was good or not but Giant Killing was pretty great, anime MOUyes.


I'll shill this for the best sports anime for the rest of my life.

One outs.

Giant killing manga is excellent, had no idea it got an anime (don't keep up anymore), thanks for a heads up.

The anime is like 7 years old

Stopped following ongoing like a year before it aired so it's easy to miss unpopular shows. Thanks for a heads up either way.

>Eyesheild 21
but the ES21 anime was garbage, it's the manga that was good

Wording this. One Outs is literally the best baseball anime ever made.

But Ping Pong is hardly a sports anime.

>But Ping Pong is hardly a sports

>But Ping Pong is a sport

>with Eyesheild 21
You said this bait just to create a discussion, don't y?
Fuck off.

The best bait is the bait you actually believe in.