But what did it all really mean?

What's the message behind the message? In light of stuff I won't blog about I can't help but think Anno's message, which identifies problems but doesn't provide solutions, is inherently hypocritical. Not anywhere can be paradise. Sometimes you do your best and it turns out your best sucks balls. Other times, you can be at the right place at the right time, and have all the skills you need, and lose cause of pure dumb luck. Or have both luck, skill and the right attitude, but come into a negative environment (eg nerv) where every effort is met with heavy resistance.
You can't change others by changing yourself. If you're lucky, you get to teach someone younger a new trick and that's it. Believing you can change people's behavior by simply willing it into being makes as much sense as staring into a glass of water until it turns into lcl.
Anyone else think Anno's message has an underlying negation or hypocritical element, or is it just me?

The movie explains itself, just rewatch it.

Precisely, but not in the way you think. The final messsage is self-referrential, like a paradox, and it only becomes obvious once you read the script.
I was a software engineer until morning. I know a rat when I smell one.

It's simple, don't do escapism.

Rei represents progress and confronting reality.
Asuka represents escapism and poor self esteem.

How the two characters deal with the things around them as the story progresses shows you the consequences of giving in to escapism (Asuka, fails to be respected by anyone, attempts suicide, goes into coma due to hurt feelings), and the consequences of confronting yourself and others (regaining your lost potential and becoming as a God, free).

It does provide a solution: dare to confront reality like Rei does, even if it hurts you. Know yourself, define yourself before you can become independent. Don't follow the example of Asuka the Doll and define yourself by others. Have a personality, like Rei attempts to stick to hers. Regardless of how lacking it may be, it is still yours and no one can take it away from you.

It's these lessons Rei pass onto Shinji in the finale.

I get your point that not everywhere can be paradise for a human being, like e.g the surface of the sun. But nothing will be paradise unless you try to make it a paradise. You can starve to death on a beautiful tropical island, or you can work to feed yourself and live on that very island.

Point is, you gotta try.

>It's simple, don't do escapism.
I only work and sleep. I spend free time in a traffic jam, or looking for more work. Touche, Reitard.

Yokatta wa ne.


I don't even get how it's supposed to be hypocritical according to you.
Good things happen, bad things happen, that's life.
Grow up, accept it and gambare!

Nice try user.
But nobody is going to fall for that one!

>asukafag in denial

Shut up.

Man is a social animal and everyone long to be accepted by at least one person even if they hate themselves.
It is an observation, not a moral judgement.

>asukafag still in denial

There's a reason why Asuka gets her shit kicked in by reality, and Rei conquers it.

It's a matter of fact, not an opinion.

A man shouldn't be so rude towards a young lady!

The only good thing I can remember in the past few months is that I became good at noticing stuff people try to hide. Corruption, incompetence, nepotism, stuff like that. Not that it does me any good, but at least it's something.

What you observe you affect. Can't have one without the other, except in lcl.

It's a fictional cartoon representing failure in life, not a young lady or your waifu.

Saving this one for future use.

Don't focus on the negative user.
Be good for your waifu.

Fuck you trolls!

Asuka is really that crap user. Pretending otherwise is escapism.

Pic related, it's you masturbating to your doll waifu.

Only by heeding Rei's word of wisdom, and accepting her salvation in your heart, can you be set free.

S-Stop being a meanie.
Rei is the doll and people who like her are autists!

Sure. Whatever happens, happens.

The real Asuka is the doll that hung out with her mom.

Rei tells you to take care of yourself, to understand yourself and define yourself, and to not be someone's doll.

Asuka only shows you how to give into temptation and sin, to lose your humanity and become trash.

Rei can take you up and above. Confess!

Pretty sure not liking Rei makes you autistic. Rei is a good girl who dindu nuffin wrong, best girl of EVA.

Asuka was the best girl in NGE.
Her suffering did wonderful things to my boner.

She was intentionally the worst girl, you're supposed to not like Asuka, which why the show mocks you with Unless you like Asuka because she's shit, then that's OK

Rei was shit because I didn't care about her, nothing she did made me interested enough in her to put up with her autism. Misato and Ritsko were piles of garbage who where nominally more interesting than Rei. But none of them equiled the glorious trainwreck that was Asuka Langley.

Also the show was also mocking all waifufags with

>posting LAK

Metamorphosis and biomechanics drawn to look sexy give me the fucking shivers.

>show a picture of asuka
>i-it's mocking all waifufags I swear!

The Asukafag, everyone. Just a fat loser.

the underlying message is don't give up on the pursuit of happiness and don't give up on humanity

LAK is best Asuka.

Why does every thread devolve into Waifufag wars?

Because of anons like that hate everything but their waifu. Asukafags like him are scum.

The message is that if you choke a girl several times, she submit herself to you.

they thought it looked cool

The waifu wars is the main reason it's still relevent and talked about so much if we are being honest here.

They failed pretty hard if they tried to make her the worst.

Ah, to be 14, good times

>They failed pretty hard if they tried to make her the worst.

They succeeded. Remember how Asuka gets painted a suicidal doll unfit for piloting an EVA, who gets disemboweled while Shinji and Rei attains something like godhood?

Pretty stark difference there.

At least Asuka was a believable character that could actually exist in real life while Rei is lmao god haha

She is undebatably the worst though, seeing as she's the only EVA pilot to actually succumb to her own weakness, and the only pilot to actually help another human being.

That's where Rei and Shinji differ, for all their flaws they helped each other, and they also helped Asuka. Without them, Asuka would be dead long before EoE.

>an imaginary character can exist in real life!

Oh my my, the absolute state of asukafags. No user, asuka is a cartoon and cant exist in real life no matter how much you delude yourself into thinking she is "real".

Actually, they failed with both characters. Rei was also supposed to be unlikeable. Rei's entire design was a feminist statement Anno wanted to make about how the otaku ideal of a quiet, demure girl would be creepy and offputting in real life. But it backfired and she became one of the most popular characters ever because, shock and awe, guys like women who know their place

He didn't say Asuka was real, he said Asuka was a realistic character with flaws.

Wrong, your entire post is just butthurt asukafag propaganda.

Rei has feminist elements, but thoroughly positive ones. Such as being "oppressed" but through asserting her own self and will is able to defeat the "patriarchy", in Gendo.

Fucking awful posts, kill yourself.

No one ever said Rei was supposed to be unlikeable. That's a myth spread by Asuka fans that were bitter that Rei was in fact, liked a lot more than Asuka. So instead of accepting reality they angrily screamed "waah wahh you werent suppsed to like Rei its not fair" and so on.

No, he said Asuka could exist in real life. Asuka is a cartoon character.

Rei is also a realistic character with flaws, so if that's what he meant, it'd be bullshit anyway.

I didn't say that you illiterate child. Stop projecting.
You first.

It just makes people feel pity for her and like her more.

A physically beautiful, intelligent girl that is outwardly hostile, but is on the inside desperate for someone to acknowledge her as human being instead of just a tool for means to an end.

She is a total bitch most of the time, but people want to try and draw that kinder side out, which is why if they tried intentionally to make her unlikeable, they failed.
I should clarify by worst, I mean trying to make her an unlikable person.

He isn't wrong in saying that Rei was designed to be creepy.

>he goes into an eva thread expecting anything of quality
everyone point and laugh

>I didn't say that you illiterate child. Stop projecting.

That's what you said, like it not fattie.

Asuka is just a cartoon. Pretending she is real in any resepect just shows how crazy you waifufags are.

I never said she was real you nigger. I said she was a believable character that could actually exist in real life. Her character, not her, retard.

>He isn't wrong in saying that Rei was designed to be creepy.

Show me the source then.

If he's going on basis of design and appearance in the series, I argue that Asuka is also desgined to creepy and offputting, far more than Rei is.

This is shown in how Asuka is shown as ugly and pathetic, and more of a creepy bitch that stalks people and talks to herself. A weirdo.

>all we have for 4.0 so far is a 30 second trailer

Her "character" is all she is you dumb kike. You're a delusional otaku unable to separate fiction from reality.

Get a grip on yourself. No wonder everyone thinks Asuka fans are retarded.

Asuka is just as real as everyone else, as in she's not.

>but she's cute inside
No she isn't, the whole point of EVA was that because Asuka was ugly on the inside she also acted like a bitch on the outside.

What you're talking about is just moe otaku loser talk.

>Her "character" is all she is you dumb kike. You're a delusional otaku unable to separate fiction from reality.
You truly are a pathetic troll, or can't separate the character's psyche from the character itself. You are telling me you have seen more women acting like Rei or do they act more like Asuka.
Oh that's right. I forgot.
And I am not a child, I am a based Misato fag. Go and fap to your doll god, pleb.
>You're a delusional otaku unable to separate fiction from reality.
All this delicious projecting.

Somewhere along the way, everything had a purpose and made sense. Now, after his depression, his breakdown, the studio going broke making the show, all we have left is rampant symbolism and a whole lot of long-term success.
It didn't seem that way at the time, but that barely coherent mess gave birth to something wonderful to be appreciated for generations to come.
I wonder how much money is enough to make a man shit on his own legacy, guess the last laugh is Anno's.

>You can't change others by changing yourself.
when did the movie imply you can? The whole point was that others will inevitably hurt you, but since it inevitable, trying to run from it is retarded. Actaully even before the movie series already rammed that message pretty hard.

You're crazy. It's a fictional character, not an actual psyche. Separate your disgusting filthy mind-Asuka from the real Asuka, a fictional character.

For the record, few women act like Asuka. Your inexperience with women is showing, as is your denial.

Asuka is a serious psychiatric case of fuckedupness. So is Rei by the way. You'll find either of them in the psych ward. The silent, and the noisy.

You really need help yourself, just like these characters would have needed in real life.

>Asuka is a serious psychiatric case of fuckedupness.
Are you inferring that some women aren't acting like that or are you literally fishing for replies that depserately.
I am not talking about a general psyche, just the character's psyche. Have you ever read a book? Of course not, what am I asking.
>so is rei btw
No shit. Everyone in the show is a caricature of a mental illness.

>reddit spacing

I'm inferring that you're a loser with no experience with other people, let alone women. This is what causes you to look to cartoons and fiction in order to relate.

You've lost it so much that you actually claim all women are psychiatric cases through inferring Asuka is just like them. Which is obviously not true, and you'd know this had you not been so delusional.

The only thing someone sane, and sound of mind would ever have to say on the issue is that these are cartoon characters, separate from real life. Tricking yourself into believing one is more real than the other only highlights that you yourself have issues separating between reality and fiction. Get help or get a grip yourself.

>all women
Literally said "some". Of course a redditor can't read an actual post, instead he has to yammer on about things than no one said.
Enjoy living in the cave unenlightened one.

Stop doing damage control with selective quoting. There is nothing more real about Asuka than Rei, Shinji or Misato. That is just a meme you asukafag loser otaku push because you cant defend Asuka with anything else but awkward mental gymnastics.

>but muh waifu is more real
Do you have ANY idea how pathetic you sound?

Neck yourself. Youre waifu a shit

Are you literally replying to someone else? How did you gather that I was of that opinion anyway?
I think you are missing the point. The characters in Eva are based on IRL people with mental problems. Never did I say that the characters were real, only you said that and keep spamming it, because it is the only point you actually have against me, IF I had actually said anything even remotely like it, of course.
>awkward mental gymnastics
Like what you are doing for the past 10 minutes, redditfriend? Are you so pathetic that you resort to insulting "loser otaku" on the chans that you obviously don't belong? Pathetic.

Rei is creepy in appearance as well as behavior. Her hair color and eye color are exclusive to her and Kaworu who also isn't human. Then there's that weird oedipal thing where Shinji feels attracted to her, but she also ressembles his mother.
Her behavior, while not as erratic as Asuka's, is always tainted by a lack of understanding. When Shinji inadvertently pushes her down naked she shows none of the shame or at least discomfort one would expect. Her first genuine smile is preceded by her asking Shinji what emotion she should express in that situation.
Her final act of self-actualization consists of choosing Shinji instead of Gendo to lead the reconstruction of the world. She separates herself from the role of a tool that was assigned to her by Gendo. Compare this to Asuka's self-actualization which consists of accepting a world of hurtful but worthwhile interaction. Rei never has to choose between safe withdrawal and the Hedgehog's dilemma, even though this is the core theme of Eva. The final gesture Asuka makes towards Shinji is caring, yet she is also filled by disgust. Shinji's actions mirror these emotions. The scene on the beach is literally showing the Hedgehog's dilemma in action and Anno emphasizes that there is interaction instead of having the hedgehogs all wither away in their perfect little dream worlds.

Which one is my waifu again?

Stop whining loser. Its over, you lost. Go fap to your asuka smut while pretending she is real.

>you lost
That's what loser kids always say when the alpha takes their candy.
Sorry kiddo. Maybe try harder next time.

There's nothing inherently creepy about her hair or eye color.

Asuka's lack of social understanding is even worse than Rei's, and far more creepy. Even Asuka's final gesture.

I can't think of any creepy looking Eva characters.

Asuka has no self actualization. Like 90% of your post is fanwank

Her hair color and eye color are not found in other humans in the Eva universe and even though they might occur naturally our knowledge that both Rei and Kaworu are not human instills the suspicion that these two facts are related.
Asuka does not lack social awareness, her behavior is simply excessive at times because she is a deeply conflicted fragile person.
Asuka is the second person after Shinji to escape the tang coma and chooses to live as an individual in a world populated by other individuals.