This is a boy. Discuss

This is a boy. Discuss.

>looks like a female
>voiced by a female
>no dick
that's definitely a female

A hole is a hole

>gender: male


>no dick
Going to need evidence.

>what are masculine vaginas

I want to fuck him.

even if he just happens to look girly exposing his shoulders and thighs all day still make him a slut

Is this his adult form?

Please be female with a male mind.

actually a girls 12 years old with the mind of a middle aged japanese programmer

So it could still be female


hes cute

Think there was some thread of him saying an edgy quote. How good is the show?


Would rape/10


This is a yuri (hetero) couple.

they specifically point out that he's a guy a bunch of times.
not like it's really relevant, the only thing that would change if he was a girl was that Addy would be a lesbo

Sasuga, Japan.

That pussy is trenched deep and Ernesti most likely wonder how he can fuse better with Ikagura.
Machine-brain connection soon

No that is a MAN. Only a true man can be so robosexual.

I'm getting real tired of this faggot shit

Leave Sup Forums.

>no dick

It's indulgent shlock, with no real artistic vision other than "adapt this LN". It's not painful to watch but it's not particularly good either.

Not as retarded a design as Astolfo

>no dick

dont care

What, this? He's not edgy at all. He wants to tear the enemy mechs apart so he can have them for himself because he's a mecha autist. He's actually very optimistic and enthusiastic.

He makes the show, honestly. Everything else about it is mediocre so you'd probably only really enjoy it if you're a mecha fan.

would bang

nice fanart