Whats your opinion on this guys? I am looking for a good gambling anime

Whats your opinion on this guys? I am looking for a good gambling anime

Already watched all the usual good ones like Kaiji, Akagi, One Outs

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Not that good. 5/10 at best.

I really feel embarrassing seeing the idiotic comparison with Fukumoto series, worst thing is they shit on these beautiful ladies.

It's not as good as kaiji but it's got fuckable cuties and fun voice acting. Overall it's worth a watch, just set your expectations low.

>is they shit on these beautiful ladies
Shouldn't they be shat on if they deserve it, even if they are beautiful?

It's mostly about cheating. Think about it like some sort of Mudazumo, but with lots of /u/.
Good if you're in for the later and completely ignore the beta fake mc.

>want to watch Kakegurui for the gambling

If you like smokin' hot smuts who get off on gambling, this show is for you.
If you don't like that, then this show will free you from your faggotry.

I would put my dick in her.

>putting your dick inside a crazy woman

Nothing wrong with that. The hottest women are all crazy.

Outside of her compulsive gambling habit, she seems pretty laid back

Yumeko is not crazy outside her gambling addiction. She's actually one of the sanest character of the story.

Anime is meh, read the mango.

Casual bait. Definitely the type of show casuals watch and say "look, I'm an intelligent consumer of anime, I watched and enjoyed kakegurui". Too bad it's a poor man's Kaiji.

But there's nothing intelligent about Kaiji...

People who watched this are not going to kid themselves; they know they watched it for the top tier waifus.

>It's mostly about cheating.
So it's a gambling manga. Every gambling manga has cheating, massive luck involved, and some cheap psychological tricks. Because that's how gambling works.

Best pantyhosegirl of the season.

>look, I'm an intelligent consumer of anime, I watched and enjoyed kakegurui
nobody says that

Anime was pretty good, stop listening to the mouth breathers on this board who say otherwise. It's not about the gambling, it's about the girls.


what the...?

Its really fun, but I can't take it seriously like those other series you mentioned.

Yumeko's design is so perfect, I get wet just looking at her.
I wish she was in different anime though and not stuck in this gambling focused one.

I watched it for reaction faces, I stayed for the waifus.

Fun show and is the only anime I've seen since I was 14 that made me wanna marathon it. Its probably because it has perfect pacing.

So what was wrong with the ending?

The anime is legitimately crap, the ending alone makes it feel completely worthless and a waste of time. There are no good gambling anime, people who say Kaiji are delusional.

>Liar Game anime still never ever

>"look, I'm an intelligent consumer of anime, I watched and enjoyed kakegurui"
the only people who say this are kaijifags projecting it onto kakefags
kill yourself

The ending was so bad, though.

Casual bait. Definitely the type of thing casuals post and say "look, I'm an intelligent consumer of anime, I watched and enjoyed Kaiji". Too bad it's a poor man's Tetsuya.

Pretty enjoyable show. Fun, erotic characters and you just love seeing all the villains get their comeuppance. Not terribly complex/planned out gambles, but it doesn't really matter because the focus is on the style and taunting. It doesn't really have much in common with a Fukumoto series other than gambling being a central element; Fukumoto stuff tends to be existential crisis type introspections, Kakegurui is more of a revenge story. Think Count of Monte Cristo Lite, with female ejaculation.

Just by existing, this show pisses off that one whiny assblasted "m-muh kaiji ;_;" autist, so that alone makes it worth watching.
Look at this sadsack, have you ever seen a lamer attempt at shitposting?

Shock value, tits, legs, a little bit of masturbation, decent enough OST.
6/10. You'll know what you're in for within the first two episodes.

You're literally that but for Kaiji.


3/10. Don't bother.

If you watch this show for literally nothing else, watch it for the 10/10 ED.
It doesn't compress well to jpg, but goddamn if this ending isn't a masterpiece.

True, it felt rushed or maybe he wrote himself into a corner

with standards like that you must watch complete dogshit anime 24/7 just because 1.5 mins is enough for your simple brain.

That salt

I thought it was okay, The gambles weren't too hardcore but Saori Hayami made up for finishing it.

OP is seriously good, Don't know why it gets overlooked for the ED but different people different things.

Oh please, im just calling you out.

Either he just wanted to end it or whoever was publishing it was pushing him to end it. A shame, though, since One Outs had a pretty solid ending.

Oh lord, what are you, 5? Seriously my kid can come up with better insults than that.

shit and only good for porn

If you have a family and you're still on this board you should rethink your priorities. Or just be better at lying.

Why, because your life is shit, mine must be too for some reason? The ego on this guy.

I wanted to see her or the president just flat-out lose everything. Everyone in this show is too fucking smug. The most level-headed, least smug person was the counsel guy and he got fucked over by far the hardest, literally turned grey and died in a few seconds.

I really wanted the rapist to beat Yumeko and Mary. Fuck these smug cunts

Read the manga maybe, but don't compare it to FKMT series too much.
The anime was okay until the anime-original finale which was complete garbage. Keep this in mind when listening to opinions, because it basically dropped my score from 6/10 to 2/10.

>animal-original finale that preserves the status quo
Looks like this nigger never watched Claymore

I watched Claymore twice but I didn't read the manga.


Yumeko is love.

Just google madhouse thrillers and go through them all. Newshits.

Pretty fucking awful if you're watching it for something other than smug hot bitches. As a show it's a 3 or 4/10, but with 9 to 10/10 designs fro the girls.

>the fucking state of /u/fags

Imagine Kaiji without any of the tension, cute guys, pointy noses or fun that comes with it. That's Kakegurui in a nutshell.

9/10 is absurdly inflated, all but like three girls were garbage.


Her shocked expression looks so fucking dumb. This part was the only time she did that, which says a lot about her plot armour.


That's a big guy.

The akagi is in another thread

Design wise? I'm trying to be fair mate. Aside from the Umaru expy and that try-hard piece of shit with the eye-patch, most of the named girls were actually pretty well designed, specially the student council press, Sumeragi, Meari (mary?), Yumeko and the idol girl.


Eyepatch girl is pretty well designed too, in the sense that she's obviously overdoing it and everyone thinks she's gross.

You don't watch Kakegurui for the gambling. You watch it for the reactions.

>This part was the only time she did that

What's your opinion on blue lips?

They could have easily go for even more over the top with her, considering the kind of story this is, but as it stand she's just try-hard mediocre. Her actual character is way more out there than her design though. If you just look at her from afar without listening to her pull her crazy ramblings, her design is pretty unremarkable outside of looking plane compared to the rest of the cuties around her.

Prove it.

Not enough info.
I was hoping we would see a second emotion out of her by the finale.

No. Rewatch episodes and pay attention.

is there an anime with better reaction faces?

Gamers this season.

Her sister is better

pics or it didn't happen


And the manga has better reaction faces too.

washizu a cute

It's not about gambling it's about main character trying too loose something to randomness. More random the game and less control she's got, the more she likes it.

Best game she ever had was a coin flip.


That looks fucking retarded.

You're fucking retarded

>draw a face
>make the lines all wobbly
>it's a "reaction"
seriously? that lazy?

I don't know about better but the last one that really stuck out for reaction images to me were that Sora no Oto something or another, most of those stopped being posted over time though. There's always a few shows a year that people on Sup Forums mainly watch for the reaction image material it produces.

it's a kakegurui thread alright

Then why are you posting unrelated images?

Merely helping you keep it alive

user weren't you here for the past 3 weeks?

I don't need 3 weeks to see you're a butthurt autist desperately acting out his frustration.

every fuckin time

>he thinks we're mad at kakeguruifags

I like crazy faces

remember that time when akagi dumped an ashtray in like a third of his blood

I think his game of russian rullete with a man he didn't even know was better. Also, Ishikawa needs more love.

>"i-i'm not mad" squeals the guy posting images of an unrelated manga that don't belong in the thread every time his post timer is up while crying
Literally no one on earth would see your greentext and not instantly realize how upset you are.

"Kakeguri is not a good gambling anime." Youtube