Onepunch-man (webcomic)

How does /a feel about OPM webcomic lack of updates?? I know one sensei might be pretty busy with MPO (since it's weekly and it looks like srory is reaching it's final arc) but still unlike other sries which announces hiates in advance, One doesn't do any of that stuff (he uploads it in his own site too).. Even if it does end up coming back it's just 10-15 page chapter... I'm in no position to complain about it but still after introducing intresting character and going haitus for Soo long doesn't feel right , i dont know if its MPO or because murata is soo far behind in story but feels weird..

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ONE is busy writing mob psycho.

He has no time for OPM so he gave murata quite a bit of creative liberty for the manga. He said he would resume writing OPM when he has spare time (as OPM is his hobby).

He has to send Murata storyboards for the manga changes too. He simply has no time

Why are you lying.

Is ONE also responsible for Murata's OPM's story? Because if he is, I could imagine him stopping the webcomic for a bit to make Murata's OPM more fleshed out. There's more character strengthening arc like the tournament arc that was not in the webcomic. Correct me if I'm wrong.

>Murata's OPM'

It's not "Murata's", retard. And this kind of shit has been said like a hundred times already, even Murata is getting annoyed to hear about those in the streams.

What am I supposed to label it as, the pretty OPM? You know what the fuck I mean.


No. The OPM manga. As simple as that.

>implying they would ever take that off regardless of if it's true

Of course they would, there would be no reason to hide that.

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At this point I dont expect One to update the webcomic, he will be very busy making sure JCStaff doesnt screw up Season 2.


But they're both manga?

Are Japanese webcomic not manga as well? So does this mean that a manga requires a physical copy in order for it to be clasified as a manga?

Fair enough

Yeah they both are, some guys here are overreacting, don't mind!!!

Someone is translating one's old interview, if you are interested in knowing more about him, check it out..

They are, but the original is also a webcomic, and that's why it's called like that to differentiate it from the commercial manga. Calling it "Murata's series" on the other hand is wrong and retarded.

>so he gave murata quite a bit of creative liberty for the manga
Only the fights, nothing more.
Even the added stuff is written by ONE.

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I'm glad Mob100 is ending, everything after claw boss have been pretty dull, predictable and boring, in a series which main focus is the character development there hasn't been any in a while, so It'll be cool to see the conclusion with ??? and put it to sleep forever, sometimes I feel the same ONE is tired of Mob too.

One's OPM - Webcomic
Murata's OPM - Manga

Learn the difference.

The manga doesn't belong to Murata in any way more than to ONE. It's just a classic writer-artist duo.

whats up with all the Garou focused time drag in the manga?

ONE has no idea how to continue the webcomic so he just drags Garou to buy time

I know. But since he came with "Murata's OPM", I used that as an example.

It's Garou's arc. If anything the end of tournament shit and his comeback signify that we're back to plot.

If Saitama punched Zombieman, would he survive?
That would be a great experiment for Dr Genus, and Saitama could punch something without destroying it

>If Saitama punched Zombieman, would he survive?

ONE will resume the webcomic soon since he's almost finished with mob.

I prefer Mob and the OPM manga is there anyway so I don't feel like OPM is being forgotten, so I'm fine with it.

Why not? I thought his power was not dying

it just depends on how much strengh Saitama uses.

Boros was on Zombieman tier of regeneration and even beyond and still Saitama managed to kill him, so is a matter of energy, there's a limit. My guess is that Zombieman could survive 1 normal punch that is already more than any other monster could.

Zombieman isn't truly unkillable.

Honestly I think zombieman might be next obstical for saitama, doctor has something under his slieves for zombieman (may be an upgrade).. it's going to get interesting!!

His power is just regeneration, Zombieman is actually a weak ass hero

I really like opm, but I also really like mob psycho 100.
I'm fine with him focusing on mob psycho until he's done with it, I'd prefer it to have a satisfying ending to getting mob psycho and opm at the same time.
I know after that all of his creative juices will be flowing into opm after finishing mob psycho.

How did he get to class S anyway?

I think Boros had a limit, while for ZM you just have to hit him really fucking hard so that there is nothing left. Which isn't such a hard job, Garou did it pretty easily.

ZM isn't weak at all. He uses pretty well his regeneration, and can solo demon threats with it, so of course he's class S. The databook mentioned he fought a monster for 3 days one time. Looking at how he beat Pureblood in only 30 minutes, maybe he beat a dragon back then.

He lacks firepower at first glance, but he's pretty effective.

Where's all the discussion on the latest chapter? There's literally nothing.

cuz the latest chapters are literally about nothing

no Saitama

No Fubuki

You're two weeks late.

There were 3-4 threads which hit bump limit. And 7-10 threads when murata was streaming where most of the discussion would be.
You're late

Any of you have an archive link to the original discussion thread?

I have the link to the stream, but do you have a link to the chapter release?

There were ton of them.
UK translation


wow, one has really gotten better.

If S2 production started half a year ago, why did they only announce the staff change now?

Weak ass hero that would kill most of the S-class on a 1 on 1. Actually doubt Saitama could "kill him", he would incapacitate him pretty much every hit but it wouldn't kill him.

Speaking of ZM, lets talk about his last encounter with HE, could that "God' be the true global god threat that the oracle saw?

>Murata draws it
>call it Murata's version
>this is wrong apparently
Get the stick out of your ass.

> how dare your call things correctly

Thanks anons. Also, to whoever that BnHa faggot was, Garou would absolutely annihilate everybody in BnHA even without being awakened, including All Might. Garou's physical stats alone dwarf even All Might's, because he was able to deflect hits from Metal Bat, who alone has displayed physical strength far outclassing All Might's. That's not to mention speed, as Genos by himself would blitz everybody in bnHa, yet would be helpless to even perceive Garou.

Different user here. But calling it “Murata’s OPM” is misleading since people then attribute the writing to him

At this point though, no one can differentiate which anons are legitimately saying “Murata sucks for the filler arc” and which are just shitposting. I guess anons simply try to correct it once in a while. But seeing this reaction, I doubt they’ll even try much


Normally I wouldn't mind, but Mob has been trash lately, and while I found aspects of the new OPM content enjoyable, I feel it ruined what made it such a good manga for me, which is how easy and quick it was to digest.

>mob has been trash lately
explain what you mean, I'm enjoying it and don't see what's wrong with it

The whole thing with the girl he likes was tedious as hell, then same for him being zombified and just walking around. I dropped reading it when he was fighting blonde guy.

Asking people in the net why they are lying.

maybe read some other shonen to satisfy your basic urges

You don't have to bee so buttblasted about it.


He really wouldn't. He does not have many attacking skills. Even in the Monster association arc, one of his fights was entirely based on his regeneration and the other was about tricking Emperor.

You are wrong, because ONE is only ignoring OPM for once reason. He hates doing it and actually wants to do Mob Psycho which is about a million times better and the project he's actually passionate about.

Mob is amazing recently. You have a short attention span.

Yeah but it doesn't change the fact that he was still able to kill Pure Blood, who's fast enough to fuck up a lot of people and catch bullets. That alone means he would smash pretty much anyone who tires and has flesh and bone, which is the majority of S-class.


There are retards who think Zombieman can't be killed when in fact any hero who can chop him to pieces would kill him.

You call people retarded yet make a comment as stupid as this when we have canon proof that even after being eviscerated he still regenerated.

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MS version of Chapter 81 is out, Garou swearing for no reason.

>ONE literally said Zombieman will die if he cuts in pieces.
>Some random user says otherwise.
I wonder who have more credibility here.

He doesn't have the strength to KO Metal Bat before he goes full Hulk mode. King is obviously unbeatable, so he's out of the question. Tatsumaki could just toss him halfway around the world whenever he challenges her. Darkshine's flesh would be impenetrable by Zombieman, since not even Pri Pri Prisoner could truly hurt him. Bang would probably die of old age before Zombieman got him. Drive Knight, Metal Knight, and Genos also have basic regeneration that comes from replacing their parts. Child Emperor could probably come up with a method to truly finish off Zombieman. Blast is stronger than all of the rest of S class combined. etc etc

The only ones I think Zombieman could beat are Pri Pri Prisoner, Flashy Flash, and MAYBE Watchdog Man. Even if very few of them could knock the fighting spirit out of him, he couldn't really do anything against them, either. Even Sweet Mask could probably outlast him.

Now that Murata has started to hurry his drawings along and he cant take his time on it he's lost his luster. Hell you can even tell that Muratas quicker style has a slight slant to it that feels really janked.

MP100 will end soon
ONEPM will pick up again soon but I don't think it will last much longer itself.


He wields a gun, axe and sword. MB will die from one exchange. Either that or eventually MB gives out. Tats I agree with, same with Darkshine, Drive Knight, Metal knight and Genos. Everyone else has no real way of killing him.

As for Sweet Mask, we don't know his full potential since he's probably some monster so hard to say.

Imagine doing almost 50 pages in 9 days and a half, not even the likes of Mashima would be that insane.

Metalbat has taken worse hits than what Zombieman can dish out, and it only made him stronger. If Zenko isn't around, Zombieman would probably end up destroyed.

I forgot to mention that Zombieman could probably beat Tanktop Master, since Tanktop isn't all that strong.

Metal bat is still human, 1 bullet or one axe swing will end him. If these were blunt hits then yea MB could keep going indefinitely but ZM cuts, and cuts hard as we've seen in the webcoming.

I respect the work ethic but OPMs remastering was about the quality rather than quantity

from the niconico interview
>ONE: Zombieman needs 15 min to recover a cut off arm. He'll die if you reduce him to mince meat. There's the rumor that he's the weakest amongst s-class heroes, but it hasn't been confirmed. It would be difficult for him to defeat Deep Sea King.

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