Not buying paper mango

>not buying paper mango

What is your excuse?


I dont live in japan

>english manga
Of course I don't do any of this. I'm not an autistic fag like you OP

paper cuts hurt

Because Sup Forums only approves of supporting the industry the Japanese Way™, meaning they will never buy anything at all because it's too much effort, but will still shit on anyone who does follow what they do.

They take up space and the place I'm renting is just slightly over 10 square metres large.

Because I can't read moonrunes

I used to for a time, but it's an expensive hobby and I'd much rather spend the money on alcohol and fuel for my car. Also, the german translation for Dead Dead Demon's was the worst fucking thing I have ever read

I've been meaning to buy more lately, I wasn't aware the first volume of Harlock was out, thought it was coming out next year. How is the Thunderbolt manga? Absolutely loved the OVA.

My friend was saying if part 5 doesn't get announced soon he was going to start buying volumes. I told that retard to do what everyone on Sup Forums does and just hunt and peck pictures from google images to get the story for free.

With English manga releases, the price is way too fucking high for the paper quality that you get.
It's much better here in Finland. Something with kinda cheap feeling paper and where they don't bother to include color pages goes for something like 5 or 6 euros, while something with really good paper goes for 8 or 9.

>reading manga on google images
yahoo is better

>reading Lazy Matsumoto
Did you not know his manga are shit and poorly drawn and unfinished? These series are popular only because of the anime adaptations.

No work as of this morning. No time to read for pure survival-related reasons and to top it off winter is coming.

Any chance the Galaxy Express 999 manga is ever going to get released in English again or are the rights absolutely impossible to obtain? I wish Slam Dunk or Maison Ikkoku would get re-released in either omnibus format or hardcover.

>I'm not an autistic fag
if this were true you wouldn't be here

But I do

I still buy local mango only when the translations aren't too shit, the story is already completed and all the volumes are already released locally. Fuck buying ongoing mango

Reading manga in my mother language feels really weird

my shelves are full, I only buy novels and LNs

Why is that snookems?

Did any anons get the Hibike Euhponium volume 1 release from Yen Press? I've been curious about buying it myself but it doesn't seem like there are any release dates yet for the other volumes.

can someone tell me how Light novels translated into english are typesetted?

>it costs money
>it exposes you as a weeb
>it just lies there collecting dust after you've read it

>supporting retarded middle man
Why would you do that? Especially with older series, you can find second hand entire thing on amazon for $20.

I'd rather spend my money on hard drives and save a ton of mango and animu instead of just buying 2 or 3 volume of a series.

Because most people on Sup Forums are poor slimy spic. What did u expect?

If your problem is supporting middle-men, buying second hand is even more stupid. At least when you buy official, original authors see some returns. Yes, it's fucking tiny, but still better than buying second hand.
If supporting original author is your sole interest, read scanlations and buy original JP prints.

>If your problem is supporting middle-men, buying second hand is even more stupid.
It's not because your money aren't going to this middle-man and if supporting the author was your main concern you wouldn't buy localized garbage in the first place.

Buying localized manga doesn't support shit

I do buy mango and kill trees. However, they take up to much space, so I hate it when I do.

Mango in my own language sounds awkward, so I bought English volumes at the beginning. Then I realized French volumes were nicer and went after them for a while, but now I solely buy Nip mango.

That dude implies he is buying localized garbage second hand, though.

Yes it does. And you're just proving that anons point of not buying the localized version and not buying original version so you buy and support nothing.

your lame and a baka.

Your local publisher paid nips for licence, if they didn't liked the offer, they wouldn't sell it

I do buy the original. Buying localized garbage only supports further terrible localizations

I guess it's fine then, but still buying from japs is usually better because of their autistic quality control so you can get book will little bent on cover for 40% of usual price while american will try to sell the same book without two pages claiming the book is brand new.

scanlators do a better job than most of those fucks


>Live in Belgium
>No one in the world speaks your language
>Almost everything is available in English
>A normal volume costs 12 euro, a master edition costs 21-25 euros
>Japanese pay about 4-5 euro for a manga
>See the other low prices in other countries in this thread
It hurts

I buy because I hate reading on a computer screen, and my kindle's screen is too small