When the opening is full of spoilers

>when the opening is full of spoilers

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When the anime is full of spoilers but you're too dumb to see them
>I'm glad I didn't get spoiled
>literal wonky eyed cunts outsmarted me again

>when the

>opening has spoilers for things which haven't happened in the source material yet

SHAFT are gods.

>watch kaiji
>next episode preview shows other character betraying the mc
gee thanks.

>entire arc is a whodunnit
>OP reveals who did it

>watching episode previews

>watching LOTGH
>preview starts
>that guy dies lol

>Caring about spoilers as an adult
A vast majority of the stories are easy to figure out since they follow a formula. You get little twists here and there but nothing too drastic.

I divert you to .hack and the child thing

Stop watching garbage shows then

Do you mean Yona?

>when the opening has better spinoff plot than the show itself

I'm still pretty fucking mad we never got to see Hei fighting bunch of his own clones.

>When the opening is full of spoilers, but you're too dense and you don't notice them until the events happen in the show

I'm going to watch anime like I'm still a little kid and there's nothing you can do about it, faggot.

Not an argument

So stop watching anime entirely then? Okay.

Yeah I got nothing. You do you buddy.

Why are you even hear?

>will goku survive escaping namek?
>Or will he perish with the planet?
>Find out in the next episode of dragon ball z
>"Goku fucking dies"

>opening foreshadows events of the entire series without actually spoiling anything
>there is no source material to speak of
I don't think there's a single show that does this but god I wish there was

>even shows Jotaro's hand twitch during time stop
End of THE WORLD was such a clever OP

>when the opening tricks you with fight that don't happen

>preview spoils the death of a character
>turns out a different character dies instead

>When the OP subtly foreshadows the plot without giving too much away.

Birdy was the best show in the last ten years, and nobody watched it.


It was perfect.

>All of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's openings

This fucking shit right here.

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But anyway. Spoiling the main development of the cour in one OP.

It's still better than shitty OP, ED music. Like what they did to House of Five Leaves.