My impressions of SAOs

>Heh. Real blackswordsman. So edgy. Maximum cringe.

Part 2
>Imouto is so best. I almost forgot to cringe. Why isn't this about saving imoutos?

SAO S2/AKA GGO/Death Gun.
>WTF. Why was the imouto replaced with a shorthaired TRIGGERED feminazi bitch?
>Why is the MC a trap now? This is why we need meninism!

Mother's Rosario Arc
>Yuri shit. WTF. Not as bad as Sinon, but it gave me cancer-kun. At least Kirito saves the day and he isn't a trap.

Excalibur stuff
>Passable. Should have more Suguha's Suguhas. Sinon won the Excalibur? BS! At least Xe gave it to a real man. Keith fell in love with Thor? FAG!

Ordinal Scale
>What is this fanfiction? I don't want fake-3DPD in my 2D scifi-fantasy!

Discuss. Inb4 blog.

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But dude, Asuna's nipples.

Lurk for at least 2 years before posting

I've been watching SAO and posting in Naruto threads for 6 years now, senpaitachi.

>BD only
Lame shill.


This is some next level bait. I'm genuinely impressed.

Sup Forums BTFO


But those are my honest manly opinions,user.

Why did you feel the need to share this?
Kill yourself.

>Not a newfag
>Blow the fuck out anything

Have you considered killing yourself

(You) have a Suguha.

I remember binge-watching SAO S1 the day before I went to see the movie with my friends. Kirito is probably the most infuriating MC of all time, jesus christ. Movie was the exact same nonsense with an audience screeching at the dumbest shit. At least this scene exists:

>Fakeloli imouto
Those aren't Suguhas.

I'm been here since 2006 dipship

>I've been on Ubersite and BBS before Moot was even a virgin!
Not an argument and not Sup Forums -related either.

Too detailed, over the top and not enough typos. 3/10

>and not enough typos.
Now you're b8ing. Typos will get me banned for "aussie posting".

finished ordinal scale yesterday . was SAO always this bad ? i enjoyed the 1st season and some parts from s2 but the sucked so hard . why did a lot of people praise such a pile of horse shit ?

Muh movie budget, muh old cast selfinserting themselves into the final boss fight. Probably.