Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Volume 2 Extras

As promised, here we go.



Some files on animals.



So the third member really is dead.





This is the last one for this volume.

Side story.








4 them








End of side story.

This one is a contribution by the mystery guest the author mentioned on Twitter.

Thank you. That was cute.
That Lanka is great. Shame it's not a wolf underwear though.

Preview of the next volume.

This ends Volume 2.

See you next Tuesday for the regular chapter.

Is this the most enthused Miyubi we've seen yet?

I wish I were that mole rat.

Perhaps, or perhaps not.

By the way, they're onagers.

beautiful pits, would lick tenderly

Since it looks like there are 6 chapters in each volume, considering the current number of chapters out on Cycomics, there's enough material for three more volumes. So I'd bet we'll get Volume 3 in two months.

Oh, and I almost forgot, here are the cards for the stores.

>mystery guest

That's very obviously Syun Matsuena.

I know it's him.


And done for the cards.


Thanks OP.

But did she get some "upgrades" there?

She has her special friend to thank for that.

Did a little transparent of Hitomi.

Animate is a pretty good one. Lanka's tail is about as big as her upper body.

>literally youre a big guy in the last panel

Actually, the mole just says "The big guys!!"
There's a plural mark.

someone post that panel in Sup Forums

I keep thinking she has a used condom in her mouth looking at the thumbnail.

I wanna lick those pits

I don't think pink matches Kurumi, I always imagine her blonde

That head turn is the fastest Miyubi has ever been

Here, I edited the pic to include the condom.

condom shop when?

when will this bitch return?

See above.

well, if it isn't NTR'd-kun. I wonder how he's doing these days?

what's gotten into these two mad bitches?

ah, I guess this is about them training for sports day.
I was right, this bonus was also spun-off of a main chapter

They simply got hyped for the sports festival. And yep, they're training.

To be more accurate, Sloth's training while setting up the stands and everything with the naked moles.

Implementing a dramatic introdduction for the council president's a nice touch

used condom, user, used.

There was a used condom exploitable I had in mind, but I lost it. I'll have to peruse some hentai see if I can find an equivalent.

>big guy! big guy!

>so she's happy to be called a big guy...
Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?

Gee, I wonder if either of them is history's greatest animal?



It's only underwear. I expected more from Matsuena.

Anyway thanks for posting the extras.

so is miyubi in love with lanka? that's pretty cute but sadly dogo is for humans.

>"Condom is fine, Jin-kun, but no bareback until we're married."