Season 3 when?

Season 3 when?

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When some generous millionaire user drops money on the project.

>Nichibros season 2 never.
>Have to talk about it on a board filled people with people who think Konosuba is the best comedy of the last decade
>The song running through my bead when

She will never get the windy dick.

I'm pretty sure Sup Forums agrees on Nichibros being the best comedy anime.

He broke a few hearts in the series.

Prequel with rubber shooter when?

After season 2, so never.

>not posting thge version with the buldge

Wrong son.

Top 3 Comedy Anime of all time

1. Gintama
2. Nichijou
3. Nichibros


Did not execute the comedy as tightly as the manga. Which is a shame because the animation was astounding.


Jokes on you, I like both.

Most people do. He's not talking about liking. He's talking about some unimportant "best" spot.

>Nichohoes over Nichobros
Kill yourself my man. True toplist is
1. Nichibros
2. Saiki
3. Ixion Saga DT
Only one that can surpass them is Grand Blue if it gets animated by a good company.

Urusei Yatsura belongs in the top three spot. There's a fuckton lot of it and most of it is really good.

Great taste

Fucking hell.

I see a man with great taste. You have my respect.

Crowdfund it.