And dropped

And dropped.

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I bet you just love listening to yourself say that.

That show is CG crap. Why would you even watch it?

She's a cute gem


>And dropped.
Are you gay or something?

They are all boys.

Exactly my point.

Do these genderless gempeople have buttholes?

What stopping you from carve one?

it looks like one of the few shows where the artificial quality of CG will work for it, for once.

Looking forward to see how the adaptation turns out.

>Looking forward to see how the adaptation turns out.
Carving a butthole into them would make them lose memories and that's kinda mean

Why is Sentai Filmworks bad?

Because this is Orange's debut on doing a series on their own.

Are their asses soft or hard?

Phos, Cinnabar and Antarc are the softest. Try Diamond if you feel suicidal.

Just right.

>Bothering for Sentaishit
Why tho? They have no power over us.

this is only the evolution of "moeshit". You just have to mature enough to realize everything deserves a chance.

Even so they arent soft, they would maybe just break and shatter if you tried to push your dick in them. Bortz and the Diamonds are just completely impenetrable.

If you want to fap to gems, you sick fuck, just imagine humping or handjobs.

That means Amazon has it, right?

I can work with that.

user no. At least fap to the admirabilis.

moeshitters were right too. CG still looks ugly in 2017 and SOL is boring because fiction needs conflict.
Giving this shit a chance is the anime equivalent of poptimism

>not fapping to Professor-chan

I see cute butts and hear Jouji Nakata's voice.
These things make me hard.
Picked up.
have the opening with some other scenes

Kemono friends is proof that it can still be good despite of CG.

Kemono Friends is proof that CG can achieve glory and die on time record.

Because sometimes they let bad translators work on their shows, and their disc releases are almost always worse than the JP BDs.

Yeah, but I don't understand why it's not on Hidive either

>CG crap
>Kemono Friends best show in 10 years
>Seikaisuru Kaido showed good potential for the first ~8 episodes.
cg isn't really a dirty word anymore. it just means teens and tweens like you get their big boy diapers in a twist over it cause it's not pointless hollow muh narudo sakuga nonsense.

because not all cg is crap

Is this the anime version of Steven Universe?

I don't know what this is but you had me at Nakata Jouji.

No hnk thread is complete without someone asking this shit

You can't say the thought doesn't occur to literally everyone that watches the trailer.

If anything though I worry this will be another Fractale, some kind of high-concept sci fi that ends up going to shit because it has no idea what it's doing.

Don't think so. Reading the manga I can confirm it doesn't lose its way. The question is if they can adapt the lonely atmosphere it has and at which point they will end the anime.
I think the really interesting hints and stuff happen only later in the series, so the anime might be a bit of an disappointment for anime only watchers who are hoping for answers.

The manga got a way too edgy for my taste but the anime won't reach that part.

Looks absolutely terrible.

Does this series even have any interior locations? I noticed they're always standing in some flat field.

No, they didn't have enough money for building.

There is some weird big temple like architecture they are living in so yeah. Not much more than that though, humanity doesn't exist anymore.

See and

It does, but it's really stylised. I really liked the black and white contrast in the manga for the interiors, I feel that the anime will kind of ruin it with colour.

this opening is so good.
I think this and PriPri's are going to be tops of the year.

>Decent frame rate
>Interesting world
>Great colors
>Dynamic shots

Picked up. Now one of my most anticipated this season.

Case in point, Sentai Filmworks translated Action Heroine Cheer Fruits this season, and every episode contains multiple translation errors. We're not talking gg or Commie-tier exaggerations here, either: Sentai's mistranslated lines actually say the opposite of what was originally in the Japanese.


It looks pretty great. Orange has done good work up to this point, so the minimalist artstyle of the manga doesn't seem like a hard thing for them to tackle.

I can work with colors but they have to make a contrast and turn everything inside the building way darker. Don't really like what they did here It just doesn't give the background the same desolated vibe.

I was thinking literally everything inside should be black and white with the gems' hair/eyes/mouths etc being the only sources of colour and light. Or hell, take some artistic licence and make what you can see of the sky outside either a very pale blue during the day or a really dark blue at night.

This is going to be diamond bollocks

Is this the Steven Universe anime?

Yeah same here. Not a fan of modern anime's fear of shadows and contrasts.

Is it just me or more and more CGA shows have been released? Kemono Friends was quite the hit and it was CG animated. Based on that, the rest of the industry has learned it is perfectly possible to release a great selling anime with the low budget of a CG animation. I'm fearful they will become the norm sometime in the future.

It gets more common since I guess it's a good way to do shows for smaller studios or shows with little budget.
I usually don't like CG but I am okay with it if it leads to more adaptions of niche series that wouldn't get an anime otherwise. Not to mention that it gets better. I prefered Kado's CG over older CGs for example. It might be really good looking in another few years.

>shamelessly copy KF
>suddenly it dies overnight
How will they backpedal out if it?


How so?



>furfags defending cg while trying to convince us what oldfags they are
Sounds about right

>buzzword post
wow i'm convinced about whatever this mental zero was trying to say, shoot me your twitter bro i want to follow your hot opinions


>denying objective reality when it's right in front of your face
never stops being funny

It looks like ass. End of story.

So is this the gay male version of Steven Universe or something?

Shut the FUCK up

Is there a chance shitposters will infest other threads so that we can actually discuss this?

>The manga got a way too edgy for my taste but the anime won't reach that part.
>not liking Phos getting a head implant of another cutie gem

There's enough on that this might end up with pretty chill threads. I can see Dies Irae, Kekkai Sensen, Kino and Mahou Tsukai taking most of the heat.

Kino will take most of it im sure. But HnK will attract both tumblr posters and gratuitous anti-tumblr posters so a shitfest is ensured unless it goes completely under the radar like it did back then. Then again, i dont want that to happen because i want the author to profit from it and i want a season 2.

Show me a CG animu that looks better than Guilty Gear Xrd


Tekken 7

I dislike their anime faces, they look so generic. I miss their bean heads.

Well, I never heard of this until like 30 minutes ago, but I have to say I like the manga style better.

Copying the manga correctly would take some imagination without going just full black and white. But yeah.

Posting best boy.

>That hand reaching for the ass

Speaking of best boy, I just noticed the inside of Antarc's mouth. Spooky.

I learned my lesson to never watch a full cg show again

So Sup Forums, are they girls or girls (male)?

Does it matter?

They're gems


>Copying the manga correctly would take some imagination without going just full black and white. But yeah.

You need director with a keen visual eye like Rie Matsumoto or Kenji Nakamura to pull it off.

WTF this is one of my favorite manga and they're adapating it with CG shit. Truly the worst timeline this could've been a beautiful anime but no they had to suck on that CG cock.

What the fuck? Is this anime Steven Universe?

I am hesitant about this release. I don't have faith that CG will capture what the manga presents. And the cgi on display this season has been lackluster so my faith in a studio that previously animated portions of a mech show will be able to get expressions right.

Bracing for the worst, hoping for the best.

We could have had this. Now my waifu Rutile will forever be tarnished with CG.

I kinda doubt it. Tumblr doesn't seem to care about anime unless they're as popular as KlK for some reason. They act like normalfags, they only watch what others recommend them or when something has enough memes on facebook or something.

There were a lot of anime with topics that were made for tumblr (Hourou Musuko, Kado or cultural stuff like Rakugo) but the people there barely made a single post about them and I think HnK is one of these series. We will have a bunch of fujo-like people maybe but that's it.

Pop quiz!

If somehow this show got really nice reception to a point Newtype notices, where do you think they post the best character rankings? Best Male or Best Female? Or both?!

Why the hell does shit like this exist without me knowing about it?

Best male.

So, is this show Yuri or Yaoi?
they look like women so i'm going for yuri.
Therefore the /u/fag inside me can be happy

I wish they would have kept that artsy style.
I mean the anime looks good. But it looks like 100 other anime, the manga makes this series looks unique.

The PV here is perfect, even though the sparkles might not be as impressive as the ones we got.

A shame they didn't go for a more abstract style for the anime, like Kaiba.