Gundam is shit

This show is literally unwatchable due to shit animation.

>Look mom, i posted it again !

thats not animation you posted thats a jpeg.
post a gif or a webm you lazy fuck. I bet you're fucking hawaiian

why are you trying to watch the tv series its not canon

watch the movie trilogy

Here is your (you)

>talking shit about SakuGundam

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M'Quve canonically does not die in texas colony
therefore the tv series is not canon

there are some tv events that were skipped over but still happen off screen in the movie version.

in the movie version M'Quve is never killed and White Base does not participate in the battle at Odessa. The Origin version is a more complete retelling while also following movie events but The Origin creates some conflict with side material that the movies did not conflict with.

all future series reference the movie version of events. Post OYW accepted canon material also mentions that M'Quve dies heroically after the battle at A Baoa Qu.

the movies were responsible for the success of gundam after the series was cancelled so it was to be expected that they would use the movies as a base for future continuity

>all this bait
did /m/ finally get some competent mods that these retards had to come here?

Who the hell watches anime for animation?

Char punched that GM so hard he turned its beam rifle into a beam spray gun.

yet the fight scenes are still better than 90% of anime

>an anime for kids from 1979 has bad animation
gee, who would've thought

>for kids

it's just a toy commercial, don't expect so much

>he didn't watch the HD remastered version

That's why you don't watch any Gundams that aren't OVAs.

08th MS team is the only good entry in the entire franchise.

It's actually the worst one.
Char's Counterattack and F91 are movies though.

i watched the first and second movies but can't remember if there was a difference between them and the tv series

15 episodes into dirty pair and it's fucking mediocre . why do nostalgiafags like it ?

DEEN could have saved it. Look at Ranma!

>cowboy bebop - 1


Thanks for making me notice how bad and weird his taste is, now I can't stop wincing every time I think about it.

The movie trilogy should only be watched as a bonus after the original TV series. It's more important to see where Gundam, and real robot in general, came from.

>The shit animation and those awful screeching voices.

The story seems interesting and it's a classic etc

And I genuinely meant to watch it but it was just so god awful to look at and listen to that I could not

Gundam's animation is fine. The issue is that it goes off model a notable amount of times. It looks good when it does'nt go off model though. The movie trilogy fixes the issue well, though the second movie cuts too much out plot wise to be totally coherent.

This is'nt really a 70s problem though, plenty of 70s anime does'nt have that issue.


This just reminds me how subjective taste is, so many shows I rated between 8-10 are on both extremes of the list.

Watch Origin>MSG Trilogy>Zeta>CCA

>watching stardust memory

I haven't seen seed but I don't know how awful it has to be to top Stardust memories. Such a good concept that should have been a slam dunk is just awful.

I hate when /m/aggots get mad that their shit board is slow because no one wants to post in the same board as power rangers autists so they come here to shitpost

the animation is fine. the problem is that you'd have to be a fucking idiot to need over 30 years of media to know that war is bad.