Season 2 Confirmed Release January 2018


where are the spoilers

>January 2018
I wish nips to learn from their mistakes.
Who the fuck releases CGI-heavy season so close to chink new year?

I watched and read all of overlord, because I was constantly told "it gets really good" by a friend.
I'm just eh on the series.
Could you explain to me what you think is great about the series?

Could you at least try a bit harder?
I'd lose whatever bit of self-respect I have if I bite this pathetic bait.

I'm being genuine here.

Then what is the point of someone else explaining why they like series that (you) don't?
You won't just suddenly go "umu, I understand everything, now I like Overlord" after.
If it's not up to your tastes - just move along.

okay have a nice day or night

low quality bait is low, trying to force out a cheap lie won't make up for it

where are 3 yurifags?

I can see only 3rd.

Whens the new fan fiction out?


You're right in the sense that it's not particularly something that really stands out from amongst the other novels in the end.

>samefagging this desperately

> told it'll come out in 2017 all year
> announced for 2018
God damnit. Still happy it'll be happening at least.

What are you complaining about?

What are the chances that EE dies in this novel?

She's already dead user.

reading comprenhension isn't a thing anymore huh?



>vol 12 is just set up for the Ainz vs Jalbadoath fight in vol 13

that's bullshit. I hope there is a climax for this book too as otherwise it would be completely unsatisfying.

vol13 is coming out right after.

I'm torn between waiting for it all to be translated or going through bit by bit to follow the threads.

It's garbage

How soon after, I forgot?

You didn't know.
Neither does anyone.
But supposedly few months, like 2-3.

Looks pretty hefty. How is it compared to volume 11?

She'll more likely be killed in the battle between Ainz and Demi. Because Ainz won't have to protect the reputation of Momon.

It's 410 pages, vol 11 was the thickest with 486 pages.
He's forced to cut it down cause selling a near 500 page novel for $10 is insane.

They should just let him do 500 page volumes if he's confident he can stretch it to 20 volumes or so.

>they dropped OPM for fucking lizards

Madhouse probably dropped OPM because they couldn't handle expenses, Overlord would probably be much cheaper to make.

*CGI LIZARDS, which make it worse

>CGI Lizards
>CGI Skellies
>CGI Hydra
>CGI Climb
>CGI Demons
>CGI Hilma
>CGI Renner
>CGI Raeven
>CGI Lakyus

Boy I sure am excited!

I would guess one meme man would be a fuckton more expensive to handle. It's better this way.

Wait is the entire season is CGI?



But OPM had an average budget.
And if it's really as you said then the new season animation gonna be garbage

Ainz dies next vol.

Rips when?







Is that Demi trueform?


Is it just me or is So bin increasing the size of Albedo's tits?



So is Madhouse handling this season?


>Fucking CGI Lizards!




>A statue
either this is years after his "death" or some one is really popular. Speaking of which, any spoilers or is there a summary yet?

It's a big statue

Sorry, there was only one Supreme Being profile on this volume but let us all praise Based Baidu for the scans.

It's beetrain

This is either Carne Village, or some people actually built another statue in E-Rantel.

Looks like it's right next to another statue, so maybe E-Rantel?

Vol 11 ends 2 years after vol 1 anons. Ainz arrived in winter one year later he conquers E Rantel in winter/spring and Vol 11 epilogue is in the end of the next winter/start of spring. Plenty of time to build a statue between the end of vol 9 and the start of vol 12.

Is out vol 12 out? Can I buy it as an e-book or something? Can't be bothered with a physical copy

With Brain and Climb existing, I have to wonder if his/her name is upposed to sound like Near

Baidu secured a copy before its September 30th debut, my dude

Sorry correction Ainz/Nazarick arrives before winter.

You know what that word means, right?

that's true. It can easily be done with a never tiring workforce in the form of death knights.

Shit, where can I read it?

I have no idea who Baidu is

Baidu is a chinese website which Nigel-sama usually visits

>Baidu secured a copy before its September 30th debut, my dude
So the Chinese will put out the first part of their translations this weekend? Or did that team disband?


So you don't even know what you're typing. Alright, retard.
That explains why you're posting smaller sized versions of the same images from the other thread.

Shit, there is another thread? Why am I even wasting time with you dotards when the patricians on the other have them already?

Delet this thread now!

>neia baraja

Were getting 12 episodes of lizards, aren't we? Oh, and 1 of Climb too.

Nonsense, 24 episodes 8 of lizards. Then the remaining episodes will be volumes 5 & 6 exclusively from Climb's perspective.

12 episodes of lizards
2 nazarick filler episodes
12 episodes of climb
1 ova of climb origin story


Is that a fruit of Demiurge's labor from the Farm?

I am here. Not the other user.


An impostor!?

From the looks of it, seems like knight captain went to ask for help, then get news that the Princess is missing/captured/riding beastmen cocks.

Did he gave it to her or she's trying to shield herself from ungodly skelly with holy weapon bestowed unto her?

Not really just that there are too few Yuri pics, that all Yurifags use more or less the same pics.

I diy a few of those which are regularly used. Gonna make a few more since we have new PPP shorts.

Seems shocked to me.
>wtf this skelly just gave me a holy bow

From that page, the bottom says "counterattack begins"

So our best guess who be Aniz just gave that bow over. Maybe something he demands in return.

>"M-my body?"

>A statue
You mean 2 statues

We're not actually get 13+ episodes, right?

>tfw you will never be born with a good talent and have the holy papa bones seek you out to bestow you a holy item

Are those Holy robes or something?
Such a drama queen.

How is he wielding a halberd?

Do you guys still hate Albedo because she wasn't in the WN or whatever the fuck you all were yammering on about two years ago?