Does your country have localized manga let alone sell any manga?

Does your country have localized manga let alone sell any manga?

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Yes but only the most popular shit

Yes and it sucks.


Yeah only shonenshit sadly

My country only has 4 manga series localized. Detective Conan, Doraemon, AoT and Fairy Tail

Localized stuff on practically every supermarket. Some stores import from States, but they're over 10€ a pop and I'm not paying that

Do they have One Piece?

Yes, it has a pretty big variety actually, but it's usually really fucking late, like, at least 4 volumes late, and sometimes they start publishing after the manga has already finished if there aren't many volumes.

They're pretty good quality though.

Yeah, i had a shelf full of manga as a kid. Roughly the size of one of the shelf in that pic

But as i grew up i find that my country's translation sucks gigantic ass, also they are behind as fuck. So i read shit on the web only now

I think so, but it has been ages since i checked

Out of curiosity, what did you do with them? In my experience, value of manga takes a nosedive the moment you walk out of the store

Yes, but not much. There's one store in particular that I've bought from before and most of the selection was pretty standard popular shit but they recently moved the store around and got a bunch of good stuff in. They have a permanent 3 for 2 offer on but never have the volumes you need.

Yes but barely anything i am actually interested, and considering that i am part of the second largest market it's quite damning

Shouldn't you post this on Sup Forums instead?

My mom secretly gave like half of them away when we moved the house. Gave her so much shit because of it, i had so much classic shit from the 70s, 80s and 90s like Bakabon, Kiteretsu, The Three Eyed Ones...etc....etc

I have like only one row full now, sometimes my niece and nephew came over and read them. Dont care much anymore since they a just a few Conan / Doraemon volumes here and there

I like the quality of Vertical's single volume releases, those are good. I just wish the UK would have much more varied choice like Europe does but instead we just get whatever America get.

We do, yes. And I keep buying.

I really could use the shelfspace that my 80+ One Piece volumes take for something else, but I don't want to sell them for just few pennies each

I buy bunkos from Japan and translate them myself

yes, quite a lot

>Does your country have localized manga
We used to, but king obango gave away the internet.

manga is literally the only comic books that I'm seeing being sold in my country aside of donald duck

Yeah, but 70 % of it is shoujo and BL manga, the rest is popular shounen titles. Everything else is dead or nonexistant.

Only shoujo and shoujo horror mangas. Apparently only women buy manga in my country.

Sure do. All thanks to our comic book culture and weird obsession with old-ass /m/ shows.


Same in the UK. I'm seeing in the charts manga is doing incredibly well but it's mainly just flavour of the month shounen titles.

Yes but we only get "literally what" manga nowadays.

France has the largest manga market after Japan. Frogs publish literally everything.

Nope. My country is majority black, like 94% black. There was an anime and manga store that opened years ago but it was robbed and vandalized on opening day. The entire stock was stolen and the shop burnt down. No one was ever arrested for it.

I think there is 1 random anime store that sells manga volumes but sadly they are all in spanish.

I'd say Alberto Barbosa or Uma Delicia.

In Belgium they have next to nothing. In a couple big cities they'll have a gaming store or book store that sells a little bit but even then it's usually just Naruto Bleach and One Piece.

>but it was robbed and vandalized on opening day.

fucking kek


I dont remember the name, went there once out of curiosity when i was walking back home from college and never stepped in there again. It was a little store, not a real bookstore, one that sold random anime stuff like backpacks, figures etc.

I'm from burger land, so yes. Shame that book stores in general are dying though.

Finland here. It has kinda slowed down recently, but they still release a fuckton. And releases are generally better than English ones, which is cool.

yes and yes
portugal btw

Here in Poland we have stuff like:

- Blame! (and other Nihei stuff)
- Rose of Versailles
- lots of Junji Ito works
- same with Jiro Taniguchi
- Battle Royale
- Berserk
- uncensored Ghost in the Shell
- Slayers
- Planetes and Vigland Saga
- Akira (soon will get new version in B5 format and hardcover like Blame!)
- Monster, Pluto and other Urasawa works will follow soon
- The Ancient Magus' Bride
- H.P. Lovecraft adaptations by Tanabe Gou
- Emma and Otoyomegatari from Kaou Mori

And of course fuckton of pleb popular shit or stuff that got anime in last season

I heard we actually buy more One Piece volumes than the US for some reason. I'd say it's pretty fine.

Yes. There are lots of translations into German. But the pages are smaller than in Japan and coloured paged are turned into black anf white ones (I compared the German with the Japase volume 1 of Kenshin).

Brazil has a surprisingly decent collection of manga, but I don't know about their quality because I'm too poor to buy a whole collection of shit that ranges from 10 volumes to 100+, and buying a couple random ones makes no sense.

>reading meme riddled polish releases

More than one actually, but they all have the same shit. You have to look really hard to spot some gems.

Yes but it has a fucking huge spiderman statue in the middle that makes it hard to browse stuff comfortably. Specially when the place is packed.

same here. And it's like 80% shonen, 18% classics (GiTS, Akira and alike) and 2% whatever (from shoujo to seinen to literally whatever the fuck they want)

Go back to karachan, Kuba

It's true, every manga involving teenagers is cringe incarnate and memery worse than crunchyroll.
Paying half the price of bookdepository import is not worth it

You tell me

>Fire Punch
You're a man of excellent taste.

There is a neko cafe, a manga-reading cafe and at least 6 manga shops in my town alone, so pretty much everything is being localized

Clean that shit up you pig.

I forgot to edit the pic
Currently I'm buiyng also Golden Kamuy and Fran.
Its incredible what kind of niche stuff nobody's going to buy gets released here in italy

Yes. My mom still buys Detective Conan after like 2 decades

What shit?

>Messy ass table
>Knife just laying there for some reason

Nothing to hinna about

Well, if you think about it, that must mean there are a bunch of brown people somehwere in the world who really fucking love anime. Only in niggerland.

Yes but I fucking hate reading spanish. It's tedious and corny as fuck, not to mention them translating things that shouldn't be translated to begin with.

Underage not welcome

Its not a knife, its a type 2 AK47 bayonet.

I've been thinking the same thing lately, pretty happy I own both Franken Fran and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. I'm working on catching up with Ajin since I'm like four volumes behind and getting the rest of Nichijou but I agree it's amazing the amount of material that is getting released that I wouldn't of thought of ten years ago. I just checked Amazon and we're getting Made in Abyss and Fire Punch next year so I'm pretty happy with those releases, we're also getting The Promised Neverland in December too. This decade has been pretty good if you're a manga fan.

My country has localized manga, including some surprisingly obscure/chinese stuff and one localized Light Novel so far as I know. Also no localized anime unless it's super popular children's stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yeah, lately the stuff released is so juicy that I couldn't resist throwing money on it again. Before 2016 i passed at least ten years without reading anything in my language

I'm 27
my mom is 47 fuck off

I wonder if this boom is going to last so long as streaming sites like Netflix or Crunchyroll just serve as advertisements for manga with anime adaptations or if it will be like the early 00s all over again and companies like Vertical become another Tokyo Pop.

>Mom gives birth at 20
>Probably fucked like monkey

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Don't forget Kuroko na Basket.

I'm pretty sure you can buy manga in every country in the world.

Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha and fucking Tokyo Ghoul.

It does but it's easier to just import anyway, cost comes out to about the same too if you're someone who buys from one of the highstreet shops like Waterstones.

So glad I decided to learn enough Japanese to understand most manga. Reading Tongari Boushi no Atelier, and although this one is getting fan translations it's nice to support in a small way.

Is Tokyo Ghoul worth reading or is it a shitty version of Parasyte and Ajin?

Fucking german manga market catter toward land whales. There's barely anything beside fujoshits back when i visited a bookstore.

Probably. As long the fad lasts we'll keep getting good shit

It wishes that it was as interesting as Parasite. Shitty as shit manga with shitty as shit art / photoshop / trace

The plot and character development is a cluster fuck

Stay mad.

There's a "specialized" mall in my country's capital, full of bootleg shit and your flavor of the decade stuff. Fuck it's dreadful going there, there are self proclaimed otakus and motherfucking nyanyers, the people you expect to have a gaia account or something. I've seen people printing their own manga and then selling it Jesus Christ and the worst is that people actually buy the shit.

they sell berserk and rurouni kenshin

I haven't really looked too deep into what's availible in German because I find the translations to be somewhat jarring, but from what I've seen it's like 80% BL shit and 20% popular garbage like AOT and such.

I don't know, I don't read that shit.

>pretty decent size comic book store in my town
>see people in it all the time
>they hold magic the gathering tournaments regularly
>one day i go in
>it smells kinda funky
>i find the "manga" section
>it's like somebody donated it..a few scattered dragonball/one piece volumes, nothing placed in any real order
>i ask if they ever get new manga
>he gives me a dirty look and says "it just doesn't sell, we lose money on it"
>i buy a $.99 batman comic to prove i'm a normie and leave

It used to until the guy responsible for translating the vast majority got dragged to court over CP charges. To my knowledge this is the only case where someone got arrested for exclusively possessing 2D loli. He got cleared in court but not before the publishing company cut all ties with him.

Fuck retarded laws.

That is wierd. In my local comic book store manga is what sells the most

They first started selling English-translated manga in a couple of comic stores in my country. Then suddenly animu and mango became more popular, and the next thing I know was we had many popular titles were all localized. Until now, the only translated manga was Hadashi no Gen.

I suspect they are translating everything from English, and they all feel awkward. I've only bought some volumes of Lone Wolf and Cub to show some support.

>I suspect they are translating everything from English, and they all feel awkward. I've only bought some volumes of Lone Wolf and Cub to show some support.

I wonder the same about releases we get in the UK whether they've actually been translated from Japanese to English or whether they go from Japanese to French, German or Spanish then to English.

cringe tier.

I believe finding a Jp-Eng translator shouldn't be too hard, UK is probably fine.

Murakami's novels are translated from French instead of Japenese in my country, it's that bad here.

The wording must be annoying to read then again

>Reading Murakami
Go and read a superior surrealist like Kobo Abe

Here in Finland, Dragon Ball got translated from Japanese to Swedish to Finnish. It was still pretty faithful translation all things considered.

But nowadays I think almost everything is translated straight from Japanese

I live in Canada, and we have an excellent book store in my town. They got an entire floor full of manga that gets the English translations of whatever pretty much as soon as it comes out. They even sell a small assortment of the most popular figures at ridiculous prices.

Unfortunately Murakami is the only Eleven whose books get translated, so I used him as an example. When a popular writer gets this treatment, there's no way they'd hire someone who actually speaks Japanese to translate manga here.

The swedish-language market was pretty good in early-mid '00s, mostly Naruconanpiece, but even Yotsuba got a translation. There was a SJ iteration that just about broke even. Then everything started keeling over for no obvious reason, publishers pulled out as if manga had caught herpes. Nowadays only a couple of niche manga are translated.
If you're getting finnish translations, it's because some finn translated it directly from japanese.

I have an understanding of everything else wrong with Sweden, but the collapse of manga publishing confuses me still.

Booksamillion has an aisle but that's it for my city.

Well, funny thing is that Dragon ball almost destroyed manga here as well. When first four volumes were released, some people thought that all the underage nudity and other raunchy stuff was illegal as fuck, and DB was pulled off the market for a while, and for the longest time, 1-4 were actually banned.

It's rather simple, really.ålet

Personally I didn't follow any manga that were affected by this but I have a friend who's been reading One Piece since he was a kid. He tried to switch over to English but he had gotten too used to reading it in Swedish so he just dropped it.

Recently I got my hands on some Swedish translated Cobra (pic related). In the last issue they had a full page of text explaining why it was going out of print and basically it came down to the fact that not enough people were buying it.

No, I have to get them through Amazon and rely on my japanese.

im in murrica, so yeah, a chunk is in english
i just hate all the shit we never got or won't get.
i get jealous seeing those stores in JP with like libraries of fucking manga from top to bottom

fuck me

You can actually get a variety of stuff here in Germany. It's not like France where even Medaka Box is localized for whatever reason, but our market isn't small either.

idk I'm Neet

Italy is a nice place for manga