Osomatsu Thread

since season 2 starts next week i thought we need a good old matsu thread.

also,kara best matsu

why is this show so popular with fujos? is it just cuz it's an all male cast?

Congrats, you pretty much nailed it. Same with LWA and yurifags because it has an almost all female cast.

Jyuushi is best Matsu and I don't even like yaakyu

>Next week

Holy fuck it's happening? Time sure flies fast.

I really hope they tone it down with the homo stuff this season but they won't.

There can only be one best Matsu, and it's Ichimatsu

Think of it like my little [redacted], except you switch genders around. You have six colour-codes flavors of boy/young adult with distinct personalities and watch them being close and interact.
Continuing the parallel, in Japan the franchise is in collective consciousness as a thing that exists - it's probably something they've seen accidentally, maybe their family remembers it.

Of course, fujohivemind has its own rules and a stray fujo encountering fanart will watch the first episode and get exposed to the bishies gag.

Really, it's just Osomatsu attracts a certain kind of fujo with the premise alone. Pretty much any fujo who digs incest will tune in just for the opportunity of it.

i wasn't disappointed

The second to last episode with Osomatsu really fucked me up at the time, I wasn't ready for it at all because kinda I relate with him

Homo stuff and pandering are so cringy. There's a reason why non-bl fujos exist.

I hope there's an episode about them being middle maged

>non-bl fujos

You're aware that the definition of fujoshi is "girl who like BL", right?

>kara is bald

Biggest disappointment of all time.
That fucking penultimate episode.

Of course you know I'm talking about girls who like to draw and write about straight guys from non-bl being gay.

I hope the second season includes cameo appearances from Akatsuka's other works

Sometimes bald is handsome

It doesn't matter if the character is canon straight or gay, any girl that likes to ship m/m is a fujoshi.


Cant wait for Choro's shitepisode



Bald means more testosterone.

This kills the Karafags

Being bestmatsu is never an accident, silly Choro.

Totoko or Nya-chan?


I hope there's a good balance again in the second season. These episodes came out of nowhere and they nailed it.

The one who is a neet and a christmas cake.

I hope S2 tones down the Jyuushimatsu bias.

Jyuushimatsu is great, though. What I'm hoping for is 0 Totty episodes.

I don't like Totty but his wits are fun, Jyuushimatsu is just a retard with a totla of 1 gag.

I felt the same way, he was fun for a while but it got kind of annoying after a while

I'd definitely take Retardmatsu episodes over totty and choro episodes.

Really, I'm hoping for more Hatabou.

Why? Totty skits always involve all the other 5

I want a episode with them being mildly mangled

Same here, those were some of the worst parts.

Where are the BD releases for S1? I thought this was supposed to be popular.

this stupid spin off is so shit, the original was better than this turd

Through science I have discovered that the best matsu has to be either Kara or Totty. These guys are always on fire in the scenes they appear in.

The worst one however is easilly Jyushimatsu. This guy is comedy-cancer. I get the feeling he's only liked by children and family guy fans.

This. I got enough of his stupid shit.

I hope we get more of the two oldest brothers.

Karamatsu is cool as hell, easily the best one.

Was Juicy the hyperactive or the really gay one?

Wait, who is the director for season 2?

Juicy is the hyperactive one. Totty is the effeminate one. Karamatsu is the best one.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

>tfw I don't know if by gay one you mean Totty or Ichi.

>The worst one however is easilly Jyushimatsu
those be fighten words faget

I agree


this episode was fun

is them being virgins canon

I'm greatly looking forward to season 2 and I sincerely hope that they didn't fuck it up anywhere in the production process. If they stick to the same formula as the first season but spice it up a bit, I think it'll turn out good. This will be the first anime I've watched with Sup Forums in a few years because I made the foolish mistake of watching the first season only after it was done airing so I hope we can all have fun together.


I hope they don't bring the bishounen-matsus, because man they are ugly as fuck. There's something wrong when I'm more attracted to their muppet faces than the supposed pretty boy look.

Or maybe it's just me.

Osomatsu isn't a virgin anymore though.

but was it CANON


Juicy annoys me but everyone seems to be crazy about that retard. I like Ichi but fujos and furries flock to the guy. Choro is the straight man, he does his role solidly but that also means he doesn't stand out from the sextuplets. Totty is that cute younger brother... despite being the same age as the rest of these fuckers. Oso is best matsu for me. He sits on that satisfying middle ground between being a retard and being the enlighten older brother.

No, I'm not forgetting anyone.

Love her smile, and the way she faint when rofl

Its a shame that she's damaged goods

Jyushimatsu deserve better

>also,kara best matsu
Ok but who really is best matsu?

>retarded enough to want to date JAV-chan
No wonder women love Juicy, he'll never think bad of you no matter how much of a slut you are.

I just want them to do a joke about the ikematsus. Just have F6 dye their hair and try to be Matsu-style assholes. It'd make for a fun joke.

Anyone else skip the F6 parts while rewatching?

I've got both boxes of the BDs, which was totally worth it. If you're talking about US releases, no idea.

I don't think they're ugly, just forgettable

Unless it's the first episode, always. The F6 parts are easily the worst parts of the show.

She was coerced
She didn't enjoyed the experience

It's still waifu material

>She was coerced
Not how JAV works.
>She didn't enjoyed the experience
Umm, sweetie, I know the purity meme is strong around these parts but girls get dick drunk rather easily. Inside every waifu, there is a teeny-tiny slut fairy. Also, and now on a more serious note, it would be rather pointless to have her be this pure maiden tricked into prostitution, Sure, her naivete certainly plays its role in her predicament but overly focusing on that obfuscates the fact that Jyuushi is himself human trash and that there is no real expectations of him even producing offspring. So the point of their relationship is trash loving each other, it really is quite romantic when you think about it, a dark, twisted, modern sort of love.

The first 12 episodes were very good, but then it begins to abuse gimmicks and repetitive topics. Ep 18 is GOAT though

Can I just jump into S2 while I'm catching up on S1? The episodes I watched in the first cour were episodic enough.

As long as you can tell them apart and know their general quirks, sure.

Just watch a couple of episodes of S1 to get the gist of it. Once you have a feel for the characters, you're good to go.

Who will have the first line in S2?

Oso. Screencap this.

He is a good boy and wouldn't care about her past ;_;

They all died resetting them back to virgins.

Holy fuck they milked this so much. Matsu related merchandise all the way down to fucking shoestrings. Lets not forget all the games they keep releasing with a bunch of different AU every time. I am amazed they are giving a second season despite the money not drying up yet.

Hell you can even buy a fucking headband of your favorite matsu with or without an ahoge.

There's a second season about to start? Good timing, as I just finished the first.

After all those doujin and fanart of Kara being being milked like a cow. They actually make it real.

>doujin and fanart of Kara being being milked like a cow

How could Choromatsu not be the best Matsu?

The amount of incest shipping tumblr users is nauseating...Like can the creepy fujoshi girls just...not?? They're giving female anime fans a bad name danggit


This is Sup Forums that loves incest. Why do you think people loved Oriemo so much?

>complaining about tumblr when you type exactly like you came from tumblr

Its true...they must be contaminating me...

Lurk for two years before posting.

You need to go back.

How do you delete a post

Holy fuck, stop embarrassing yourself.

I just hope the creative well hasn't dried up. Hell, if the writers don't get lazy and fall back on the same old running gags, there'll actually be new material to work with.

Hopefully they just milked the same gags over and over for the easy merchandising. I want to believe.

After two years I realized Ichi was the worst Matsu along with Churro, and convered to Totty.
I know anons are piss dirty but I hope most of you are joking when you say Ichi is relatable.

Worst parts were the gender-bent sketches to be honest