What's Fukumoto's best original game idea? Picking from Kaiji, Zero, or any of the Mahjong variants in Ten or Akagi

What's Fukumoto's best original game idea? Picking from Kaiji, Zero, or any of the Mahjong variants in Ten or Akagi.

Washizu mahjong is the best cause every game takes 20 years to finish


The two player Mahjong Harada came up with in Ten is a clever way of making the game more skillful.

>not enjoying a two decade game while Konton is playing in the background and your entire psyche gets deconstructed while you get to understand the meaning of life and humanity as a whole

I fucking hate washizu mahjong please don't mention that shit

I really don't think highly of any of the game idea, even though the series are great.

Liar Game has more interesting idea when it comes to original game (?) like the gold smuggling, lottery, infection, etc


That makes me wonder what the best original game in anime and manga is generally

Greed Island

100 Card Poker from Zero can work irl, it just requires a ludicrous amount of prep time.

Tissue Box

I think Washizu Mahjong would be kinda boring in real life. With just one opaque tile of each kind in most situations you'd end up with an obvious wait. Sure you could try to actively avoid it, but I still dout it would work out often. Even in regular mahjong it's not uncommon for hands to end in a draw and this would happen much more often in Washizu Mahjong.

E-Card is in fact just restrcited RPS with 1 rock 5(?) papers and 1 scissor. It's really the least interesting of all FKMT games.

I don't remember this entirely but it seemed kinda interesting, yeah. Especially with the buyable bonus abilities. However it was also a rather expansive game (as in, it has many rules) and a good game should have few rules and still be complex in my book.

>I think Washizu Mahjong would be kinda boring in real life
Unless you adapt EVERY aspect from the manga.

The plastic surgeon would get a real challenge with the noses.

I think a heart surgeon might be needed first if Akagi was in real life.

Duel Monsters

You can make it work if you do some light modifications
>52 card deck each
>everyone must make 10 sets of 5 cards of one pair,one triple, etc
>2 rounds with 5 sets each
>some arbitrary buyable bonus to not make the game random
>each win is 1 point
>no spades>diamonds>hearts>clubs rule because a draw never actually happens
>no specific set point rules because that shit is too hard to memorize properly
I played and it was nice,but still it has too much prep time. Zero makes it look easy, but combining the 50 cards into 10 proper sets is a huge hassle.

>Unless you adapt EVERY aspect from the manga.
This. It should be a 2 vs 2 game. 2 players and their minions. Both players have 200000 blood points (the original Washizu blood deal), minions don’t have blood points. It’s about killing the other player first, so if you lose all your points, the other team wins. And you can’t retake the lost points
>With just one opaque tile of each kind in most situations you'd end up with an obvious wait
But you have to pay a bonus AND the difference of points at the end of the session. So basically, getting RONNED by the other player is harder but cost you the double of points.

Restricted RPS and the Witch's are my favs

Witch's house from Zero*

People are going to have heart attacks before anyone dies of any blood loss though, hence the surgeons.

You don't have to bet your real blood though.

>no blood


Was that something they added in the translation? I could sworn Kurosawa was over before that song came out.

The triangle rooms and the slaughter house because escape-room games involving math are great.

I liked Zero best, at least how it started.

The 1v1 Mahjong in Ten
That game in Zero where you have to jump
Washizu fucking Mahjong

But outside of those FKMT's games aren't the interesting part, it's the players mindfuck

the game of beating up secondary school kids

The game of smearing shit on highschool wrestlers

Probably he sings some Jap pop song that would be a huge pain in the ass to translate

Tissue box, no match.

None of the gambles would be interesting with average people, characters in FMKT carry the games

I'd play both 2 person mahjongs.

I'd watch you walk a thin plank between two skyscrapers and fall to your death or bet your finger on draw m8.

Would you guys cross the steel beam (across buildings) for ridiculous sums of money?

No. My sense of balance is horrible.

17 steps mahjong would be the only truly interesting one from Kaiji.

In the first arc of Zero most of the games are pretty interesting though. It's been half a decade since I read it now but that ring game and that witch's house game were really fun.

Fuck no.

No, I would fall easily. In real life the wind would be even more of a bother.

There's no sum of money ridiculous enough to make me do that.

Fuck no and especially considering how fucking bullshit the whole thing was.

I'm reading through Ten very slowly now because I know the inevitable will happen but I like old Akagi too much.

it's a win/win situation

The last 3 vols are the best FKMT arc, including Washizu Maajan

And there's not that much of him anyway.
Hard to say he is a main character even.

He's only second to Hiroyuki. Add the last arc and he's definitely one of if not THE main character. But the screentime is balanced between the whole cast so it's not that obvious.

I wonder how many shoulder pats overall that lucky kid got from Akagi through the manga. I'm jelly.

The first that comes to mind is either tissue box/awesome box or brave men's road, because it would be impossible to be indifferent to that one as an spectator. I really love the mahjong variants in several of FKMT's works, but mahjong is already a thing. I really need to reread zero because several of those seemed pretty interesting but the details elude me at the moment, but in general I thing the meta-game and psychological tricks are far more important in gambling manga than the games themselves.

>he died because of those retarded glass stairs

He was epitome of a worthless scum, however I did root for him.

Kakegurui masho

look at his adorable face and tell me those stairs weren't complete bullshit


Stairs were utter bullshit my friend, but Makoto was human trash trying to get rich quick following the path of least resistance his entire life.

but he's cute


Corpse is fine too I guess.

cat is fine, too

The treasure hunt in Zero part 2 was pretty cool and fun.

By the way, people give that arc crap for "dragging on" but I don't think that was dragged out. It was just a really long treasure hunt. One-poker hen would be "dragged out" because time slows down to the point where putting down a card, deciding whether to call/fold, etc... can take an entire volume but in the story only like 5 minutes have passed. The treasure hunt in Zero spanned several days and Zero solved every puzzle/riddle rather quickly. Zero part 2 had its problems but it's not because of the pacing.

I really want to see a part 3 to Zero

what did he mean by this?

seriously i can't read nip

<sぽいぇr>It reduces goats. , Ichigo Kanaya! If you do not stop, no<・sぽいぇr>

This is it.


This was the pinnacle of Zero part 2

>remembers the time
>missed it again

It means Kaiji is a good shot.

Even endou is cuter than sahara

Are you that guy from yesterday who was searching for real death gambles?

He died becasue he rushed like an idiot

How the hell did he not fall when he sprinted the rest of the way across?

but i'd like to participate in one, too.

That's not saying much. To be fair, every fkmt character is cute.

He died because he was determined and strong willed? I thought the point of Brave Men's Road is that you have to be brave enough to make it. Sahara's life was deleted in seconds because of an asspull.


Gendo is a literal God

Sahara running across crossed from bravery into dumb, rash recklessness.
>every fkmt character is cute
This is true, though.


Don't know which would be best. Most fun to play, maybe a tie between Washizu Mahjong (because of teamplay), and the 8-player in Ten (where team members switch places after 10 discards, only hands worth mangan or more decrease points from players, and players can't recover points, only lose them).

Most unfun game might be the one where Hiroyuki plays against Ichikawa. Good luck trying to play under the same handicap as him.


Okay fine, but it doesn't change the fact that he died because of something nobody even knew the presence of until the plot decided to reveal it. And the only reason the "real entrance" exists is because Teiai is full of jerks, at that point you're just causing suffering for the sake of suffering.

I don't even like Sahara that much what the fuck am i doing

Pretty much yeah
The entirety of Brave Man's Road was Teiai fucks having a laff while Tonegawa tried to make a point out of it so he could feel like the big man

reorganizing my fkmt folder and i can't tell whether this is supposed to be kaiji or morita

It must be Morita because he doesn't have a scar under his eye and his hair is longer.

The early gambles in Zero are great. They're short but not lacking in excitement

Although I wish I could say Uno

Just finished reading Ten and I cried. Both Akagi manga have gotten me to cry at the end.

Thanks user. I was leaning that way since it could go either way and I wouldn't mind padding out the gin to kin folder, just didn't know if someone knew whether it definitely was or not

Feel like putting it up anywhere?

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Unless you don't mind me posting it as it is so far, but it's riddled with dupes and the sorting is nowhere near complete.

Whichever you want to do is fine, thanks. I should probably sort through my own folders and upload them somewhere, I've got a decent amount.

stop reminding me

It's pretty fun, you see a lot of art that you don't really remember.

Definitely share what you've got, there's always room for more in the collection. As for me, I'll upload now because it'll take me weeks to sort all of this and I'll probably forget to do it later if I don't now. Expect the link up on /cm/ in about ten minutes

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No rush, gonna sort through my own folders anyway.

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One Poker
Washizu Mahjong is just an awful idea in reality.

>Washizu Mahjong is just an awful idea in reality.
Washizu Mahjong isn't too bad, the only problem is trying to pay extra attention to everyone's clear tiles along with all the thinking you already have to do with regular mahjong is a real strain and can be more tedious than fun.

I've heard it's actually pretty difficult to see through the clear tiles, probably because of the angle. Easier to just draw the tile patterns on the back of 3/4 of the tiles, apparently.

Never thought to look one up, thanks. I'll have to use that

Akagi is the best

*best cheater

*best resuscitator