Which was better, the original or Brotherhood?

Which was better, the original or Brotherhood?

Original, so Brotherhood.


music is better in the original, and I browse Sup Forums, so...

But the first OP is the best OP of all anime, and i have no idea why people like the brotherhood OP

I didnt bother watching brotherhood aince i had read the manga after watching the original. Honestly, making Scar the main villain and dropping everything about the humunculous was pretty boring.

So for me i guess i find the original anime better

Brotherhood was Naruto tier garbage

t. contrarian

The anime only ending felt more grounded in reality. Brotherhood(the original manga ending) was also good, but it took quite a huge turn in the second half.

The manga and first half of the 2003 anime.

Brotherhood for me, but i get why some people prefer the 2003 anime.

t. sheep

I am sorry that you have shit taste

I recently finished Brotherhood and I thought it was great, but something just felt kinda off about the ending, it was satisfying and it wrapped up nicely and every character got a good moment really all the things you want in a good ending, but something just felt a bit off to me I dunno why.

The one that adapted the manga faithfully

Brotherhood is the anime original right? So not it. That shit was pure unfiltered garbage

Both are good

How DARE you not pick a side

It's the other way around buddy.

Original one had a nice ending. Also the movie completed the story

Brother was perfect in every way but the ending was Meh
And they lived happily ever after

>main villain of brotherhood

Did you read the manga?


>the one that adapted the manga faithfully

What if the manga is shit?

2003 ending = perfect ending for the equivalent exchange theme

brotherhood= disney ending

>perfect ending
A load of bullshit that amounted to nothing

How does literal Hitler fit into equivalent exchange theme

>every ending must have the characters lose something wahh wahhh

Brotherhood, because people can't be revived from the death.

Brotherhood, exchanging your 'life' as an alchemist and the truth of the world, for the life of your brother. perhaps shut up?

2003's ending was made even worse by the movie.

Never watched Brotherhood, since I loved the original.

I know it's a more truthful adaptation, but I'm done with FMA.

2003 had better music and more emotional themes.

brotherhood felt like it fell into NEW MINIBOSS EVERY WEEK syndrome but was still good.


Not comparable. They're honestly two completely different genres and stories which use the same characters to approach different situations.

2003 was actually really well done from a dramatic sense. It was a nice shade of black, whereas Brotherhood is what you watch when you want to feel like the world isn't completely shit.


Brotherhood actually follows the manga, unlike the original anime.


2003 fucks itself the second it went off script, while Brotherhood is completely fucked because 2003 already covered the opening and they had to rush to get to the new shit.

As always, just read the fucking manga.

>here's a system and how it works
>now erase everything about this system because suddenly alchemy is powered by dead people from our world for no reason
>we never implied this at any point because it was never in the manga but we had to do something

>muh manga
kys retard

2003 was beautiful yes,

brotherhood is kiddies version

Whenever someone starts talking about this show my hands get dust.

OP 4 is the best OP and this is a fact

2003 wasn't perfect but at least it tried to be interesting, unlike Brotherhood which was just another generic shounen.

Do you like dark depressing realism
or a calming peaceful good normal

a bit of both tbqh