I hate this bitch

I hate this bitch

Gross proportions, annoying voice in both sub and dub, shitty disgusting powers. What a whore.

You are just jealous you aren't a frog.

Shut up Shoto

Your shit taste disgusts me.

But have you heard these dubs?


froggu chan a cute

this is a blue board

Opinion discarded. Fuck off, faggot.

>reddit spacing
>spelling errors
>posting NSFW in a christian board

Just fuck her already Shouto.

Kill yourself
Lmao enjoy your ban

You're just as retarded as him.

>he's this far behind the times
It's a meme you dip.
Would you rather he type desu?

Not that faggot but yes.

This is bait for herons.

Yes desu

desu t b h senpai

Hai desuyo

>start thread about best girl
>no one post best girl

I agree, she's absolutely insufferable in anime. This disgusting grandma voice and constant "ribbit" is so fucking annoying. Not to mention these stupid hand gestures, my god. Though I don't mind her in manga at all. I don't know how Bones did it to make her so shit.

Are they the best couple in BnHA? Maybe even in all of shounen?!

i hope that little shit dies

Thats not Bakugou!


>Liking a girl who can vomit up her own stomach

I checked the dub to see if her voice was better, it was almost equally as bad.

>Personal taste
I know she's flavour of the month right now but I just don't see the appeal, she's awful

Why couldn't she have been a snake instead? Prehensile tongues are the hottest thing ever conceived, but sticky prehensile tongues are gross.

Don't you dare talk about Lord Pepe's daughter like that you subhuman

Congrats you played yourself

Huh, I actually like this pairing. Tsu is the only one who wouldn't take Bakugou's shit and would keep him in line.


kek fuck off you autist