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GX World is out in Duel Links for those who care.
For now we have Judai, Manjoume, Asuka and Edo, with Chronos coming soon.

I want to like him but Yusaku rendered him worthless.

How do we redeem his credibility?

You know, when the mockup of a possible D/D/D Link called Experimental King Zero Pythagoras got posted in thread 17...0...fifty...9-ish whatever, I thought it was fine, but now I've seen the D/D Pendulum card lineup, I think it would be better to make the card summon-able with "D/D Savant" Pendulum Monsters.

That way you could use the Scale between Newton and Thomas to float out Albert, and then punt all three of them to the graveyard to summon Pythagoras.

Have him go full supreme king and massacre the cast
Judai or zarc style it really doesn't matter

He gets an upgrade and trashes Yusaku in a true reversal of the roles.

Before anyone calls me a fool...let me just say this is the most elaborate joke about science I've made so far.

I see you

Is he one of the kidnappped kids?

That or 1 of the kidnappers

>His Dad was the boss of the project
What do you think?

You don't pendulum summon in dd
The closest you get is having ragna and either orthros or Thomas in scales

I have a feeling the anons that are suggesting D/D Rituals don't play D/D either

Sound Duel fucking when?
>mfw Yusaku's theme

I reckon Vrains has one of the weaker sound tracks so far, I can't remember a single one.

>wipes out Playmaker with an OTK
>"gib AI plox"
>Hotdog tries to forcibly log Playmaker out before anything can happen
>fails catastrophically and Ignis is stolen
>Yusaku and Hotdog go into panic mode
>next 20-30 episodes are devoted to finding Revolver's identity and getting Ignis back
>this also leads to Yusaku and Hotdog finding out that Dr Kogami still exists inside Link VRAINS, even though he's dead IRL
>the 3rd duel between Yusaku and Revolver is one between their IRL counterparts and is a lot more even
>soon after this is the Dr Kogami boss battle, possibly with Revolver helping Playmaker for whatever reason
>Revolver becomes a regular rival after this, both IRL and in VRAINS
>says holier-than-thou things like "you should get off that computer and experience what life really has to offer" and "dueling should be done on tables anyway, I heard there was a Duel Club" and "I like my kale shake with tofu and activated almonds"

Well you have to admit, Rituals getting the D/D would be better than say, Geminis or Spirits

But still worst than anything else

We need buffed manga support

nice, na no ne

That would be so ideal. A show or film is only as strong as its villain, and Vrains's is currently rubbish.

Aren't you forgetting someone?

>implying Revolver is the villain

...Would Union D/D's have made any sense at all?

Yeah, or at least for the moment. He and Kaito are the only rivals who started out as outright enemies.

Yes, cus ceasar ragnarok and pendulum

Yay, finally I suggested something that isn't utter garbage!

It is garbage, no one uses ceasar ragnarock or pendulum summon in dd, but at least is better than ritual

I really like the ominous track that they used in Emma's and Akira's duels

Well I give up.

Kaiba wasn't friendly either, he legit had a hate boner for Atem

This probably wasn't helped by Atem turning his brain into custard that one time.

And I don't mean that in the sexy way.

Yes but he wasn't objectively evil. His objective didn't go beyond stealing a card and teaching Yugi a lesson, meanwhile Revolver is the head of Internet Isis and Kaito tried to eat Yuma's soul.

He specifically made a torture tower for yugi where he had to face off serial killers, trained hitmen and much more.

And yet early manga Kaiba was a bigger douche than both of them

That last one, that last one. Oh god, now I really want to see this happening, even tough I know it would be a pipe dream.

He still apparently does. Especially in the new movie.

Did you for get season 0?

It makes me so sad the fact that 80% of this won't happen


Kaiba sure did have a hard on for Yami yugi.



How you want to see yusaku in the future?

I wish he could drop his fukushu shit, but still being serious and asshole
With a bit of sarcastic and smiles

Also with friends talking to him from time to time just to keep his personality alive

>I wish he could drop his fukushu shit, but still being serious and asshole
He will drop it like every Shonen MC. But i can't see Yusaku being all smiles like Judai and Yuya or even Yugi. He will probably become a Yusei

The cutest

I could see him being a little snarky and sarcastic once he lights up a bit


Who done it better?

Yusaku, bringing the two monsters out of the grave as they don't belong there.

Or yuma vs the super hero where they protected the mum by making it so Yuma's attack attacked another monster instead.

How many tricks do you think are up his sleeves?

If a battle between him and Ghost Girl doesn't happen I'll be disappointed.

Time Wizard gives you the ability to switch two MC's which two do you switch?

yusaku and yuya

for the sake of extremes Yusei and Yuma

Yusaku and Yuya

Just to see yusaku telling astral to shut up every second

Oops, *Yuma

Yuki and Yuya

I'm pretty sure astral and yusaku would be on much better terms.

Of course I like him, he is a chuuni. He even read KKK to be cosplaying as a character from there

>cyberse numbers

I'd like to see what happens if you toss Yusaku into VRAINS and made it so it was Obelisk Blue who kidnapped him and Yuya's father was the one who unknowingly rescued him

it's funny that despite their rareness and Hanoi's attempt to destroy them the series doesn't address the Cyberse card's importance, the Savior Dragons are the namesake of 5D's and Stardust is what basically starts the plot, the Numbers ARE the plot of Zexal and then there are the Zarc Dragons, while in here Revolver just mumbled some stupid vague shit and it has never been touched upon since, not even Yusaku wondering why Revolver cares that much about the Cyberse cards

>Opening the floodgates to every summoning method
Links need to be established first.

I'm trying to create a yugioh oc. But I'm having a problem. I can't decide how the hair should look.

open a sea life book, open on a random page and base it on the first creature you see

Just look up galactic phenomena and you'll be good.

Yuma and Ai would talk about how their partners are wet blankets

I'm just seeing an invisible ass

I imagine most of the characters worth adding are probably in some way or another in the 4th intro. Am I wrong?

Depends on how important they think the western audience is.


>I'm trying to create a yugioh oc
I'd say that's your problem.

What's wrong with yugioh ocs?

The problem is with OC's in general.

beat me to it. Also, the duels usually aren't very well written, either.

>character who isn't MC wins the rematch against MC
Has that ever happened before? I mean it could be a solid closer for the 2nd cour, but I'm doubtful of the chances

Oh wait, I forgot about Yuya vs Reiji II. I guess to be more specific, winning a rematch where the non-MC character unambiguously lost the first time

Kaiba, Ed, Shark.


Only one I remember is the Into the Vrains soundtrack.

Also, remember me?


Episode 10 was a genuinely good episode, and not just because a large part of early Zexal was shit.

This. Aside from a few good ones like Yusaku's theme song, most of the music is really forgettable. The show would have a much better reception if they had something like 5D's soundtrack in the background, though its pretty much impossible to compete with perfection.


Fuck off Xeogran

5D's definitely had the best soundtrack. They used it well, too.
>Yusei draws a card, glances at it, smiles, his battle theme starts playing
>Z-ONE starts musing that he won, his theme shifts tempo as Power Tool Dragon's eye appears through the smoke
>Pretty much any instance of Clear Mind or Jack's Battle Theme

I think there's been some better tracks in recent episodes, but I would be perfectly fine if they had just recycled the 5D's tracks. I've heard tracks with more energy and hype on Konami's youtube channel than in Vrains.

The show isn't over yet. Why can't autist stop comparing the plot 20 episodes in to shows that have already finished? The 5Ds of 5Ds don't get mentioned as being significant until much later in the show. The connection between the dragons and the signer marks aren't elaborated on until well after Jack and Yusei's duel.

>tummy tat


This week's episode had like two new tracks. Hopefully they can still salvage the soundtrack.

The guy that worships Sora and Reiji?

He just worships shotas in general. Pedo plain and simple

Yeah, the whole
>why aren't there a ton of mcguffin plot cards yet?!?!
just seems like nitpicking. There's a solid list of criticisms of Vrains that actually matter that people could pick on instead.

Jack and Yusei didn't even duel until like ep23, so the fact that their ace monsters are significant to the plot hadn't even come up yet.

They duel in episode 4.

Was this the dumbest gimmick episode?

Not exactly a fair comparison, since 5ds had introduced a lot of characters and events long before the Dragons appeared. Not knowing what Vrains grand plot is would be okay if it managed to be more exciting.

>Not "Holy your breath underwater for a minute or take damage"
>Not "Collect five Action Cards to attack"

I didn't watch Arc-V