Shirou Emiya is a lame main char-

Trace On.
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Heaven's Feel is the only route where Shirou actually felt like a good character. In Fate the guy was almost insufferable with his constant insistence that Saber not fight despite her outclassing him in every way. In UBW he's a bit more bearable but the whole Seigi no Mikata went a bit overboard. Heaven's Feel is a good balance in between. Of course, nothing beats Miyu's onii-chan Shirou but he's basically a slightly different version of HF Shirou anyway.

>No human can match Servant ever. Established in Fate lore
>Some autist is able to beat Berserker and Saber Alter because muh willpower.

You mean worm.

This. Fate/Zero is better than Fate/stay night in everway.

I don't mean to defend him but technically HE didn't beat any Servants. He had to trace the power of NPs (which can beat Servants) and borrow their power to do so. Gil is a special case because he's just way too arrogant and always learns his lesson too late. Saber Alter and Berserker went down to Shirou tracing and borrowing the powers of NPs which don't even belong to him.

How to be a secondary as possible: the post

How do you think Sakura manages to catch a fish every day?

Lol no.
UBW Shirou > Fate Shirou > HF Shirou
Giving up your ideals beacause of some girl is idiotic.
The world > wormslut.
Kiritsugu would've gunned down that bitch himself.

He doesn't beat Saber Alter tho', at most it's a draw (not even on his own cause he needed Archer's arm to even last the fight) and she'll recover while his brain has fried.


>Using your power to copy stuff doesn't count.
Ok man.

> Giving up everything in life worth living for to save the faceless ideal known as "the world"
Kiritsugu was a fag who betrayed everyone including himself.


>we will never get the best ending animated
>you will never see Shirou become a hero that his father can be proud of
>you will never sacrifice wormslut so that others might live

How to spot a mandchild and a secondary at the same time: The post

>The lives of 6 billion people
>A faceless Ideal
Killing Sakura will always be the best choice.

that route was fucked up, almost everything you do ends with you being killed and even the good end results in you being killed, thanks sakura

>Giving up your ideals beacause of some girl is idiotic.
This is the proof you've never been in love.

In Fate Saber (a cute small girl) appears and in the first 10 minutes she gets gay bulged and Berserker nearly cuts her in half. Obviously Shirou wouldn't want to let her fight for him anymore

Do you really think that we'll get Mind of Steel animated in any meaningful way? Give me some fucking hope, user, I want to see Shirou solo a damn Grail War, and don't fucking point me to the miyuverse that Shirou needs a happy ending with best girl Angelica.

Kiritsugu simply learned.
He still made the right choice.

>insufferable with his constant insistence that Saber not fight despite her outclassing him in every way

Wasn't he also subconsciously copying techniques off his Counter-guardian/Servant alternate self for all of that though?

To be fair their powers as heroes is limited while inside a servant's body.

Did he die?

A lot of people have hopes in the BD specials but I dunno, I think they'll shove in parts of Sparks Liners High even if it doesn't make that much sense

Fate Route:Shirou trying to imitate the ideals Kiritsugu passed down to him.
UBW:Shirou actually fulfilling Kiritsugu's wish and becoming what he always wanted to be.
Heaven's Feel: Shirou going full retard and doing the opposite of what Kiritsugu told him.

This. UBW always felt like the canon route to me.

UBW is shounen shit secondary.

How do you even miss the point of Fate/Zero this hard, it was outright spelled out by Angry Manjew by the end

Kek no

Or are not a weak willed simpleton.

Uhh Kiritsugu's and Shirou's goals were to always save as many people as possible.
Angry Manjew was screwing with Kiritsugu.
The only choice he could have made was to destroy the grail.

All F/SN is shounenshit, casual. HF is filled with tropes plentiful in shounen.

Sakura is Shirou's true love. Last episode is shit.

Except that trying to protect or save the entire world is fucking childish and delusional, especially if you cant save one person who needs help. That was the whole point of archer being shirou from the distant future you goddamn retard.

that is the wrong kind of fish.

>that Kenshiro vs Raoh esque fight between Shirou and Kirei at the end of Heaven's Feel

>acting to save billions of lives is childish and delusional
Thus spake the retarded neckbeard getting life lessons from a chuuni porn game.

Fuck off.

fuck off wormfag

>Mind of Steel
Is that ending even possible for Shirou? How could he win a Grail war without servants or Kiritsugu's weaponry and preparation

Trying to be a superman when you are just a normal human being is fucking dumb. Instead of trying to surmount an insurmountable object you should be doing whatever you can realistically do to make things better. All youre going to do is destroy yourself and fail the people close to you.

Its shocking how easily youre missing this point when heavens feel was basically jamming it in your face the entire time.

>Trigger On
>Trigger Off
Did this show copied fate or is it the other way around?

If I may interject.
Shirou is not a normal human being.
He has the worst case of survivor's guilt ever observed and Kiritsugu basically gave him the green light to sacrifice his body for others.
It was pointed out by Rin multiple times that there are times when Shirou wants to sacrifice himself.
Only someone that retarded can hold onto such ideals that will, as Archer tells him, get Shirou killed.

>Trying to be a superman when you are just a normal human being is fucking dumb.
Normal people don't use magic. They're not normal. Trying to be superman in F/SN is no stupider than anything else in a stupid fantasy. If you think Shirou's stunts in HF are realistic, you're the one who's childish and delusional, my nig.

He is the most Genuine VN Main Character, reading his thoughts through the routes was inspirational, sadly people will still shit on him calling him autist and Generic MC sigh...

this user knows


And in heavens feel shirou realizes that he needs to stop chasing an impossible ideal.

I think trying to save one horrifically abused girl is a more realistic goal than trying to shoulder the burdens of the entire world. If you think that both of those goals are just the same then who is really the childish and delusional one here?

Of course he does fantastical things in order to save sakura, but using magic and shit in order to save one person doesnt correlate to being able to save an entire planet full of people. They're so clearly different that the point you were trying to make is nonsense. Just to further prove it one of the other characters in the VN is literally just an older version of shirou who tried to live up to his origjnial ideals and failed because it was inevitable that he would.

Much better than the Aposhit one.

Minor edit.

Striving for an impossible ideal is a noble goal.
Risking the lives of billions for a wormwhore is not.

>go away shirou
I like it.

>filename is from the future.
10/10 post.

>people think throwing away the world for a single psychotic seriously murderous nutter is ok.
Did you even read HF? While she was abused yes, she was still downright evil and nutters, it's like people being ok with killing the world to save kotomine in a dress, this is a Fucking terrible retarded idea, besides normal end will forever be more canon anyways cause true end is so contrived as almighty fuck.

Fate is shit. Wish it would just die already.

She is the DEVIL himself reincarnate. The worms chose her to be his next vessel.

Kiritsugu would not be proud of mind of steel hero. No father would ever be proud of a child repeating their mistakes. Archer he would be proud of.

The route pretty much proved she endured a lot because she was actually a decent person. See the talk she has with Shirou about the Matou magecraft. That pretty much proved she wasn't just some serial killer. She could have drained people to alleviate the worms torturing her these past 10 years, but she doesn't. It's not like anyone was teaching her moralit with magecraft, but she never used her powers.

Hell, Nasu even says in his Q&A, had she known what Shinji had done with Rider with the Bloodfort, she would "make him even more of a wakame", to coin a phrase from mushroom man himself.

Its just people downplay the fact the taint was largely a part of why she was so unbalanced in mindset, and had her soul soaked in it for a solid two weeks. When Shirou literal blue screens from less than five minutes of light exposure.

Further, we know that she could be saved if certain information was known from the beginning. The route was about how lack of information, and having that info used against you, can cause disastrous consequences. Destroying the magic circle would have cut her lone to the taint, and ended the Shadow's existence.

Sukura route is the most unrealistic route. It contradicts the very essence of most of the characters. It was obviously just done to cater the wants of sakurafags.

>World Trigger
It's just sailormoon with both genders and a mercenary outfit using a sports manga story progression.

Only subhumans can prefer Shiroshit over Kiritsugu

HF has more chuuni garbage than UBW though, ESPECIALLY Nine Bullet Revolver and Sparks Liner High

>I think trying to save one horrifically abused girl is a more realistic goal than trying to shoulder the burdens of the entire world.
If people have the capability to save more than one life, they will. People with grand humanitarian missions are rarely out to save one person in particular.

You forget that Shirou had to give up the ideal for Sakura and risk lives because he had to give everything he had for save her. Sakura's dire situation was an over the top unrealistic damsel in distress situation that demanded tremendous sacrifice. It wasn't just "one horrifically abused girl", bitch was attached to a magical evil entity that controlled her to murder hundreds and would have threatened humanity at large. Regardless of what Shirou's decision, the fate of the world was at stake. Shirou was just fortunate he could saved the day even if it was a secondary concern to saving his girlfriend and had cost some lives. If not for that, people would reasonably trash him for his decision. Good thing he's not normal.

F/SN chuuni, stop saying HF is realistic. He trades one shounen motivation ("I want to save everyone!") to another ("I'm going to save my loved one/friends no matter what! Believe it!") and goes full Captain Save-a-literal-ho with superpowers.

I dunno, all three seem abut the same level of chuuni. But just like cheesy super sentai, people love that shit but don't want to admit it.

It's like someone saying HF was edgy when the Fate route had mummified orphans having the juice sucked out of them and UBW had Gil being edgy as all hell with killing Ilya.

Archer just got weak on the stomach that's all.He does not want to kill people anymore. It is all good now because of the enlightenment he had from Shirou in UBW.

The very act of "pursuing an impossible goal" is incredibly human, in fact it's basically how most people live their lives, only with a defined direction. Humans constantly seek to understand the world around them, to see what lies past the horizon. And on the individual level, this is mostly impossible. It's only because people attempt the impossible and fail that we eventually overcome the obstacles thrown our way.

Humanity would not progress without the foolishness to attempt "the impossible"

>You forget that Shirou had to give up the ideal for Sakura and risk lives because he had to give everything he had for save her.

Technically no, that is how it seems from the protagonist's point of view, and only because he was ignorant of Sakura's actual condition until Ilya spilled the beans at the very, very end. If Ilya had been more upfront with her knowledge of the grail system, we would have had the story wrapped up with Sakura saved, and less trolling from Kotomine and Zouken by day 10. Rin herself even mentioned using maps Tokiomi left her to check on the grail because she felt the Shadow was a malfunction of the grail ritual itself. And she was right. But she spent a lot of time worrying about magus principles, and just stopped thinking when Kirei's lies and trolling got in her head.

So yeah, all that could be avoided.

What makes it chuuni is how the scenes are set up, the words and phrases used.

I think it's really apparent the difference between say tracing caliburn in Fate and Nine Lives Blade Works (which is the most chuuni moment in the entire series)

At least the Archer that got lectured by Shirou in UBW. The Archer that was able to smile again.

That is only your bias talking. The same "recreate the weapon, then call upon the power inherent to the weapon" is all throughout the VN. Him fighting Kuzuki is one example, where he is angle to keep up with the guy using Kansho and Bakuya.

We can even say it's more logically descriptive in HF because he actually goes through the steps one by one. The first time he tries it, the axe sword breaks easily and Herc used him as a baseball. Then he does it the second time and still almost fails even when it succeeds.

The whole thing is chuuni, just admit to that at least.

The steps are precisely what makes it chuuni

It's literally just nonsense that isn't present in other moments

Kiritsugu was a gutless coward. I gave him his wish exactly the way he always dreamed of, and it's somehow MY fault that he was the monster. He deserved to suffer.

I never saw it that way at all. I haven't watched any of the sailor moon series but if what you are saying is true, I might end up liking it too.

Bullshit asspulls don’t make him any less lame.

Stop posting, Gil.

It's actually
Miyu's Brother Shirou > UBW Shirou > Fate Shirou > HF Shirou
It's a bit like Heavens Feel but Miyu does nothing wrong at all, unlike Sakura who goes around murdering people and jobbers.

>Loli shit

>Sakura who goes around murdering people and jobbers.
>implying there's anything wrong with killing Shinji, Kotomine, Zouken and True Assassin

I want an alternate timeline where Shirou' s dad taught him how to be a badass heartless killer.

>killing Shinji
>not wrong
Fuck off.

The better route would be Yakuza Shirou(in a Taiga route).



>killing best Hassan
>not wrong

What's that cute girl doing with Rule Breaker?


Kojirou > Cursed Arm
The only thing he was good in was Hanafuda.

What would be the Humanity Foundation Value of a world in which Kiritsugu took up Angra Mainyu's offer?

The results of his decision are said to be seigi. So: does the world's foundation value align to/with what is just to humanity, or to what is determined to be the 'proper course' of humanity by an unknown other?


* source?
* what was Sakura looking for near the end? (Also got adapted into a Carnival Phantasm episode, but the director completely changed the story and made it worse on purpose just because he was obsessed with hating Sakura)
That's Caster at the end looking for her Rule Breaker.

OK thanks! So they get materials from doujinshi without paying anything. So it was her. The hair color was a given but I did not recognized her because she was not blindfolded.

Why are shiroufags so autistic?

Don't make me get Seibah in here and eksucallybar you again.