Fullmetal Alchemist

I'm into Part 2 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I watched the "original" years ago snd loved it. The story, the fleshed out characters and how dark and tragic it kinda was.

I read everywhere how much better Brotherhood is. But honestly, to me it doesn't compare to the original which had to tell its own story since the mamga couldn't keep up.

The characters are TOO quirky, the story skips over (or very briefly summarizes) the plot points I liked the most or throws away any build up.

I almost want to quit FMAB.

Does it get better/darker? I want to like it, but right now it's hard for me to like it very much.

I haven't watched Brotherhood, but i started FMA two days ago. it's amazing I don't know why everyone shits on it.

Attack on Titan may be more up your valley

it's because brotherhood is closer to the source material. I mean both are good, people are just shallow

Yeah, seriously.

As I said I've watched until Part 2 ep~3 now and I would recommend the original over its remake.

Did you read the fucking manga?
if no, end yourself.

Yeah, I get that.

But I honestly thought the much praised source material would be better than the "improvised" version from years ago.

what the hell is "part 2"? second OP/ED?

I'm not even a huge manga fan.

I watched maybe 5 animes in my life and since I loved FMA so much I wanted to revisit it.

I heard there was a version closer to the manga and I'm disappointed as of yet.

I watch it subbed on Netflix, there it is divided into 4 parts, 13 episodes per part.

I'm at Episode 15.

>But I honestly thought the much praised source material would be better than the "improvised" version from years ago.
That's because it WAS. That's because it IS.

Honest question. Why?

As I said, the older version has a much more meaningful story to me. It felt more tragic.

I'm watching ep 15 of FMAB right now and I remember being already hooked on when I was this far in FMA.

Because FMA the original anime is not actual FMA. Half of the series is a fanfic. Some people bash it far too much, though. Even if it is not actual FMA, it's a pretty good story.

>As I said, the older version has a much more meaningful story to me. It felt more tragic.
It made no goddamn sense. They should've foreshadowed their own garbage better. And make it less garbage.

Why was it garbage to you?

Why are these threads a trend recently?
I mean people always tried to troll with this but there have been like, 5 thread in 3 days?

>bating this hard

I'm not trolling.

The story in FMAB doesn't seem to me as impactful as FMA.

I seriously hope it gets better after ~20 episodes, I have a hard time staying interested compared to the old version.

Its one autist who's been doing it for years

Brotherhood was a mistake.

FMA is a good exemple of the fews works that are better than the original.

Will there be somekind of plot twist which will make the anime more interesting?

I mean, I'm at episode 15. If the rest of it stays the same and there isn't any build up at all I might as well just quit now?

I can live with it not finding funny at all, but that's not why I want to watch it.

Just promise me it gets better and I'm all in. I'm not trolling, I just don't find it remotely good at all as of yet.

Nothing new to troll about I suppose, this season has been pretty lame.

Brotherhood: shounen for kids.
Original: shounen for adults.

It depends on what you're looking for.

If you want tragic, depressing shit to break the main characters so that, even if they win, it makes you wonder if it was worth it, then don't bother with Brotherhood.

Brotherhood is more of a "we made it through the bad times and put together a crew of badasses to punch god in the face" type of thing.

Thank you.

Oh well, I had hopes for it.

>i'm not even a huge manga fan
Maybe plebbit would be more up your alley

That's because FMA was about killing off undeveloped characters who seem kill and making the funny characters feel sad.
Having Roy kill Winry's parents for example was just there to be edgy, which was the appeal at the time, it's why Naruto was successful and got all those AMVs.
FMA was never meant to be edge shit. It was meant to be comedic with a good story. The original FMA was dogshit after it stopped using source material. All the villains outside of Lust and Scar were awful, as was the ending and the movie was worse. There's also very little to almost no foreshadowing and despite having a smaller cast, most of the cast goes undeveloped, or if they're Alphonse their development gets erased and they copy Ed for an entire movie

>fma 2003
>for adults
2003 was an awful time for good stories.

FMA 2003 was about an incomplete manga going edgy memes, rape baby, and 2deep4u shitty ending

Brotherhood was about an authentic fully developed shounen story with actual laughs, twists, and meaningful character developments

So I can understand perfectly why Western plebs love 2003 over Brotherhood

>it's a "poorfag ESL bragging about not living in a glorious western country" episode