Anyone ever wondered what was going on in the parallel universes in SBR? The race was all about diamonds, so how did Johnny develope a stand without the holy corpse? Why would Johnny want diamonds in the first place? What was Valentine's stand? Also, imagine how shitty it would be if it was the universe we followed. Their Valentine just disappeared and died in another universe

Maybe they just didn't have Stands. Only Hot Pants was shown to still have a Stand and I don't think she developed it from the Holy Corpse.

Well Johnny was able to keep Tusk after losing his corpse part, so it's more likely Tusk was his own dormant Stand that Jesus awakened, and it was just awoken in some other way in the other dimensions.

Does Hamon come back in part 7?

No, it's replaced by Rotation.


SO there's stands and another power called roation? Nice. I'm looking forward getting to part 7 because I've heard great things. Just started part 5 a week ago and it's gonna be a long journey getting there.

>just didn't have Stands
Pretty sure at least one Johnny had one, and there's also Diego.

I wish I was you just so I could read SBR for the first time again.

Post best president

>attempts to completely fuck up the entire world just for his country to be extra good
Sounds more like a selfish prick if you ask me

Hi user. Well, Parts 2 and 7 are my favorite, with 3 in sequence. Part 7 is really like an adventure around the country and seeing these two forming their bonding is pretty cool(better than Caesar and Joseph). I hope you enjoy 7's arc!

Did you wish him a happy birthday?
I wonder how big the scope of Love Train could have gotten and how would Valentine even sell what it was doing to people, regardless of his approval ratings?..

these are all the alternative johnny and lucy that show up during valentine trying to escape.
there's a johnny who fought valentine just with act 2

>to this day, people still don't realize Valenitne was lying during his entire speech to lower Johnny's guard and shoot him in the back

The Corpse wouldn't fuck up the entire world, it would just greatly benefit the US

Prove that Valentine was lying. He was certainly telling the truth, only to grab his gun the second Johny would be swayed. There's no need to lie about his patriotism

Part 5 confirmed yet?

It will deflect the bad luck to the rest of the world thus eventually fucking up the whole planet

It's not confirmed but we all know it's going to happen. The question is when. I'd say earliest bet is fall 2018.

Ticket to Ride sends all bad things elsewhere. Since Valentine wanted to take control of the corpse to protect the US, that would mean that every single misfortune would be sent elsewhere in the world. Did you not even read SBR?

The proof that he lied was him shooting Johnny. That was the whole point. Johnny kept repeating it. If he truly cared about the country, he wouldn't have shot him.
>b-but he was a filthy terrorist
So was Sandman and a ton of other henchmen he bought. Valentine isn't picky with the people he deals with.

Doesn't change the fact he's not actively attacking other nations, all he does is passively divert misfortune onto others. He's not a saint, but using the corpse this way is not automatically evil

>there's no need to lie about being a selfish asshole that only cares about himself

>Valentine wouldn't kill Sandman the second he didn't need them anymore
The main difference between characters like Johny and Sandman is that Sandman and others weren't after the corpse. Also, the flashback and him clinging to his deceased father's handkerchief (even when Johny wasn't around) proves his patriotism. His speech was merely a distraction, but not a lie


>That only cares about his country
fixed that for you

>Valentine was such a good bullshitter people still believe him


That's why he's my favorite Jojo villain

"I swear on my deceased father's handkerchief, Johnny Joestar, I will not take revenge on you -- I vow it!"
Sounds like a big fat lie considering he was planning to shoot Johnny the entire time.

"Not actively attacking other nations"? He's knowingly sending death and suffering to every other place in the world, bringing the world into turmoil except the US. He knows he's sending the misfortune to other nations, so he's actively attacking them.
If you had a nuke about to accidentally go off and you purposely launched it at a populated country to save yourselves instead of sending it to a remote desert or something, you're actively attacking them, and that's no different from what Valentine planned to do.

Someone was bound to suffer that "misfortune". Better them than us.

Mosaic tomorrow!

Awwww yeah

If Part 5 got a fighting game - who would you include besides the obvious picks (the main good guys and Diavolo)

Rotation is retarded though. I got sick of them explaining it chapter after chapter and pulling new applications of it out of their ass. At least stands have always been pretty diverse but having your spinning fingernails (even with it being partly because of a stand) be able to pierce a dimensional barrier because of some stupid rectangle is some of the worst shit in Jojo.

Are there any panels with Dio in Dong's part 1?

I would definitely include Risotto,Ghicallo,Cioccaletta,Secco,ProsciuttoPolpo/Black Sabbath.Wheelchair Polneraff,

Would like to see them in ASB2, rather than in a part 5 only fighting game

Same here - i was just thinking hypothetically. Who would you like to see in ASB2? I feel Rai and Jobin are shoins

I think we're doing part 1 tomorrow. Mosaic user skipped it at the beginning because he thought it was boring but he changed his mind

Pls be bait

I think Black Sabbath could be a cool playable charcter

this kills the ghiaccio

Sorry i misspelled them - i meant Ghiaccio and Cioccolata

I know, that's why I asked about it.

Huh so that's what Doggy Style looks like

Everyone knows Valentine is a 'means justify the end'-guy, he doesn't care about honour if it is for the good of the country

The whole moral of the story is that one has to endure their own misfortunes in order to progress. That's what Johnny's whole arc was about.

I would add these to the first ASB roster:
>Part 1: Bruford, Tarkus
>Part 2: Stroheim, Santana, Straits
>Part 3: Pet Shop
>Part 4: Keicho, Angelo, Yukako
>Part 5: the ones i listed above
>Part 6: Wheater, FF, Rykiel, Lang Rangler
>Part 7: Diego, Diego Alt, Sandman, Blackmore, Mountain Tim, Wekapipo+Magenta Magenta, Eleven Men, Oyecomova
>Part 8: Aphex Twins, Damo, Rai Mamezuku, Urban Guerrilla+Doremi

Do you think Kira 8 and Josefumi will be their own charcters in ASB2

I don't think it would fit very well.
Sea Kira would be cool, maybe as DLC character.
Josefumi would only be a waste of slots.

I wouldn't mind if Josefumi is an alternate skin of Josuke

Are they really making a sequel?

No we are just hypothetically speaking

You wish...
Only speculation here, nothing confirmed yet

it is obvious that Araki wanted a refresh of the Jojo story when he made part 7, he has done this before with the introduction of stands in part 3, when the first 2 did not have them.

but if there are multiple universes where the Joestar's and Brando's fight, is it not entirely impossible that these universes might connect?

heres my theory: perhaps a stand will appear that is able to go between the part 7/8 universe and the 1-6 universe (or maybe even Okuyasu will hone his skills with the hand) which will cause Joestar's and Brando's from other timelines to interact.

its a bad theory, i know, but its just that, a theory

>character who literally dies several times over for his nation cares only about himself


D4C's ability does stuff with alternate universes bit Araki said the old and new universes aren't even connected that way. They're completely separate and will never meet.

ok did not know that, discard the theory then


>Arguing with a Valencuck
These people are so thick they don't even know how Ticket To Ride WORKED. I've never seen any of them mention the fact that the stand actively shrunk America, deleting miles of countryside and the people (who of course would've just been common country folk) on it from existence.

Hell - Valentine wasn't even chosen by Jesus, as he thought, quite the opposite. Jesus was sperging out in an active bid to protect Lucy from him, which is why the final corpse-parts only manifested when she was threatened with rape. Valentine was a cruel, thick, lying, greedy fool who was messing with something he didn't understand and convincing himself he was in control when he wasn't. Just because he can still make a speech about how much he loves his country doesn't change any of that.

What would you prefer for the anime
>Valentine is fit from the beginning
>there's a scene of Valentine swaping his body to a fit one

He swaps to a new body while raping lucy.
>US president trying to rape a 14 years old that suddenly is now pregnant of jesus fucking christ
I can't fucking wait.

>golden ratio
>some stupid rectangle

I've never really liked widescreen, I thought 4:3 is much more convenient and my current monitor is 16:10. But now it's like fuck it, I'm such a sucker for Jojo the next one will be 16:9, because perfect rectangle.

Just let the AESTHETIC take you over and recognize that beauty is objective, user.

Okay, I've been thinking of what Shizuka would be able to do with her stand and here's what I've come up with

Shizuka's stand can make herself or anything she touches invisible, but from what we've seen from when she's a baby she didn't make them completely transparent to photons, only visible light.

electromagnetism is mediated by particles emitting and absorbing light, and that's more or less the only reason your mostly-empty atoms have a physical presence and are able to bind together

So if Shizuka makes something completely invisible, across all wavelengths of light, that thing would either become intangible or disintegrate depending on what's less OP

Grown up Shizuka OVA when


>still no part 5 anime announcement

Thank god you came in this thread to say that. If I didn't have at least three people every thread saying the same thing, I'd have thought Part 5 was already airing.
Shut the fuck up, stupid nigger.

>get an annoying faggot instead of a part 5 anime

now boys no need to fight cant we all just get along?

Hopefully it never comes. Or better yet it gets announced then immediately canceled. Whichever causes more asspain.

>tfw no character will ever be as likeable as Caesar

>tfw no character will ever be as fuckable as Damo


Quick! A mysterious man has made you his second in command. Think of three stands from minor antagonists that would mesh well together to help him in his quest. Your basically the boss, he rules from the shadows. Which three would you pick?

Quick! You're autistic.

Anyone want to fill this chart with jojo villains? It can be from any part

That's the pot calling the kettle black in a JoJo thread.

>tfw Hato will never fuck you

Tfw Lucy will never sit on your face.

There are other means to develop stands - arrow heads were already a thing in the original JoJo universe.
Gyro still had his spin in that universe and Johnny only wants the spin in order to cure his disability. Gyro is shown to be a bit greedy in the Sugar Mountain arc, and valentine himself said that Gyros from other dimentions are a bit different from the one we know meaning that he can be even more greedy there and go after diamonds.
Every Valentine's stand is D4C, he just can use it only in the base world because it's only one stand serving many bodies.


So I have 20 chapters left of Part 5 and wanted to know or ask how was Part 6 before I start. Was it shit or good?

i didnt like it but it was mostly received positevly

It has Foo Fighters, the best character in the series, so it's automatically great.

It was alright. A lot of people say it's terrible because they didn't understand the ending and there are a few parts where it becomes kinda slow. But overall I thought it was good except for Yo Yo Ma.

Why is FF so overrated?

She/it has a great character arc and is likable in general.

this is what i have gathered so far. let me know if you disagree

I think you got it backwards.

This chart does not make any sense.
Both of the variables you have are dependant, but don't have an independent to work with.

You can easily fix this as making time the independent.

>This chart does not make any sense.
>Both of the variables you have are dependant, but don't have an independent to work with.
I dont understand. Could you explain it better?
I took this chart from somewhere else and i thought i could add it to jojo.
Tell me what i should change so it makes sense

Isn't this kind of harsh?

One example is you have Pucci starting out as super threatening and then by the end of the series you only have him as half threatening even though he got even more threatening with Made in Heaven.

ah, i see my mistake. My intention was to do the opposite actually. He started decently threatning and ended up super threatning.
Fixing it now