One piece Kata vs Luffy

Who will win and how

luffy will win he has the will of the D or some shit. Remember when he beat up crocodile? Same situation. Remember when ich fucked up robbe lucci? Same Thing.
Everbody who thinks that there are powerlevels or logic in one piece is an idiot.


The fight won't get a resolution. It will just tease to a powerup that's going to be inevitably used against Kaido.

luffy is handsome

My fren, if this happens oda will become next level troll

I like the idea someone proposed of Katakuri imitating Gear 4th to mock Luffy and point out its flaws and it either biting him in the ass or Luffy escaping and improving his abilities based on Katakuri's comments.

>katakuri forces luffy to use gear 4th
>katakuri defeats luffy again but promptly leaves the mirror world in a hurry
>Jinbe defeats perospero causing the candy slug to disappear
>big mom defeated because of crews incompetence

No, luffyfags will get btfo.
He gonna run or be saved. NIGEROOO

Actually, Kata just asks if he can join the crew and luffy says yes

I feel this user's fav character is zoro

oda, god tier plagiarist.


God damnit it I was hyped for them to beat the shit out of each other one on one but it seems fucking Brulee gets involved according to spoilers

If Brulèe wakes up there's no reason for any of them to not just grab her and trap the other in the mirror world indefinitely

Luffy will use Gear MC and finish with a Gomu Gomu no Plot Armor

This would be the ideal scenario, but Oda won't do this

Just like how he beat Kuma, Kizaru, Sentomaru, Magellan, Aokiji, and Akainu right?

>luffy will win he has the will of the D
Boy that worked well for Ace

who da fuck is kata

the twin brother of Kuri

Kata makes the mocchi and Kuri pounds it.


Reminder if Vivi wanted Kohza, it would've already happened.

>still no spoiler images

I'd prefer it if Katakuri just kills Luffy and takes his place instead. His powers are similar enough to Luffy's that no one will notice. Just grab Sanji and go back to the Sunny as if everything's normal. If its Katakuri in charge of the SHs, I bet they'll find Raftel in a matter of months.

For a manga centered around running both the author and the people uploading it to the internet sure seem to take their time.

Why OP pic so ugly?
Do you hate this thread?

What is your favourite manga hackposter?

Pretty sure they are fake spoilers.

such a waste of a character and apparently the entire crew was hated so much they weren't heard from again outside of toei filler

>of less interest to Big Mom than a common panda
>not even good enough for a no name character's stew
>people still think she'll join the crew

The Foxy crew were always supposed to be shitty filler villains that would never be seen from again
That was pretty much the entire point of the arc

Luffy won't escape, he can't risk letting Katakuri catches up to his crew. And he got the angry vein on his forehead, so he won't back off.

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

Perospero is going down

It's not too late to get a life.

Suzuka. I only ready mangas about running.

Mochi cannot go Gear Fourth. Gear Fourth is all about utilizing Luffy's rubber properties

Spoilers.. when?

i know,
Gol D Roger, wouldnt run away
Ace wouldn't run away.
But luffy is running away. Very disappointed.

Gol D Roger also got his ass saved by a storm

Ora ora, where the fuck is my chapter, bitch?

>in japan, the idiomatic expression "mochi skin" means a soft and bouncy skin
>it would be similar in meaning to baby skin, if it weren't for it being exclusive to women, and having strong sexual implications


Gear 4 confirmed.


i think its fake but you never know, I hope its fake because if its real the chapter will be kinda boring

so did I miss something?
is the chapter delayed?



Katakuri is made for lewd~

Its gonna be on friday from now on... Shonen jump changed it.

he didn't run away!

Luffy got his ass saved by a fucking ship, a ship.

In Wano, murdering Beasts Pirates

Power of friendship my nigguh

>with the properties of both logia and paramecia
Every time.

This, if Katakuri copies Gear 4.

Just imagine the threads.

It will be glorious.

Please. He's busy soaking in Kaidou's cum after getting anally raped so hard he started to enjoy it. He's competing with Kidd to see who can please Kaidou the most.

Brulee has pretty good stamina, now that you think about it.

Sure she gets knocked out but she recovers pretty fast, considering her age.

I bet she was more powerful when she was younger.


Luffy ran away from Garp.

Roger never ran away from Garp.

I imagine he'll be able to copy the general form of the gear but not the bounciness since mochi isn't exactly known for being bouncy. But that wouldn't matter, Katakuri is still just as physically strong (if not stronger) than Luffy so he can still mimic the power of the gear technically. But I would genuinely chuckle if this happens. Luffy's worked his ass off for years to get the gear and Katakuri just copies it in like a second.

>considering her age.
She has to be around 30 years old max

walking past the one piece looking for wano

He wouldn't tarnish his cool and edgy look with a goofy ass form

Sometimes NIGEROOO is a good tactic. In this case, it's a very smart tactic. Brulee is right there. There's a mirror available. Grab her and jump through the mirror. Then smash the fucking mirror behind him and knock Brulee out again. Until she wakes up, Master Katakuri will be stranded inside the mirror. That's a very smart and efficient way of taking out a Sweet Commander without exhausting yourself.

>Garp cornered roger many times
Roger ran away from Garp too

As amusing as that would be, I'm just hoping that Katakuri has his own techniques to make use of, rather than just dominating Luffy with his own moves. It'd also be great if he had his own powerup form that makes use of the unique properties of his mochi, albeit that may not be possible in the same drastic manner that Luffy's gears allow for.

She's been used as a plot device during the entire arc s whether she wakes up or not is purely convenience

I want Blackbeard to get a Zoan too to complete the three-headed theme of the BB Pirates. Right now he's got a Logia (darkness), Paramecia (earthquake), now he just needs a Zoan (possibly phoenix) to complete the trio.

>Replying to the hackposter

I think he does have his own moveset. But he's deliberately copying Luffy as a means of mocking him. To show him that whatever move Luffy comes up with, he can do the same and better. I think if Luffy pushes him hard enough, he'll start using his own moves but for now he's probably trying to break Luffy's spirit by showing him how easily he can use Luffy's moves better than he could.

Are there running jokes in the series?

>Chopper: Don't praise me, you idiot! It's not like i like it~
>Luffy's family falling asleep anywhere at any time

It'd be pretty cool if Zoro actually got to Wano, lost his way and found Kaidou. Then became drinking buddies with him because he's the only one who can drink as much alcohol as Kaidou can. Then when Luffy arrives, Kaidou's already forgiven him because his new best friend Zoro is on Luffy's crew. Meanwhile, Jack gets forgotten on the bottom of the ocean.

there's alot

Yeah, I agree. I suppose I'm just curious to see what his own techniques are like. I could actually see a future where his fighting style is revealed to be quite simple in nature, just highly effective given the unique properties of his devil fruit, teamed with his observation haki. But, this is Oda we're talking about here, so I'm sure he'll have some interesting abilities to play around with when Luffy gets serious.

how dare u forget about zoro

>I'm just hoping that Katakuri has his own techniques to make use o
Obviously he does. He's not even using his trident.

>"World's Strongest Creature"
>has been caught and tortured 18 times
>have attempted to execute him 40 times

Literally does nothing but job to everybody since Roger's age.

That's not really confirmed though right? It's just known that Garp and Roger have fought many times while Garp chased Roger all over the Grand Line. We still don't know if someone won or lost or ran away. Just that by the end of it all, Roger trusts Garp as much as his own nakama.

plus he's unkillable
so he'll just keep on jobbing forever

Did you not see what he did to Kidd? The poor guy looked like he dropped the soap in a prison full of homosexual niggers. Not to mention he's got Apoo completely sucking his dick now. BM called him a 'thing' SH can never defeat too. Not to mention poor Moria and his trauma. If Zoro tries to go against Kaidou alone, he'll be lucky if he only gets a new asshole torn open between his legs.


The last man standing is the winner in a fight. If someone is chasing you with the intent of jailing you though, I'd say evading capture is a win. That means bailing out and running if there's no point in fighting.

Betting my left nut that garp went to raftel together with gol d roger

nice fake

Luffy will probably lose and get rescued during the cake delivery, but not before he finds something that works on Katakuri.

Luffy is the type to keep throwing shit at the wall until something sticks.

And then as the Strawhats are escaping, Katakuri will demand that they follow and finish them off because he saw something during their fight that makes him believe that Luffy will soon become a true threat.

Now that's what I call a fake spoiler

No way


pretty nicely shopped though

>that makes him believe that Luffy will soon become a true threat.
He already believes that Luffy will become a true threat in the future, which is why he made killing him his top priority, user.

Possibly. But I doubt any Marine made it to Raftel. It seems like only Roger and his crew ever set foot there. And only Whitebeard knew how to get there or what's truly waiting there. If Garp set foot there, some of his men must've also followed him there. That means the Marines already know about Raftel and its secrets which doesn't seem to be the case. They have no idea how to get there. If they did, Akainu would've already sunk the whole goddamn island just to spite the pirates.

>post fake spoiler
>samefag to pretend people believe it
Well, well, well

Not alone

The Hearts and the Samurais and the Minks and half the Strawhats plus there's so much fodder for them to murder before Kaido chases them or whatever


Stop samefagging, moron

I mean the top of the marines know what happened in the void of the century... And how the fuck could a pirate trust a marine just because they fought a little? There is something behind it, user.