Koshimizu Ami to replace Matsuki Miyu in all her voice roles

Tweets that
>Although I've not shared my private life since I've been on twitter these past few years, I was a close friend and neighbor with Miyumiyu

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Damn, what kind of sorcery Koshomizu has in the industry? She already replaced the voice of Mai Shiranui years ago and that expanded her roles a great amount.

Sucking Morikawa Toshiyuki's cock

does it mean Hidamari?


Who cares

Well she coulda voiced Shouko in exodus
Now I don't really give a shit

>If I don't care then everyone else shouldn't!

Oh, child.

I would like to know too since there's plenty of people who can do the wisp like ojosama voice that Miyu did

She was Misato-senpai, so she's not a stranger to Hidamari.

I'm bad with memory, is she the one that died?

I'm just glad she didn't retire completely after finding a lack of fierce women roles she could perform.

>Koshimizu Ami to replace Matsuki Miyu in all her voice roles
That's a lot weight to carry.

>Yoshinoya-sensei voiced by Koshimizu Ami

Gonna be weird

>Shimoneta s2 finally happens
>Ami Koshimizu as Anna

>new season of Nyarko-san
>Ami Koshimizu as "SHOUNEN."

buckle in

>just rewatching the first three seasons of Prisma Illya

It's not fair, shounens.

It's not as if I dislike Koshimizu but I feel like there are several veteran VAs out there that would be a better fit for Matsuki's roles.

They should recast to different VAs instead of jump dumping all roles on one VA.

Eh, hearing her in Sen III she does a decent job of it.

I really like Ami although her voice is quite different from Matsurai so not sure the replacement are gonna work out fine.

So the day has come.
No one can replace Matsuki Miyu in my heart, but I guess I'll have to get used to it someday.
I really wonder how her Hisui will be like.

Look on the bright side, now that Tsukihime remake will come out sooner!

Even if the remake is voiced it won't be the same without Miyu. Fuck you Nasu.

Ha, hahahaha.

What did she do that she lost all her roles? I am out of the loop on this one.

Critical existence failure.

I thought they were bringing back Hisui's original VA


Shimoneta was so shit it ended up killing her.

I will never not be pissed by the fact that her last main role was that one.

One way trip to gensokyo.

She's good, but i dont like the idea of dumping all roles into one person, i know it would be shit everytime you had to recast Miyu, but there are more appropriate voices for each of her characters. I guess this way no one has to dance around her roles and decide weather is respectful or not to dub her characters with a new person. Basically she took the heavy mantle no one wants to do it.

I should not have asked.
>When I get better, I’ll work hard toward getting married…!
Why did she say that?!

>Koshimizu Ami
What? Wouldn't Saori Gotou be a much better replacement voicewise? Hisui voiced by pic related sounds like a complete miscast.

I can see Yoshinoya voiced like Nodotits though.

She was replaced by the original VA already.

>literally who

>More hidamari incoming
Aw yes.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei S4 soon?

Monogatari is over so there's hope!

Shaft still has to adapt the other side novels. It will never end

Sapphire will continue to be Yumi. Keeps the Hisui connection. Hypothetically. Tsukihime anime doesn't exist.

Possible reasons to bring back a Miyu character:
Shimoneta S2
Hayate no Gotoku finale
Strawberry Panic remake
SZS Kumeta needs to payoff his gambling debts edition

my nutbladder is ready

Please be Hidamari, now that Yuko Goto is undead not that it matters that much after Sae and Hiro's graduation ;_;

Finally season 5


want wides

>People think he is a Gay King of animu
>Turn out he is a super chad of this business


nobody even really has given a shit about hayate in many years, not even the mangaka who was just running it as a stable job for years and years despite it being shit and even japan agreed about that. i doubt they'd make another season unless it was just to have Hina win since Hayate can not end until Hina wins Saimoe.

Stupid cunt deserved it

SZS S4 soon.

Now we just need shaft to stop churning out crap.

I am looking forward to hearing more of the lovely voice of Big Fat Cat Tats.

Koshimizu is a great seiyuu and her respect for Miyu is noble, but I just do not think it's necessary to replace ALL of her roles. Many of those roles were spectacular mainly because of Miyu's effort and charm, which I believe would be best to stay associated with her forever. Maybe not the roles that huge franchises depend upon, but I think works that already ended like Shimoneta and Nyaruko won't ever bring it up.

I wouldve married her out of principal. Literally too pure for this world

It doesn´t fit. Too bad because Ami has great voice.

>no one give a damn about it
damn right. If they do end up giving this series another season then it is getting hilarious and pathetic. There is no way to salvage this series' and writer's shitness and stupidity. It is better just to save those budget and time on something that is more productive. For instance, even doing absolutely nothing might be a more productive thing to do than spending another second on this shitty manga/series.

The tweets seem to imply that it's just for Sen no Kiseki.

>When I get better, I'll work hard toward getting married...!
>I'm filled with nothing but hope now
>I'll be fine because everyone's with me!
>Even in this condition now, I can say this with confidence this year
>I'm glad I was born as who I am
Fuck, this hit me hard. Late now but, RIP.

The video where Kana Asumi was talking about Miyu's death was heartbreaking.

>Chronic active EBV infection (CAEBV) or in its expanded form, chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection is a very rare and often fatal complication of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection that most often occurs in children or adolescents of Asian or South American lineage

She really did die from a Japanese cold.

>her final meal in the hospital was pineapple salad

Think about this way, she's just a stand-in *if* the roles ever come back.
Her roles in existing franchises like prism illya seems to have already be replaced.
I'm OP and the way I understood it other than Sen no Kiseki she's the 代役 for Miyu. For Sen no Kiseki,

Dude what fuck is wrong with japs? Why are their immune systems so weak?

Radiation from the nukes damaged their immune systems

>you will never have friends that will take over your job after you die
>you will never have a job/friends
thank lord

>Matsuki Miyu

My nigga, she voiced Isumi in Hayate. I'm fucking sad. Have some respect, newfag.


>not Saori Gotou

Well he has his own agency and Inori Minase just signed on too.

Didn't Miyu pass quite a while ago? Why the decision now?

>ojousama Ami Koshimizu
she was only good at voicing tomboys and boss bitches

They tend to literally work themselves to death. I can't help but think that if she'd gotten help sooner, instead of going "O-one more voice line", she might have had a chance


She literally worked herself to death. Plus nips doctors is shit. But mostly her own fault, like so many others.

>When I get better, I'll work hard toward getting married

> monogatari

Kohaku should've died instead.

She did decent job as Claire at least.

Why not Yumi Kakazu or Satsuki Yukino?

You can go personally kill them if you want that much.

The tweet is in reference to the latest Sen no Kiseki installment, which came out recently.

I thought she would be perfect too but there's that personal friendship thing and whoever was managing Miyu might have thought Ami would be a good choice?

She, Carrie Fisher, and Yuko Mizutani all went to a nice farm upstate.

Saori Goto would've been better.

Could be neat.


Could this mean more shimoneta?

From a trailer or are you actually playing it in JP?
If you are then fuck I envy you user, god damn Xseed is so slow.
But at least we have based Durante optimization.

People on /fg/ watched let's play stream from like 3 days ago. Now out before someone spoiled you.

Too bad she didn't get killed off.

Fuck that ending. Sen4 fucking when.

That thread was painful. She was the first seiyuu I ever felt like paying attention to. I would watch stuff just because she was voiced a character, even if the series was trash.

I don't know how to feel about this. I just miss her. ;_;

That show flopped extremely hard, a seiyuu dying never was the issue.

I fucking love Saori Goto but unfortunately her voice range is rather limited.

>hayate finale
That would be interesting, specially because Isumi gets a lot of screentime on the last arc.

You can't break the cycle Naru/Akamatsu caused.

Damn that was a huge death flag

Don't know how I'd feel with a different voice to her squeaky slippers


There are better choices to be honest. Why Ami?