Sub or dub?


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Dub is horrible, as always.


This isn't a topic ever to be asked. No exceptions.

The real question is broadcast or chronological

Ive only seen chronogical, but i feel like broadcast for s1 and then s2 and disappearance is the way to go

I only watched it chronological and it really does feel kinda off. I can understand people who would prefer broadcast even though I haven't tried it.

I feel like people only like broadcast S1 because Melancholy VI is a nice conclusion, but honestly I prefer to track the evolution of the characters in chronological making Someday in the Rain a pretty comfy end.

But there are some exceptions, if not, the rule wouldn't be able to stand. Evey ruru needs exceptions.

I-I kinda liked the death note dub senpai

>Sub or dub?



No exceptions. Not one superior dub. These Japanese projects were made by Japanese people, voiced by Japanese people, for Japanese people to understand and enjoy. If you need a dub to climb on that philosophy you've already lost fundamentally.

There is no such thing as a better dub.


Good thing about dubs is that you can enjoy the animation without distracting with the text, if the dub come close to the original I would say it's a good option.

Threadly reminder that dubs are made for children who can't read.

The rest of your post isn't even an arguement.
If the quality of the dub is superior to the japanese one, it means it is superior to the japanese dub. QED.

It's almost as if this board is dedicated to cartoons for children

Threadly reminder that if you're watching SUBS or DUBS, you're doing watching anime incorrectly.

RAWS is the only way to watch anime in the way god intended.

How long will I have to learn moonspeak before I will be able to understand?

(I already understand nanda, ikki-mashou and gambari-masu)

A couple of days maximum


Save for a small handful of shows, subs are almost always better than dubs

The cowboy bebop dub is excellent and it's been agreed on even Sup Forums the bebop dub is better than the subs

stage 1: watching dubs like a casual
stage 2: I'm really smart and therefore I only watch subs
stage 3: I'm arguing about how shitty some subs are
stage 4: I just do what I want so I watch dubs if I can because it's much more comfortable. I realize how much effort is actually put into a dub.
stage 5: I watch subs and dubs of the same show if possible to see the interesting differences and understand how compilcated language barriers are handles without translators note: keikaku means plan

You have to at least learn baka and yamete

Examples of good dubs

If you need to ask, then you need to leave even more.


yamete I don't know. but I clearly understand baka. I also forgot hontoni and hajimemashite.

>Bebop without Yamadera and Hayashibara
somebody please nuke usa already

Bebop is the exception to the rule that dubs are inferior

>japanese terms you learned from watching anime

Dubs only.

Kill your fucking self.

Broadcast all the way.

Stop projecting. Only toonamifags start with dubs.

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Although at this stage it isn't really a spoiler anymore.

both english and japanese subtitles with japanese voice in one ear and english dub in the other

How much sake do I need to consume before I get the illusion that I vaguely understand some phrases with the help of context from the anime?

Or chotto

I watched anime first anime shows as a kid, dubbed on tv.
No idea what kids these days do


I don't understand people defending Haruhi's dub, even if you like the voice actors the audio quality and sound mixing is noticeably worse.

I accidentally started from Desert Island Syndrome Part 2. Whether you watched broadcast or chronological order, I can assure you that your experience was better than mine.


chotto mate!

Haruhi is a series where the original voices of the characters are a big part of their identities to me, they feel like totally different characters in the english dub, especially Kyon


I think that the torrent I downloaded was in Chronological, can someone post that image?

These dubs.




The only dub that is better than sub is Ghost Stories and only because it's a meme dub
Big O gets close to being better but I can't stop hearing "megadeuce"


Fuck yeah

To this day Ghost Stories and Pokemon are the only dubs I've seen


If the first episode is a lo fi student film, its broadcast, if it's just a regular intro episode, its chronological




After reading the love-live x idolmaster doujin I can't see Anya the same anymore.



of that series? you are better off not watching either.

Learn how to read speedread dummo


I watched it with subs nerd, but dubs has its advantages sometimes


I miss him more than I miss her

a-aah, sumimasen!

Subs or Dubs?


Mou ichido.

>no Wakamoto
>no personality because everyone acts like a generic tough guy
>the humming scene was raped by no one being in tune or sync AND only humming half of the melody
That last part is a great example how much you can lose when the production side isn't doing their job properly.


Can someone give me a quick rundown on the ghost stories dub? I've had it recommended to me and I'm curious why it's considered a meme

Dub if you want Kyon snarking, sub for anything else



Yaa, gomen gomen


henna koto


Russian dub > original dub

How much of a braindead faggot you need to be to miss the animation when reading the subs?


depends on how well the dub is.

If the ENG version of the characters don't fit right or are over/under dramatic with their parts then just watch the sub


I still don't know what it means, but I hear that a lot.


Dub was good

Russian dub


Kono otoko...!

The English dub is good. The Japanese actors are all slightly better.
Crispin Freeman? I think that's his name who does Kyon. He does really fit the role.
And you got the Bosch, he's always decent.
But Aya is Haruhi so you gotta give to the Japanese audio, English dub is acceptable for rewatching it, or if you want a different perspective on the characters.