Explain this shit

Explain this shit.

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It needs to go pointier.

they improved the designs, nothing more to it

shot with meaning/structure VS. generic shot


We cant, we just need to accept that HxH is getting more cartoony


By making it Hey Arnold?


2011 feels completely soulless after seeing 1999


Modern anime seems to lack attention to detail.

>shot by shot dynamic lighting changes
>characters positioned in an impactful way, meaning behind every frame
>human looking designs
>lol add a purple filter
>generic positioning, no thinking involved
>wacky chibi designs, Kurapika doesn't even look human

I don't think that's what he's talking about.


Left's composition/camera work is so much better.


2011 looks like they fought in the Apollo Theater merged with the Sun

Is this nostalgia playing tricks on addled minds again? or is it the fedora tippers who think anime is like wine?
who knows, still is hillarious to watch them believe they actually hold a valid oppinion


I find it hilarious that whenever MH adds fillers users here praise them but at the same time they criticize Nippon's ones (even though they fit perfectly, e.g. when Kurapica says that Gon has his own objective or when Hisoka was pretty sure that Gon would make it to the next phase of the exam or the hilarious Leorio scene in episode 61 when Leorio took the phone and Kurapica hang up on him at that moment or when in episode 7 Kurapica wasn't shown as a coward like in the new anime or the manga or not showing Tonpa's true face, etc.). MH fillers served no purpose story-wise (unlike 1999 ones).


The moment you brought up this word you lost.


>this filename

I know this is Nitpicking: The Thread, but the right to me is better than the left

To be honest. Both looks bad.

Can you get an appointment with an eye doctor?

yes, if a word fits it cannot be used because muh circklejerk debates
It's nostalgia for late 90's grimdark edgy colors

>>muh kino

Though i'll admit, 99's Pika looks less like your typical bishonen intollerable asswipe/closet gay love interest.

depends on whether or not you like the character designs. that aside, the left is so much better it's unbelievable, and for really simple, no-brainers reasons. Two tones of shading gives a scene so much more depth and mood. I don't get why they stopped

How does it compare to the manga?

Grimdark? HxH looks fairly cutesy even with dark colors. You lose, all you got is buzzwords

>muh kino

2011 has cute shotas, 99 doesn't.


Compared to the carnival colors now? I'd prefer it no question

memes don't spread

said no one ever

It is not a remastering

>mfw the same fucking stupid shitfit repeated adnauseam for years
>tfw countless hours, days, months, years of human existance have been wasted on threads arguing about 99 vs 2011
>yfw you realize there are people who have spent an appreciable portion of their lives shitposting about this.

Least intelligent post in this thread.

lmao is that how people held a phone in the 90s?

For example, Kurapika's a midget in 2011 compared to the manga height. His head is a fucking coconut and he looks like a beta.

Sure, just as soon as you explain your fetish for giant heads and necks.

Yeah, look at all those light bright colors

All of those, evern the nature ones look darker and grittier than the 11 one. or i guess melancholic is a more on the nose word for it.

Which to my mind, is at times too much and other times too on the nose for hxh.

Okay, I absolutely adore the left side, I think the right side takes it here

don't let your true feelings show, people will pick on you.

It just hates colored lights and shadows. No, applying filters absolutely is not the same as planning out the lighting of a scene.

I was talking about how it actually looks like they were rained on in the first scene as opposed to the second scene.

2011 is fucking garbage but
>third impact kurapika


Will we ever get to a point where digital anime will be able to imitate that same nice polish that older cel anime has?

99 got the atmosphere right but that fight was horribly animated in my opinion. Look at this scene for example youtu.be/RKjiByjU8sg?t=285 Not to mention Uvogin's size changing throughout the fight. He is big, but not thrice the size of Crapika big.

>shading is now grimdark
Neck yourself


We could but never will. I dunno how the fuck you would go about adding texture to flat colors that exists naturally in cel anime, though. Digital grain maybe?

What do you mean?

A man can dream I guess

If you've watched a lot of older cel anime you'll sort of get what I mean

digital anime is highly polished, which is why it loses a lot of implied detail and looks like plastic.
The vast majority of colouring is done with a fill tool because it's quick and easy, if animators took the time to use textured brushes to render everything out, it'd look fantastic but manhours would skyrocket.


it'll exist, just watch someting else than anime, or even anime does that from time to time

like, watch Ernest and Celestine

Well, it IS a cartoon

>1999 has good designs

ching chongs forgot how to do lighting

man sometimes I wish we could get along and agree that both are great renditions of it. But getting you lovable fucks agree would kinda make Sup Forums no longer Sup Forums.

Will 99fags ever explain this shit? After all it's the better adaptation right?

Why is 1999 so great and 2011 so shit?

>damage control
Absolutely pathetic.


Anyone who thinks differently just straight up wrong.

Neither of these look good.

According to Japan 1999 > 2011

There's nothing stopping them from imitating cel with digital right now, the choose not to. Which is a good thing because digital anime should have its own identity. Nips constantly try to imitate 2D art with 3DCG and that's why it always looks like fucking vomit.
If you prefer the 1999 show in these comparisons it probably is because of the direction and not the fact that it is cel shaded anyways.

Animators aren't in change of color but G Reco did have textured line-art. I don't know how they did it though.

You could at least do comparisons of the same scene like the previous comparison posts instead of being a total faggot

1999 version didn't even animate the best arc. sure it did a couple of scenes better, but 2011 still completely btfos it

Do 99fags hate cute boys?

>detailed designs with consistency
>intricate character animation
>human looking designs
>generic positioning, no thinking involved
>wacky chibi designs, Gon doesn't even look human

wtf 2011 is fucking garbage.

That last one really just demolishes 2011. Completely blows it out of the water.

wtf 1999 is fucking garbage.

jesus Gon actually looks scary on the left
everything on the right looks so weak

jesus Gon actually looks scary on the right
everything on the left looks so weak

Thematic symbology in the right is still better, but they really did a good job here in 2011. Probably one of the few places where it outshines

Why? Just because it has background detail? 99 Gon looks so fucking soulless it's disgusting.

wahwah neither look good you retards
wahwah old is better you imbeciles
wahwah new is better you fucktards
You're all whining in the end and only here to see your opinions reaffirmed


right looks like a shitty deviantart pic

>this butthurt

Wow. It makes such a huge difference. Talent and skill is really everything in anime

>1999fags so utterly annihilated that they're samefagging old posts

Why is there always that one stupid faggot defending lazy trash non-cel anime? Do you feel better by foregoing your standards to be a cocksleeve? Same thing happens with Dragonball Super, goes always something like this:

>someone starts comparing key moments between old and new like an important fight or scene
>new looks like ass, repeated animation, shit shading, shit lighting, shit everything basically
>butthurt cocksleeve faggot shows up
>starts comparing filler episodes, unimportant scenes that obviously got less attention, and nitpicking frames mid-motion to find one that looks bad even though it looks just fine in motion
>doesn't reply to anyone in specific, just starts shitposting his "comparisons" in the thread in a passive aggressive manner, may reply to others if butthurt levels reach emergency venting thresholds if nobody bites

Please tell me you aren't the same person.


honestly I love the 99 version but that whole scene was so awesome, call me an edge lord but I loved it.

90s anime would often draw person's face as if their jaw was constantly wide open, even with the mouth itself was closed.
This made it easier to animate the character talking, but had the slight drawback of looking stupid as all fuck. and cheap.
Stupid and cheap animation.

The only problem was no one could take seriously, and many anime's ended before finishing because viewers couldn't stop laughing at those ridiculously huge chins.

>doesn't reply to anyone in specific, just starts shitposting his "comparisons" in the thread in a passive aggressive manner, may reply to others if butthurt levels reach emergency venting thresholds if nobody bites
Not that user but this perfectly applies to these don't you think? Someone spams them every single hxh thread basically.

>>starts comparing filler episodes, unimportant scenes that obviously got less attention, and nitpicking frames mid-motion to find one that looks bad even though it looks just fine in motion
None of those are mid motion, they're all stills shots.
>>doesn't reply to anyone in specific, just starts shitposting his "comparisons" in the thread in a passive aggressive manner, may reply to others if butthurt levels reach emergency venting thresholds if nobody bites
That's exactly what the 1999fag was doing you fucking retard.

Man, you almost had an intelligent post then fucked it up with the second paragraph

Both look like complete crap


>still watching anime instead of reading manga
>current year
It's even stranger considering all people do these days is complain about how shitty the art and animation of modern anime is but they don't stop watching it.