3-gatsu no lion season 2


spoil me mangafriends, is the aoi yuuki character going to be the chief bully?

Rei dies


Get ready for maximum bully and to want to choke a bitch (like 3 bitches in this arc actually. The chief bully, her mom, and the teacher who purposefully let it go on). And not long after is an arc with an even bigger scumbag and what may be the worst dad in the history of anime. He makes dads from Rumiko series look like caring and loving saints.

I simply couldn't accept the older sister doesn't win and dropped the show once it was spoiled for me. The realistic depictions of anxiety and depression were great but I was really only in it for the comfy sisters.

doesn't win who? the MC? she's in her 20's, he's a depressed teenager, that wouldn't be a win anyway

This season is all about the comfy sisters though

Akari best girl

and then, marriage.

I thought that at first but I like where they ended up going with it; that Rei becomes the man of the house and tries to seek out a good husband for Akari, main two contenders being Kai and his bro teacher.

I don't like how Kyouko basically disappears from the plot after a while though.

The threads will be a spoiler minefield, won't they?

Just read the manga. The anime's not going to cover all of it or even get to where it's currently at.

Kyouko - Rei - Akari
I was hoping this but the asspull proposal ruined everything for me.

Still would watching

Only watched it for the doujins.

Sweet job completely disregarding why I put that spoiler there champ.

He's 17 and she's a lonely mature 21. Although still not great its worlds better than a depressed 17 year old boy going out with a awkward stage immature 13 year old girl.

Manga is better.

Best girl wins, no contenders.

how about instead of getting spoiled, you read the manga that's infinitely better than the lazy piece of shit adaptation

>lazy piece of shit adaptation
It's alright. Not even a Shaftfag either.

>tfw Hina-chan has her Nisio character development to short hair animated
Thank you based shaft

>best grill actually wins

Totally canon.

besides the obvious sister drama, I'm also looking forward to a couple more shogi masters, especially pigeon-bro.

If there's no Gotou won't watch!

>hina cuts her hair
fucking dropped

Is the slutty sister still involved in S2?

I dropped the first season midway through because it was too good at making me feel depressed. Now I feel tempted to pick it back up even though I know I'll regret it. Fuck this show.

MC gets his shit together eventually
right at the fucking end of where S1 stops

> more Moemada soon

>just read the manga
>lets literally not support creators by pirating manga

You're not supporting the creators by watching the anime online either. Even if you do it legally and by paying, you're only supporting the provider.

His arc was super lame and boring and ruined the latter half of the show.
The pacing was too slow.

it's been awhile since I read the manga, is season two gonna cover his love for JC?

3-Gatsu is my favourite harem shit.

Probably not, it happens pretty far into the series.

I missed the part where Rei fucked momo and akari at the same time.

Akari must be happy at all cost.

how we make that happen

The current arc is about Rei trying to hook Akari up so he can have Hina to himself. She'll be fine even if she doesn't get the autist D.

>reusing the same voice actors over and over
Is there a studio more creatively bankrupt than Shaft?
Just kidding, they have excellent taste in VAs

Bully arc should've ended with the middle sister hanging herself

>japanese "character development"


I hope we get to the Father of the Year arc.

What if she had shaved herself bald

Because he played a dumb country proprietary board game.

he wish