Have you matured past these two self-inserts?

Me, no.

I never could self-insert to either of them

My life is the same as it was back then so no.

Always been unpopular at school. Still unemployed. I guess not.

>grown out of a tomoko and became a sato
kill me

I'm literally post-Anime Sato


I grew out of them both and take charge of my own life, believe it or not. I still have many shut-in tendencies but I often like being alone anyhow.

I never had a harem like Tomoko's, so I don't know.

>resigned himself to his fate

That is maturation, I guess

The only thing I ever wanted to insert into Tomoko is my penis.

It's time to settle this once and for all: is Tomoko a homosexual?

No seriously, the lesbian subtext in this manga adds a certain depth to her character, and her struggle to accept her sexuality is playing a big role in her overall struggle to accept herself for who she is and ultimately grow.

Or one could argue that's it's just a twisted outgrowth from how she contextualizes her own self-worth - as a women, she only sees herself (and other women by extension) as having value solely on their "sex appeal", so by her sexualizing everything so much, it vents outward through her attractions to Yuu and the other girls. Does this still count as a homosexual flowering? Or something far more twisted?

No, still the same khhv friendless fag.

The only thingthat changed was that I became a wage slave because my parents kicked me out at 20s.


Fucking this.

Why is Tomoko so freakin adorable?

Relating to a character does not mean you "Self-insert", retard.

She is just horny and frustrated. She wants affection so badly that when she reaches her breaking point she will be willing to fuck anything.

Near 50% level sociopathy/psychopathy with Satou/Jun level Hikki-mode.

Lived NEET life for 5 years, finally got a job 4 months ago because i needed money for different reasons, 3 more months to go untill i can return to being a NEET, i can't stop thinking about it and i'm so excited.

try to make a joke today in a group while working, every one says nothing or don't know what to do, the silence is awkward as hell, i make so cringies arm and leg movements and back to work like nothing happen here.

No i don't think i improve

She's still naive

you can't simply "go back" to being NEET you filthy normal

more yuri pls

I agree, but like I mentioned there's more to it than just that.

Her views on her self worth are telling, since only if she can attract the opposite sex does she feel she'd be worthwhile. As such, she consciously/unconsciously judges all those around her on those parameters. Her views on intimacy are skewed toward physical lust and sex, which reveals how fucked up she is and the patriarchal attitudes of the Jap culture she grew up in

Not same user but it´s the same to me, much more with the European politics to make our lives shittier (higher taxes, unemployment, women thinking everyone wants to rape them) you have to make a lot of effort for a shitty reward. My health and a lot of my friends just got worse, is not worthy.
And if people are watching more anime is because Media is full of "you have to feel guilty about your skin/past sins" shit. Literally a lot of people stopped watching TV and went to anime because it helps to disconnect. Of course people want affection but we are poorer and have less and less time.

As a fellow yuro I can relate to this. EU tries to sell itself well but it's really just another shithole in a lot of aspects.

> Media is full of "you have to feel guilty about your skin/past sins" shit
European here, thank god my country is not like this. Life here is shit but it's good for people that can find a job (usually thanks to recommendations).

Also the propaganda is all "The thirties/forties are the new 20s!" and "boy, (white) babies just make you a slave! don´t have kids!"
Is really, really sad. And if you want a family the new politics "punish" you in some way. People are becoming neet because they don´t have any reason to fight.

I'm still 90% satou even though I have a part time job now after being a neet off and on for two years. I'm still as autistic as ever, only speak when spoken to and so on. Life is shit, and I wish I was never born. I having nothing to look forward to and my """life""" becomes more embarrassing with each passing day.

Yes, I am not a NEET and I actually bang girls.

My parents fell for the "dude just wait until you're 40 lmao" meme and it's incredibly depressing. My grandparents were dead far before I was born, and I'm going to have to worry about my mom's ailing health before I even hit 30. What a shit deal.

I dont get why people pretend to be young when they are in their 30s, they have to compete against teenagers and when they want to form a family they cant find the ideal person or they are just too old.
Women are starting to realize that working 10 hours a day and having a lot of the men unemployed is shit. I remember my mother had me when she was young she spent days watching cartoons with me and she was happy.
My sister fell for the "lol don´t have kids nor marry soon" and now she is depressed because she spends all day working and can´t afford a house, broke with the boyfriend because of stress. Also lost her youth studying.

I guess Japanese public still won't take realistic portrayal of homosexual/bisexual teenager, and that's the story authors (1 female and 1 "male", according to the canon) want but can't do.

Wait, the author isn't male? I know it's a pseudonym he writes under, but it's a woman?

Also I want to know how much was left out or changed from the original conception. iirc Tomoko's story is based off the author's own experience growing up. Originally Tomoko wasn't even going to have any friends starting out, but the editor thought it too dark, so Yuu was added. And that's not including all the bullying the author went through that they didn't want to add in.

This really could have been "Suffering: the Manga"

Does it count if I still want to befriend them.

Writer is male while artist is female if I remember correctly

All werido shut-in's end up bisexual, user.

>comfy air force life
>decent wage and nice car
>not a gross looking fatty
>have friends
>still kissless virgin and no gf
Last one only bothers me when others talk about sex though. I was only a friendless NEET for 5 months so I never stooped to their level

I want to believe authors are a lesbian couple.

Watamote kept going strong until it was natural to show how Tomoko realized all of her forced sexual interest in boys and being like the others rooted in her inner lack of interest in boys. Instead of that, they started to meddle and write fillerish arcs with regular lesbian jokes.

I wish I was a crypto-normie like you. All my problems being internal and having so many opportunities in front of me.

Then do something about it idiot.

>hurr durr excuses

Are you dead? No? Then you're still capable of achieving what you want. Stop being a coward

>Reddit spacing /fit/ post

>cuck post

Literally just enlist you autist
If you make it past meps and aren't a turbolard everything after the first few weeks of basic are a cakewalk

Wow are you okay? Did you pull a muscle trying to come up with that post? It must've been very difficult for you.

I am 27 and a NEET since I was 18 (time I ended highschool). Nerver went to college and never worked in my whole life. Even in highschool I only went to school and that's it: never going out with friends or things like that. Feels like I am stuck in my house since my birth which is basically true.
I won't change for sure and I will die like this or die in the streets as a homeless. My future is very dark.

No faggot. It's about opportunities and what you are given to work with. I have no opportunities, it's all luck which I have had none of in this shit life. There is nothing to be done except to end it/ LDAR. Once you turn 21 and are still a KV it's fucking over.

Yes but are there opportunities for you for advancement and greater skills training? And maybe a later ability to transfer it all over to the private sector? And what if you have a college degree?

(Not the same user, but still interested as I don't know what to do)

>being older than the neet in NHK

fuck me

Yeah, with that attitude it's over.

PS - you have a computer and access to the internet as well as plenty of free time. You have plenty of opportunities

As difficult as it was for you to come up with yours bud.

I'm employed now and didn't need a Misaki in my life to push me there, so I guess i've matured past Sato.
I still hate life though.

Did I miss a new meme? Or are you people trying to ape tumblr unironically? Dykes grow out of it when they meet a good man. Hence why nips don´t give a fuck about gay people.


I am also a 27 year old NEET (since I was 16 - never even finished high school) but I feel content with my life and I'm confident that I'll get a job and a gf eventually. I don't even know why I have such positive thinking now, it just started to happen in the last few years, after I was deeply depressed in my early 20s.

Go away, adults are talking.

The difference is mine was accurate, luddite.

Maturity is Satou becoming more and more relatable as you get older

I'm really proud of Tomoko's recent progress

Isnt this girl canon ugly?

I was on that same trajectory, but my house was so miserable to be in that I forced myself to get a job just to not be home. The tough part is once you hit a certain age with 0 experience, its tough to find anywhere that will hire you. I got lucky eventually. My life is pretty much what it was in high school now, work and come home, but at least now I'm more comfortable and can buy my own shit

Haven't read it in years but I remember in one chapter that she's actually good-looking with prep and no lack of sleep signs

I can't SI into them because I'm neither a bum nor an autist.

Only really by virtue of her not taking care of herself or trying to look good. It's part of the idea that most, if not all, of her troubles are her own fault, rather than "society"

Oh, I have positive thinking too. I am happy with my life and I even had a gf recently for 2 years (we broke up in march this year). The problem is always the future: I have the feeling that it will all turn out fine in the end but I just can't see how.
I am so damn lazy and I don't understand why.
My family is pretty nice so I have no problem in that sense. The fact that I have 0 experience about work scares me a lot especially where I live: they want people with 5y experience at 20+, on top of that my country is dying and there are no jobs, especially here in the south.

I'm about to get married, but I also still don't have any friends other than my soon-to-be-spouse. Nothing has really changed other than that, it's like two Tomokos got together desu.

I never could self insert as Satou or Tomoko because I'm several leagues worse than them in terms of being pathetic and having a proportionally pathetic life. They are both cute anime characters. Holy, pure, innocent. I'm the opposite.

>got job
>got friends
>combine the two and now my friends hate me for being more successful than them
Great I made friends with crab people.

At least you have Umaru

I would have killed myself long ago if I wasn't a coward

>I would have stepped outside my shell and comfort zone and taken charge of my life if I wasn't a coward


Interesting. Are you an intellectual? Your writing looks academic

>have you matured past 16 mentally?
I never will.

Any warehouses around you? They will hire almost anyone because all you're doing is lifting and sorting shit. That's where I finally got my first job when I turned 21. Grocery stores as well. You don't need to find a career as your first job. Just get your foot in anywhere

Obviously he isn't, because he couldn't even put those commas in the right places and did some very silly grammar mistakes. If there is anything in this thread that can be assumed about the nature of one's persona is that English is, to you, a second language. Am I not right?

I can't tell if you're memeing me but, I have to put that gender studies degree to use sometime

>tfw I can only ever relate to Simon from Gurren Lagann
>ep1 Simon, not simon at any other point in the series
>tfw I have to play the Kamina to like three other people's Simon

The worst part is that none of them would punch me in the face if I needed it

No but on the plus side I didn't become a cultist like NHK's author did.

Sounds like Yamazaki.

To Nurgle, right? No other chaos god makes sense for NEETs.

>implying NEET's wouldn't flock in droves to join Slaanesh

Let's not kid ourselves, Nurgle is the patron saint of neckbeards.

Not only that, but while Neckbeards are base creatures concerned only with self pleasure, they don't do near enough of it or with anyone else so they'd just become torture fodder at best.

Of course Papa Nurgle would happily accept any NEET, but if given the choice any NEET would choose Slaanesh because they get to rape and be raped. Choosing Nurgle would mean having to own up to being gross

Slaanesh is more about extreme perfectionism than anything.

Which is why as said, they'd likely end up as torture fodder. Neckbeards believe only in the truth that they are living the perfect life, so why wouldn't they try to hop on the sex train of the god of perfection?

I'm sorry to tell you guys but it's just one of those bog-standards Happy Science cults. No one that I know of has ever actually tried to create a chaos cult irl
and if they did it would totally be Chaos Undivided

Rage Simon was best.

>willingly siding with a guy that has no arms

Nah, I think I'll go with the cool kids at hot topic and follow Tzeentch

What he said is true though. High school/college lesbians are a real thing. They grow out of it once they get interested in a man with a future.

It's more that it lets you hedge your bets in case only one chaos god is currently in existence.

He was

>you have a computer and access to the internet as well as plenty of free time. You have plenty of opportunities
Tell me what I should do with these things. Inb4 something really fucking gay like learn a language.

I guess, nowdays i have a really good group of friends

i never self inserted in sato, i always related way more to misaki

Truth, but thats like being the kid who studies every religion because they want to cling to a vague notion of spirituality instead of just choosing the one they know is best

Plus, if I had to choose between mudercock, a slut, boogie, and keikaku; I'd go with keikaku.

Damn this is sad. There's literally a fucking arc in NHK that makes fun of shit like this yet he fell for it. The show is too real.

shitpst on /out/

>mfw can no longer relate to Satou or Tomoko because I've gotten worse
I feel nothing but a vague sense of emptiness