let us discuss the affinities of plastic and the transformations thereof.

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man this looks really cool
but i know virtually nothing about the series

Anyone PO? I'm kinda mixed on her. The face looks off at some angles but I like the rest of the design.

I used her as the OP because I just found her A/B on amiami and bought her just today. I'm a sucker for cute girls with a bit of evil going on around them

All figures will have something that looks off at some angles, at the end of the day they are supposed to be 2D anyways. I'd say use your judgement to determine if you like her enough, at that price to justify it. After all, ultimately you choose the angle to display her from.

Are you getting this cute drinking partner?

This Nero has a really cute bikini (or panties?), shame that it's from FunnyKnights though.

I would definitely get her if I wasn't short on money. I haven't seen any pics where the face looks really weird.

Delayed again

I'm all for more cute or sexy evil girls.

Damn I got the red version pre-ordered, it's gonna take fucking ages T_T


>he spends 150$ on a childs toy

What should I spend $150 on?

I only want Hyperion and Brünhild, but I can't into painting models, so I can't get them seperately. These sets are my only choice. Is it worth it?

Thanks, ordered.

Get some cheap models and learn to paint? Wouldn't that ultimately bring you more happiness?

That Re is one of my favorites, I have the Wo too. I really hope they release more abyss merchandise again.

Hey, Saberface is Saberface. Also, we need a yellow version with her own mini Saber to follow her around.

did anyone bought her from the link I posted, it was a pretty good deal.

The day I bring a nude figure into my house is the day I signal to my parents I've given up on bring them grand-children


rip old man

these are almost like head swaps

Yes the red version of the set of 3.

Cry more.

>three different characters


I was too late, I always wanted her.

welp, there were two sealed for 11,5k, check in jungle also in might be restocked there, the one I bought stood there for 12 days

Honestly surprised mine haven't given up already. Maybe it's time to send an ultimatum.

That's logical. But I was looking for ways to ditch art classes when I was a kid, because I just have no skill with my hands. I'm afraid I'll end up with potato spaceships with shit colours even at my best.

I really do respect people who build those models.

Adult toys.
Come join us at !

>I just have no skill with my hands

Don't be stupid user, all skills can be learned. I'd say give it a good shot, I don't know how old you are but I know tank modelers who started in there late 30's who paint tanks for fun and end up with gorgeous tank models.

>I just have no skill with my hands
user, nobody is skilled at something when they first start out. Skill is gained through practice. Those people you admire started out with potato spaceships too before they got good.

Well, you can always strip the paint and try again if you fuck it up.

Thank you guys for encouraging me, you're too nice. I actually still have time until all LOGH scales are released, and I want the ships to accompany them. Maybe I'll try and see if I can get good.

The fire of potential is in everyone. Everyone learns at different rates too so don't get discouraged if it takes a while. As long as you practice hard you'll certainly get it.

Follow your dreams.

>letting a child near your figurines
What the fuck, no.

What's a good, sexy sci fi figure, guys? Doesn't matter which IP. Already have the October Rei pre-ordered.

Since when did amiami start printing their name on their boxes?

3-4 weeks ago



I'm gonna miss their memorable "Fragile - Handle with care" sign.

My July order came in a labeled box so back then at the earliest.

Wanted to post this.

Does the final product look good? Also what do the nips look like?

Reika ofc!

>Since you have an order that is currently being processed for shipping, we are sorry to inform you that the shipping of your order will be delayed until Japan Post starts shipping packages to your country again.
The good thing is that only one figure of the package is mine.

That picture is from the final product

So is this

what are some cheap nice-looking figures guys ? Don't worry I'm financially good, I just want to buy shit ton


buy a bunch of funko pop and leave

I know I know, I just need to for specific matters, I need to order around 30 of the same



>specific matters

That's pretty good, thanks.

I'm going to "combine" them >:)

Ah. Well, good luck on that.

>"combine" them
I still have no fucking clue what you mean, but if you just want cheap, decent sized figures and don't care about quality, buy prize figures.

Know any good bikini scales that would look good next to this slut? Looking to expand my swimsuit collection.

I hope you die from the fumes.


Alter's Kanetsugu, she's damn cheap as well though a smaller scale.



Just get some prizes or bootlegs.

Speaking of...

why is she holding a bottle of mountain dew?

Why not? Would you prefer a bottle of pepto?

Luckily that curse won't last for much longer here.

Kouhai phone holder

made by Pulchra

I want to get some nice figurines but I know for a fucking fact I wouldn't be able to stop myself from hotgluing them

So I don't buy them

This gets my vote too.

>he doesn't buy $200+ figurines just to hotglue them
How gay?

>tfw no new labeled box

Having autism must suck.


any other Mexican bro here got an earthquake notice about shipping?

Nice Clock. I'd have jumped on that if she weren't quite so orange.

She's going to be my first idol purchase.

Kind of wish she was 1/7 though.

quality isn't the best, but she is so adorable~


Gracias al señor, I was worried my 7000 pesos went down the drain in vain.

Hi James

I've always wondered, can you swap heads between all these bunny girls from the same company (It's freeing, isn't it?)

You can still get by taxes though, since the usual max amount allowed is 300 usd. Shipping included.

No, the heads are permanently glued

>Asking about shipping

You reek of newfag.

nice thinkpad

>Puzzle and Dragons
I'm glad I broke that addiction. Now I just gamble away my money on FGO.

Just bought this beauty, best nendo out there hands down

he's in this thread, see

So, I really enjoy anime, and I enjoy figures, specifically nendos. But I'm embarrassed by this. With anime it's fine, because it's easily hidden, however with my nendos it's starting to become a problem. I only have 2, but rarely display them, or even have them out in the open in case they are seen,
I love with my mother while I'm at uni, and she frequently comes into my room. I'd be very embarrassed if she saw them, because I know she'll think it's sad and judge me because of stereotypes. What's a man my age doing collecting dolls? (I'm 20). Tbh, some part of me also still thinks it's sad. I can't get over the stigmatism.
I want more figures, but I don't see the point anymore if they just go into a draw hidden from the world.
Anyone else with similar experiences? Did you overcome it? If so, how?

Wish me luck

So excited to get my Sakura in until I saw this.

You'll be fine if you haven't cancelled too much shit before.

The question is, how much is too much

>Blah blah blah nobody cares
why didn't I preorder Cocoa? Oh yeah, I'm holding out for Syaro

Should be fine if you haven't canceled anything recently, or a lot of other stuff in the past.