Post anime you watched in high school

Post anime you watched in high school.

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High school was one of the few stages of my life when I didn't watch anime, actually.

Fuck man, nothing.

Didn't start watching anime until after high school.

Same, i only watched one anime back then because some girl recommended me, it was shit tho

I need to rewatch this, I remember it was pretty good.

>gurren lagann
>lucky star
>haruhi s1
>code geass
I think those were the first anime I downloaded.

>Code Geass
>Death Note
>Darker than Black

Man I really wasn't a very frequent watcher before college.

Relatively oldfag here. Only watched ones that were available on TV that time:

>Gundam W
>Gundam G
>Cardcaptor Sakura
>Case Closed

Remembered falling in love with
>Ayashi no Ceres
>Now and then here and there
>Shadow Skill

when I was in high school, fansub didn't exist

well, I guess I watched some re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-cast censored episode of Dragon Ball every now and then

More in middle school, when it aired on tv. And I didn't really have a concept of anime as some separate medium, just cartoons. In high school I didn't watch any anime because none were airing and w didn't yet had internet.

Novel translation never. It was such a good /tg/ material. world building was top notch.

The high school I went to 60% Asian and almost the whole school celebrated Code Geass when it aired the second season. We even had a little CG skit during international day school assembly for Japanese club, which was utterly cringeworthy to watch.

>watched it weekly
>still haven't seen the movies


This, Kaiji, Panty and Stocking are the only three anime I remember watching in high school. I was a massive weeb in middle school and pretty much shut out most anime until college.


I regretted watching this

I started really watching anime in college, but I do remember starting with the standard beginners anime in my senior year. (Death Note, Code Geass, Higurashi and so on)

The first anime watched while airing was either K-ON or Umineko

same. Did watch whatever anime was on RTL zwei at the time in grade school + death note, ghost hunt and dbz


Would one be considered a newfag if they didn't at least experience the Haruhi movement?

or Lucky star


Good times.


The only show i know for sure i watched that long ago was Bleach. Waaaay back when before even the Hueco Mundo arc had kicked off.

Others i may have watched are Elfen Lied and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

It wasnt really till after i finished mandatory education that i had time to pursue other shows.

I guess 7 years of watching hundreds of anime and other kind of japanese media counts as newfag now

Once a newfag, always a newfag.

quick! someone post an screenshot from Elfen Lied or Death Note :^)

A shit ton, though I started eayching anime when I was 8.

High school was when I watched stuff with Sup Forums, after I finished high school I stopped paying attention and watching aneems. It's been at least two years since I stopped browsing here regularly. Anyhow, notable mentions are Kill la Kill, Valvrave, JOHJ, Shinsekai Yori, Free and Coppelion. And even Kotoura-san, those threads were fun in a way too.

Death Note was the first ongoing anime that I ever followed. I also really fucking loved Patlabor back then, except the third film which is still the only animated Patlabor thing I haven't seen. Then there's all the 2006-09 stuff like Haruhi, Lucky Star, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Kaiji, SZS, Moyashimon, Welcome to the NHK!

It made me play more dating sims; I thought they would help

None. I didn't want to become the weeb guy during highschool. Went back to anime at college.


Kannazuki no Miko
CardsCaptor Sakura
Gundam W
Mazinger Z

Didn't have access to the internet this time, but there were a few shows on Adult Swim I try to catch.

Blood+ was what started it all for me. Blew my freakin mind when I first watched it, and I got hooked on it like a junkie to a bag of crack.

Best part was that my parents were religious, so it was like 007: Weeb or Nothing when staying up at night to watch it.

Death Note came on right before this too.

School Rumble
Trinity Blood (which I never finished)


Does anyone remember this?

I remember this was so disappointing that I actually stopped watching anime until I turned 19.

Soul Eater was fucking shit

>not watching it for the cat

I loved the shit out of this anime. I loved it so much back in high school that when I saw the final episode it felt genuine pain. That was the most horrendous shit I've ever seen.

Is Evangelion any good? I never watched it tb.h


hellsing. not the OVA but the short anime serise.

The ending to the manga was also awful.


this was so old I thought I hallucinated this show.

Dragon Half
Gurren Lagann
Inuyasha, but that may have been middle school
Rune Soldier
Desert Punk
Gundam Wing
Cowboy Bebop
Fullmetal Alchemist
My current roommate made me sit through all of Aquarion
Full Metal Panic
Bible Black


>tfw you were watching anime instead of having sex in highschool

1979 > 2001
This show was, and still is, my favorite adaptation of the 009 manga.

I also watched Votoms, Guyslugger and G Gundam. Didn't watch much new animu during HAS at all.

Lmao auto-correct is weird