Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Let us discuss things.

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Let's discuss.

Let's talk.

The IFs aren't "set in an alternate timeline to the WN". The IFs are just April Fool's Day gags.

Let's not discuss the IFs. Let's discuss something else.


Anything but that.


Let's talk about Emilia. We have had a lot of negativity lately between Rem's fans and Emilia's fans, so now everyone says what they like about Emilia. I like her kind personality.

I'd love to know how strong she really is. Isn't she kinda strong right now?

Her boobs are really nice. Bigger and better than Rem's.

Trips confirm. Emilia's boobs > Rem's pathetic sacks.

>Emilia's fans
Fan*. Don't lump them all together with that one autist.

Even Ram's boobs are becoming bigger than Rem's (see pic related). Not that I care, though.

>Let's talk about Emilia
That's not allowed in these threads.

Well, it would be awesome if Rem's fans respected Emilia's fans more.

I respect Emilia fans by not bringing her up, so as to not call the attention of the sperglord.

When is the last time we had a truly comfy and nice thread? Let's make this one.

The more I see of her the more I dislike her. Every time she did something noteworthy it got turned around and made me feel disappointed in her character. Not only that but also how she gets special treatment from the author for unexplained reasons what I think is very disrespectful to every other character. I'm not even sure anymore why I'm following that show.


Tbh, she is the main heroine, so of course she gets special treatment.

Let's talk about something.

They need to fix their own reputation first. Respect is earned not given.

>tfw scared to post cute emilias in fear of summoning him
>tfw afraid to say nice things about emilia because he'll interpret them as an attack

They have good enough reputation.

Infamy is not a good reputation.

>ywn see a Felix/Subaru romance arc





It wouldn't be right. They both have other people they love, user.


Go fap and you'll calm down.

can we talk about liliana? she bites her tongue and walks around with bloody teeth for all of chapter 10.

>Subaru had become tired of singing and playing the back-scratcher shaped instrument halfway to their destination. Liliana hurriedly took it from him, breathing as if in a panic, and checked it scratches, then began to rub her face against it and gave it a kiss.
>Liliana: “Hey hey hey~ It’s good to have you back! I’ll never let you go again!”
but later
>Disregarding Subaru completely, Liliana flew into the Chamber of Commerce. After falling still for one shocked moment, a dumbfounded Subaru could only chase her into the building.
>Beatrice: “Subaru, she even dropped her instrument!”
>Subaru: “Should she really be treating her lifeline like this!?”

also updated 4.5-9 and 5-9:!kyZnmIQS!0IXomTzdapyfvRrro6d3RQ

>Fourier passed away with Crusch holding his land until the very last.
It should be his hand, right?

you're right, I'll get that fixed. and there are probably plenty more in there because that chapter damaged my goddamn brain so now I have to look it over again, yay.

chapter 9, not chapter 10.

Did that chapter have some harder writing?

>walks around with bloody teeth for all of chapter 9
I never caught that, thanks for bringing it to my attention
Is her named chapter also about her backstory?

Post the full version. There's a reason I fought for the right to post source links on the wiki.

most of it was just fatigue since the chapter double the length of what I was used to, plus lore in general is harder to translate than dialogue, so the lugunican politics were really annoying to translate, although I ended up cutting about a page of redundant information about the royal election and five dragon maidens. I might go back and do it at some point. I think there was also a thing about hoshin of the wastes in chapter 5 or 6 that I'd also like to take another look at.

there are 5 successive chapters with her full name, (liliana masquerade's passion/melancholy/regret/stage) with the last one of them being "liliana masquerade," so I guess we'll get her backstory bit by bit.

>although I ended up cutting about a page of redundant information about the royal election and five dragon maidens.
From the Crusch camp chapter?

yep, the crusch chapter. I cut it down to this:
>The aristocrats bombard Leip with questions. How will they know who the five are, where are these emblems now, etc. Leip gives them the election exposition and tells them that the five candidates will be chosen by the emblems. The emblems will shine for who are capable of becoming the dragon maiden. (The only new bit of information here is that the emblems were given to the royal family by the dragon when they made the covenant.)

So has summary user legitimately died or what? Did he ever come back with a reason for stopping? Haven't been to these threads in a long time

We have a new one who has translated Arc 4 interludes that the old one skipped + few Arc 5 chapters. The old cunt is gone.

Did he go the way of spfag?

It's been only about two or three months...

He did a few cunty things yeah...

Nope. Not sure why he's insulting Summary user.
What kind of cunty things? I don't recall anything like that from him.

Look, I'm not a Remfag or anything, but I just don't get the affinity people have for Emilia. She's just so generic and boring.

>What kind of cunty things? I don't recall anything like that from him.
He skipped the Crusch Camp chapters that have amazing Ferri x Crusch-sama moments and dialogue. At first, it wasn't a big deal. But now that I have read them? It was a very very very cunty thing to do.

she had some good moments at the end of arc 4, and her interactions with echidna/argument with subaru were nice, but as of arc 5 subaru/tappei seems to have reverted to her "EMT" treatment.



>but as of arc 5 subaru/tappei seems to have reverted to her "EMT" treatment

What does this even mean? Actually this just proof your never actually gonna like her character anyway.

And Rem is a genetic I'm so loyal maid. In fact none of characters in Re:Zero unique either. You like a character based on taste or you don't.

is that you, ESL? I wanted apologize for "use a different translator." my parents are ESL too so it's been weighing on my conscience all day.

also please take note of

I like that she is less willingly to put with Subaru or Roswaal's shit then others are and usually pretty clear headed. That said I do hope she goes all Guts when she sees Pandora again and just straight up cut her doen with no words. On that note we no idea what's her connection to black door in Eliot Forest right?


Jesus fucking Christ Rem is so overrated. Never have seen a more blender waifubait gets by emotional manipulation of the audience. Bah

>we'll see fortuna again as sirius in arc ten, where she'll remember emilia and they'll hug while crying. then subaru sees them and assumes that fortuna/sirius is killing emilia and will kill her. emilia will turn on subaru and they'll become flugel and satella 2.0.
I want to see angry emilia.

There is nothing wrong with being loyal. Though it helps that she's a bit of a snarky bitch and Beako's mother figure for those bonus points.

Good chemistry with the other characters also helps.

>There is nothing wrong with being loyal.
Oh yeah? I see tons of people shit on Ram for the exact same reason.

and roswaal. he just wants to see teacher again but people are so mean to him.

Will Roswaal be okay with polygamy?

There is a difference with being loyal and being an asshole and committing to an abusive relationship.

Its almost as if hating on her relationship with Roswaal is part of the charm. Next thing you're gonna tell me is that people shouldn't be upset with the abuse Harley Quinn takes from the Joker.

Ram feels happy with the way she is now though. She doesn't need anyone to feel pity for her. Just let her be.

So was Harley Quinn with the Joker. See the problem here?

harley quinn and the joker were in a romantic relationship. ram's love for roswaal is completely onsided. roswaal thinks ram loathes him until the very end of arc 4, and even the he still only loves echidna.

Ah, but what does Hector think? We all know Ram loves the clown cock, and it turns out Hector's been promoted to the original BCC these days.

This makes it better somehow?

>The boy with his dark brown hair walked, perpetually listless, his head swaying. He was about the same age as Roswaal. The colour of his hair was almost black, with his bangs hanging low enough to cover his eyebrows, and his face attractive enough to be mistaken for a woman's. His drowsy, narrowed eyes were of a dark hue, his shirt white and pants black, and overall he was a person with a horrifically plain outfit.
>"horrifically plain" jester outfit

doesn't compute. BUT WHAT IF
>original roswaal has blue eyes, and hector now has yellow eyes
>the yellow eye is still the keikaku eye
>the line about the blue eye trying to assert itself is still there

>the "roswaal" today is half original roswaal, half hector
>roswaal fuels the obsession with echidna and hector is the dress sense/verbal tic/dark keikaku side
>"random changes are setting up roswaal/hector as a main villain instead of a random sub-antagonist

>"Is the Roswaal you mean someone with long, dark-grey hair?"
>BUT LATER "She sees a tall man with long navy hair, and a young man with hair the same colour."
>echidna was (along with ferris) allegedly a candidate for final boss at some point but that changed

tappei has no issue changing details on the fly to suit his plotting. it's not just the symbolism of the eyes, everything's changed

FURTHERMORE, as one user pointed out,
>The truth of the matter is that he doesn't want to stop writing the WN, but the LN is starting to catch up now. Meaning they'll have to diverge into two different plots if he wants both to remain relevant.

I'm going to be looking for excuses to post this for the next few weeks.

>and roswaal. he just wants to see teacher again but people are so mean to him.
people are mean to roswaal even though his love for echidna is the purest(tm). he doesn't care how ram feels, her love for him isn't his decision, or even something he can affect at this point, considering she forgives him for nearly killing her.

Because Roswaal is a special kind of asshole. At least in parallel with Subaru trying to revive Rem he isn't running around trying to win the most irredeemable award.

That makes it worse for Ram and the situation is still not any better

what if he spent 400 years trying to wake rem up? and had a special book from rem which gave him instructions on how to eventually wake her up? and those instructions called for him to be an asshole? does he even love her enough to spend 400 years on her?

What is, the Echidna IF.

>That makes it worse for Ram
Ram doesn't care and feels okay with the way she is. You people should stop being so nosy.

>got my rem/ram messenger bag today

If you think people are gonna accept Ram and Roswaal's relationship lying down you got another thing coming, fucker didn't even feel guilty about it afterwards.

ram barely factors into roswaal's actions besides being someone who is convenient for him to use. he'd treat anyone else in her place the same way, and almost anyone else in her place wouldn't have fallen in love with him, which is why he expects to hate him. she doesn't. the situation only looks like an abusive relationship because ram loves him, but it's only a "relationship" from ram's perspective. roswaal could care less about what anyone feels about him, aside from echidna and maybe beako,

Subaru even managed to try his best to not be a total asshole there too.

Give pics

Wasn't Roswaal trying to murder Beako in arc 4 or something?

>harley quinn and the joker were in a romantic relationship

I wouldn't call what they had a romantic relationship either, it was pretty one-sided like with Ram/Roswaal.

It is only a matter of time before Subaru totally loses his sanity and forgets about Rem in that If story.

10/10 best if.

picture him after 400 years worth of loops and tell me he wouldn't be a ruthless asshole.

>Roswaal: “Are you going to call it inhuman that I, desiring only my reunion with Teacher, committed the atrocity of assembling my ignorant children as vessels?”
>Roswaal's words stab into Beatrice. But the way that Roswaal gazes so calmly at her makes it almost seem that he's waiting for her to lambaste him.
>So Roswaal wants to face judgement too? Just like her, when she informed him that she abandoned her contract with Echidna?
>Roswaal must want to ask Beatrice, who knew Echidna, about the morality of his actions.
he's probably trying to be judged by echidna in proxy.

Wasn't Echidna IF Subaru hundreds of years old?


it depends somewhat on the continuity, but yeah you have a point. I'm not particularly invested in ram and roswaal's relationship, and I don't ship them whatsoever, so it doesn't bother me much. although I'm going to be really annoyed if tappei tries to force it and it overshadows ram and rem's relationship even more.

also reminder:
>A special short story mentions that Dona used a (mouth to mouth) kiss to buy Roswaal.

I don't think so? but it's been a while and it was never fully translated, so.

That's pretty good

Mind if I ask where you ordered it from?

Playmoya was literally the last place I could find it, and I may have bought the last one because it says sold out now.

holy shit the echidna if has been translated in chinese

as soon as I finish chapter 10 I'm going to translate it

I finally get more prime echidna content

God dammit

Finally more of best witch
>give a kiss to buy him
Yeah, Echidna is definitely just using Roswaal.


>sanctuary echidna seemed more mature/sincere than tea party echidna, also
> The witch glanced at the fallen Roswaal. Her eyes narrowed slightly.
> Echidna: “This sight pains my chest more than I anticipated. A failure to remain objective toward a result is supposed to be an embarrassing faux pas for me, and yet.”
> Hector: “Detachedly dealing with it with your emotions would keep him from resting him in peace, iiiiiiiiin this situation. Not that I care. If you wanna cry, how about we pause for that? Not even I'm so cruel.”
> Echidna: “How are you daring to say this?”
>at the very least, even if not romantically, she did care about him.

now I just really want arc 6 chapter 30 to be translated so I can do dona's backstory and have everyone realize that she was a sweet, good girl who became the 1010 keikaku master she is today because she was corrupted by greed.

Watch as Ram gets pregnant with Roswaal's kid

This is conflicting

Well there goes my theory of Echidna being a competing love interest for Satella out the window

She does. That's why her breasts look bigger in this illustration ().

accept that it's cute and become a happier person.