Boku no Hero Academia S3 CONFIRMED

Its happening.

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So we're all hoping for a one cour season right?

why not a full one?

I felt obligated to dislike the video. Sorry, user.

>unironically linking youtubers

quality will drop

not that i'm doubting but literally who is this source

What the fuck is wrong with that kid in the video he looks like hes both 11 and 28 at the same time


The only reliable manga spoiler group on the internet

Chibi I didn't know you browse this hell as well...

Will it come out before Niggastream releases this week's chapter? 'Cause it feels like it.

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BNHfags watch chibi, to be expected from you

Why the fuck are there three hero aca threads?

I don't know man, Season 2 personally looked better than Season 1 in my opinion. Especially S1's last episodes, which looked very underwhelming to me (excluding THAT one scene)

are you counting the drawfag tread?

The All Might fight in last week's episode was pretty disappointing, but I still remember the feeling of awe I had when I witnessed the Todoroki vs Deku fight. That was some good shit.

>linking to YouTubers
>linking to attention whore yonkou

The site you're looking for is Reddit.

>b-buh buh s3 never, muh ratings

Blueray version will likely be redrawn and made to look better.

All Might vs All for One should be fantastic.

Here's a pic of Tsuyu Asui in a bikini. Discuss!

Does Bones redraw shit in the BD releases?

They should make a one cour season and drop the entire budget of a second cour into that single episode.

Who's ready for the greatest moment of this entire series?

Too bad the SMAASH onomatopeia won't show up in the animu.

They fixed up a lot of All Might stuff in the S1 BDs.

Where could a 2-cour S3 end though?

I guess on the fight between Bakugou and Midoriya?

Lodge Attack -> Kamino Rescue -> Dorm Contest/Super Move Training (which could honestly be like 1 episode all together) -> Provisional License Test -> Fight?

After that the whole internship arc starts.

You never know. We could get some Kill la Kill level shit with effects.

One cour is enough for Camp and Rescue arc anyway

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What went so horrendously wrong?

huh. Looking at the math if we end halfway into chapter 70 (69 is the confrontation- but it'd be weird to not end with the closing of their first semester which is halfway into 70) we covered 49 chapters.

Another 49 puts us smack on the end of Bakugou and Midoriya's fight. That's about perfect.

We're talking about a new season likely being confirmed. Take your bleeding vagina to another thread or better yet the fuck out of Sup Forums you fucking faggot.

Sup Forums being unable to maintain an identity beyond you're waifu/favorite anime/genre a shit helped it degenerate into a cesspool of ironic weeb shitposters who don't actually care about board quality as long as there's some kind of newfag to publically execute or outcry to rally against

Jesus that's a lot to cover though. All of the training camp, the rescue, and the hero licence thing. Like shit there would be a lot of room to stretch this shit out or add filer if you wanted.

>board quality

Well remember we did have a full-on filler episode with Tsuyu, and the semester final was stretched out a bit.

A lot of stuff afterward is really short which makes me wonder how you DON'T do filler. The Dorm King/Special Move training thing is like 3-4 chapters and you could put that in a single episode absolute 0 problem unless you padded it out a bit.

>and the semester final was stretched out a bit.

it really wasn't. They switched things but it would have taken about the same length either way

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there's literally nothing to discuss.
you posted worst girl.

If the filler is as good of quality as the Tsuyu filler, then I'm ok with more of it.

12 episodes covers up to One For All vs. All For One perfectly. Then they need some time to prepare for Overhaul.

They do

Where's the real source?

Probably a teaser/announcement at the end of tomorrows episode or and an announcement on a magazine that yonkou got early.

They've got the entire License test and all the shit before and after it to get through before they can start on Overhaul.

No real source yet but he leaked many info before without being wrong so he likely must have a source who get the magazine early.

id on those sneaks

are the hand placements an indication of shiggy abuse?

>Both Shiggy and Deku have red shoes

What does it mean?

Holy fuck how can I get the BD versions?

>before and after

it means red is a pretty effay color

by buying them or you can ilegaly download them

just search them on nyaa they should be up there

Well, best girl Froppy will have a bigger role next season. Literally the only reason I'm following this series. So I am happy.

What the fuck do the hands even do? Why does he have them? How do they stay on his face?

So was there no chapter this week either? Or are all the scanners dead?

niggastream realeases the on fridays now calm yo tits

there's been speculation that they're AFO's way of multiquirking shiggy without turning him into a nomue

Hori probably just likes drawing hands though

and then we wait for the viz tread to know what were the characters actualy saying

And the majority of season 2 already had stuff like this. A two cour season 3 should be fine.

But Bones is doing Mob Psycho 100 stuff next year. Might be an issue.

>But Bones is doing Mob Psycho 100 stuff next year. Might be an issue.

oh shit for real

I thought it was going to be a one season wonder

One of them is his dad

So basically, he looks like he's 20. (?)

He could be older and has one of those medical conditions where your body fucked up during puberty.

Whatever his age he has a face and voice i feel urged to punch but would feel bad if hes actually 12

user you can't just punch people because you don't like how they look.

all mights quirk is to literally be so overpowered that he can derp through superior strategy.

Wow. So fair and interesting.

Thats not true my father and his father before him punched plenty of people because they did not like how a person looked

That's because "looked" in that case meant how the person was looking at them, not their physical appearance.

He did use strategy there, you raging faggot. And AfO is equally overpowered.

Daddy Approves

>Doesn't know how much more broken AfO is

fucking secondary

Say it with me!

Sarani Mukoe!


The only version of those that I really liked was the one with Shiggy.

All might's quirk and himself are based on Golden age super-hero comics, where things weren't too complex compared to Heroes nowadays

To be fair we don't know for sure when BONES is going to be working on Mob, we just know there's more coming. It might still be after BNHA S3. The ideal scenario would be both series coming out next year but that might be too much to ask.

>claims to be oldfag
>behaves like popular anime being discussed is something new
>autistic whining at levels that shouldn't be possible

I needed a good laugh.No one likes you and pretending to be a hipster isn't going to convince anyone you're not a newfag so quit trying.

they allow him to handle any situation.

#Pray for 1 Cour

We need AFO vs OFA in the highest quality possible. I shall be watching in an All Might costume after binging on superhero stuff 24 hours prior.

Maybe Mob first, MHA S3 second.

>That 5 minutes video based on a single tweet
I know the messenger’s trustworthy but come on
I’d say two, all the way to Unleashed, Tartarus, and Baku v Deku 2 since those events are still closely tied with Kamino/AM’s retirement
but who knows
You do realize Bones have multiple studios right

They could blow there budget on the first half , I don't think people will mind them fucking up the license exam

What are the chances s3 comes out on January

None if season 2 was 1 cour it could be possible, but usually after a 2 cour season it should take atleast 2 seasons for the next one to come out.

I figure they'd just start in spring season again

99% Chance. X-Com Enemy Within

Slim to None. S1 ended on what, around June/Jul? The team had considerable headstart and S2 still came out on March. Now they end on September so r S3 will come out on either Summer of Fall season


Is Mt. Lady actually this tall or is the height blown out a bit?

Outta proportion

She's probably as tall as the building behind her

I think she's way to big here, but maybe it's just perspective

give her the serum

>the rage I feel at the miss

Not even surprised. One of the very few shows were BD sales don't matter and can just ride on TV ratings + ads.

The bigger surprise would be if they can keep up the animation quality for OfA vs AfO.

Kameda should be free next year, if they have any brains, they should get him to do the United States smash.

it might, they might be crazy enough

but will it be as hype as the trailer for the volume 11 was?

>more Momos