*1. 112,840 112,840 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Vol.12

>*1. 112,840 112,840 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Vol.12
But Sup Forums told me japs don't care about Yahari anymore

They like to eat shit.

Unlike all other LNs Oregairu is actually good and has deep themes about real problems youths face


so did we ever get all of the spoilers?
what happened in it?

Yukino won

>so did we ever get all of the spoilers?
>what happened in it?

never because it confirms that
Yui win

Yukino is dependent. Yui won.

Like being a loner and having to decide between THREE girls wanting to slurp your cock? Very real problems indeed.

Only Yui actually loves him. The other two don't.

>there's a prom, I think
>Yukino decides to handle preparations for it all by herself
>She fucks it up
>8man and Yui fix it, I think
>8man goes to the prom with Yui, but leaves so he can help Yukino

Like trying to find something genuine in life instead of just ironically shitposting on the internet and wanting a girl so she could suck your dick

A prom is being planned for.

>>She fucks it up
Yukino is doing fine but her mother steps in and tries to cancel it.

man and Yui fix it, I think
Nope. Yukino rejects 8man's help and Yui didn't do shit.

man goes to the prom with Yui, but leaves so he can help Yukino
The prom hasn't started. Yui and 8man were just walking home from school.

Reminder that Yukino never apologized once regarding the accident. When the hell is this going to be addressed?

8man and Yukino will go out. After about two weeks 8man will dump her citing that she was a huge bitch to him at first and she never showed any concern over the car accident. 8man will laugh at her on how stupid she looked failing for him.

it is finally time for 8man to grow some balls and take Shizuka on a date

Real reason : They thought this was the last one.

Just like Sup Forums they got duped and there is a high chance they will boycott the next 2 volumes.


>he didn't have a harem of girls in high school
>he didn't reject all of them in order to enjoy the peaceful 2d life
Sup Forums stands for Sup Forumslpha, you omega loser.

>Promise me that you'll save Yukinon if she's ever in trouble

I guess Yui forgot she said that to 8man way back then.

Genuine doesn't exist.

Was the final volume? Who won?

If Yui loses i'll be mad
If Yukinon loses i'll be mad
If Iroha wins i'll be really mad
How am I supposed to be happy about any of these possible endings? Theres no good way to go about this shit

So, who won?

You already had a win already in that AU novel, why are you so selfish? Its Yuki's turn now.


>people still think oregairu is a harem



I had 3 girls interested in me in high school, too bad they were black, latino and a chad cumdumpster respectively.


does she really have anything to apologize for? its not like she was driving the car. even if she was 8man ran out into the middle of the street like a moron

yahari fags are autistic

>it's STILL not fucking over

Why are we still here, just to suffer?

If you wanted genuine I suggest you read something that involves actual human characters and not bizarro aliens that are nothing more than mouthpieces for the theme

With a protag like that, can you really blame them.

What did Hayato break?

Yukino's hymen

Shitposting on internet is a genuine passion for me

Hachiman is such a loser that Hayato thought he could fix that?

I'm only here for Iroha scenes

I want to kiss Yui and protect her from heartbreak. She's just too precious. She's easily the best choice here. Yukino is a frigid ice bitch and Iroha will have you raise her children. Why would anyone in their right mind choose anyone but Yui? This is why Hachiman's got his love comedy all wrong.

Apparently the Sensei transferring thing is real. Haruno mentions it to Sensei but there is (AFAIK) no indication that it is due to Yukimom.

Fuck man. If she wins, I just want a cute epilogue chapter.

Frog-kun said nothing about it.

Frog-kun also completely misidentified who the interludes belong to. Not sure I can trust him.

Myabe he forgot about sensei.

Nigger, re-read volume 6. Shit is resolved.

Translations fucking when?

How long has it been since release?

I don't care about the VN,I could get throught a manga adaptation though.

How can the author even pull the ''genuine'' bit when the MC lives in an absolute unrealistic scenario.He has a hot loli sister,has 3 girls after him,no guys to cockblock him or push the girls interests into them,etc.
He keeps pushing the ''average looking dude with sleepy face'' and he thinks we'll just accept the fact that there are multiple girls liking him.
I know what is Unrequited love,because I had a crush that never got to bang and I knew there was a girl that liked me but I did not like her.

I still have women wanting to suck my dick, but I'm not a manwhore.

Yukino has feelings for Hachiman
Hachiman tries to make Yukino move forward by pretending dating Yui to make her react
Yui pretends not to notice her own feelings and just goes along with it
Yukino can't cross the line yet because of unresolved issues that need to be dealt with first
Iroha is irrelevant

See you next volume.

Why is Yumiko black in that picture?

Dont worry. They will forgot about this by next week when papa bones does his thing.

I feel that the sly chick is going to win.

You´re a wise man

all of my keks

Dafuq did I just read?

I stopped reading the manga ages ago and then a 2nd season promptd. Is this relevant? I remember her sister being a twat.

Should I go for the manga if I liked S1 or try LN?