Prison School

Gook scans are out. It's over, Hana told Chiyo everything. Kiyoshi is done for.

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It's completely and totally confirmed: Hana is a fucking bitch

How can people defend this cunt anymore?


She's just marking her territory, user.

Hana a shit

Hana best girl

>violent cunt who goes out of her way to ruin the happiness of a potential couple
>even after giving her blessing to kiyoshi
>best girl
What shit taste.

I mean it'd be kind of fucked up if he hooked up with Chiyo and never mentioned the weird quasi sexual situations that he was getting into with Hana and Chiyo's sister, right?


"Take a look at Kiyoshi's underwear."

I could translate the whole thing but frankly I'm not in the mood

>Hana confirmed for truly the worst
I wonder what Kiyoshi will do now.

the worst girl
she just killed her ship
HannaxKiyoshi it over
the author is clear that he does not want Kiyoshi to end with Hanna
after I'm sure that Mari will save Kiyoshi
she will tell her sister that she is the one who asked Kiyoshi to do this

Probably try to commit suicide again. Except this time Chiyo won't save him because she's too disgusted by him. If the author is merciful Kiyoshi will die quickly.





Kiyoshi will finish with Chiyo
and Chiyo can share her boyfriend with her big sister
Chiyo = big winner
Mari = winner
Hanna = big loser

What, and let Kiyoshi get away with all his disgusting lies and underhandedness in trying to get Chiyo? No way bucko.

Because she did nothing wrong.

pretty please...

>If i can't have him, no one shall
Hanafags will defend this

Nice, he's kicking off the tired but trustworthy trope of "boy must apologize profusely to girl despite it mostly being MISUNDERSTANDINGS and do something to make it up to her". Even with her birthday thrown in. I guess that wraps up the Kiyoshib Owl, sorry Marifags but you knew it was an outside chance to begin with.

Hana hoist by her own petard in classic Hiramoto style, I look forward to Hanafags' delusional howls to only increase in volume and insistence throughout the new and likely final arc.

Still a little mad about it not being her pissing and saying "Kiyoshi is a filthy pervert who let me do this on his face" or something instead, but no big deal, this wraps up the smoking gun from last arc and has the benefit of giving Hanafags illusory hope so we can watch them give out even more entertaining death throes.

Ending comments by Hanafags when the inevitable happens should include:
>Hiramoto doesn't understand his own series!
>He was just fucking pandering to the plebs who don't GET Hana for sales!
>wtf CHIYO ISN'T EVEN A PERSON Kiyoshi is a ROBOT FUCKER why doesn't she have any PERSONALITY being nice is FUCKING RETARDED why don't my parents love me
>RRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE fuck aaaaaa I hate myself I want to be literally killed by a psychotic bitchy high school girl just fucking hang me
Screencap this post and post it at the end of this ride in case I'm not around to.

Oh I'm screencapping this autism just for when Hana does win. Could always use extra laughs

>it was all meant to be a dark comedy that rly makes u think about the existential depression that comes along with not fitting in, the way adolescents distort their sense of reality to feel a part of something important but then end up getting lost and caught up in it with no way out spiraling into despair
>closing panel - "This was just my way of telling the story of how I lost four of my best friends to hard drugs and the DQN lifestyle. One ODed, two died in a gang war, one shot himself in his bathroom over a junkie girl and the things she did to him. I'm the only one left and I became a mangaka to tell this story. Can you guess who each of the friends is? Can you guess which drug each of the girls represents? Do you understand now what the true Prison School was all along, a place where you can't escape bullying except through substance abuse? Stay safe out there readers, you're unique and special people and I love you all, and remember, just don't pick up that needle, no matter what. I promise you'll always regret it.
screencap this post too, just in case

>hana winning
>after pulling something like this
Goddamn this delusion.

I honestly thought Mari was as evil as she is hot and there could be no redemption but that would actually be a great thing to start a redemption arc off with. "No Chiyo, Kiyoshi is different from other guys! He's trustworthy" etc etc
First Kiyoshi will have to suffer though.

This is smalltime compared to the massive brownpill swallowed by fully half of Hanafags in these threads that
>Hana has a good personality

is there plans for second anime season?
does she ever actually pee on him?

No and yes.

point me in the right direction sir

read the fucking manga.

tell me the chapter where it happens

i aint got all the time in the world

well, at least something is happening

You can read 60 chapters in an hour.

180 or something.

I appreciate the attempt, but uh it's still missing chapters 266 and 267.

end me now

what chapter does the anime end at?

86 or so


I honestly think Kiyoshi is going to end up alone. At the very least he got a handful and mouthfull of Mari's 10/10 ass, something that I'm sure another man will never do. So he can take solace in that at least.

There were no misunderstandings, if anything, Chiyo and Kiyoshi would be together thanks to many misunderstandings. About everything pro their relationship is a lie, and everything Hana told Chiyo actually did happen. Kiyoshi IS a pervert but he poses as a saint to Chiyo and was resolved to not tell her a single thing that happened between him and Hana.

Far be it from me to discourage a tripfag from suiciding.

So what you're saying is that Hana dindu nuffin?

>Hana dindu nuffin


>Kiyoshi IS a pervert but he poses as a saint to Chiyo
Hanafags will they ever learn?

Oh boy

>accidentally see Hana urinating
>she goes autistic and wants to see you urinate
>accidentally end up peeing on her
>have to let her pee on you to get her of your back
>accidentally put in each other's underwear
What did Kiyoshi do wrong here?

No chapter has topped this yet. My dick was diamonds during this entire thing. The Kiyoshi/Hana piss chapter came close but this one still is the best.

Bix nood, my fellow Hana intellectual. Let us away to Chiyo's storefront, there to break the oppressive glass and "liberate" a goodly supply of Kiyoshi's attention and affection. We DESERVE it, after all, no need to earn it.

That the best?

Get the fuck outta here. This is easily one of the hottest and best lesbian scenes ever written, let alone the hottest scene in the entire story. I eagerly await season 2 just for this in the final episode.

Oh look a thirsty /u/fag. Fuck off.

Problem is once you meet actual lesbians the fantasy will sort of be ruined for you forever and you won't enjoy it, so try not to.

>Hana confirmed for truly the worst
>doesn't want Kiyoshi to be with Chiyo
>tells Chiyo the truth about Kiyoshi
>somehow this makes her the worst.
Brilliant logic there.

The "medusa" autism all but ruined that chapter for me, honestly

>the truth that invokes him doing nothing wrong and clearly bending it to make Kiyoshi look way worse thus killing two people's happiness out of out of envy

As always, delusional Hanafags demonstrate their complete lack of human decency or integrity by insinuating that lies of omission are truths.

Well he made out with her a couple times.

What weak shit is this. Stop being a horny ape that only focuses on brazen TnA. This scene had a tense buildup, slow burn, and several layers of sensuality in it. It was also a pivotal scene not just for the plot, but for both Kate and Mari's characters and their relationship to each other.

There is far more going on in it then "hurr here's my ass for cheap fanservice pls suck poison out"

It was the cheapest fanservice gimmick in the series and I'm starting to see why people hate /u/fags

>/u/fag trying to justify their degeneracy
Whatever you say faggot.

It was unironically the thinking man's "fanservice" scene. Cheap ass and titties has ruined your sense of sensuality

>Being this triggered because someone liked a scene and posted about it.

There was nothing sensual about that scene at all though, it was abrupt and strained suspension of disbelief of even the previously established as fanservice characters. It was also the most NSFW chapter of all, and incredibly sensationalist, awkward, overcooked.


Go back to your containment board

Question for people without piss or "sweat" fetishes:
What keeps you even reading this shitty manga and posting in these shitty threads even after the cavalry arc?

That was a plot to escape the prison.
>tense buildup
>slow burn
Like everything in this fucking manga
>several layers of sensuality
There was more to the bathroom scene than just fanservice. It had a very comedic, and yet hectic, overtone. The frantic freneticism of their actions helped to develop their characters and their relationship.

And a scene with them arbitrarily fumbling around with snakes so they'd be forced into a ridiculous fanservice scene isn't all that you listed?

Jesus, you need to expand your horizons beyond just manga, your sense of fiction is really skewed bud.

Sup Forums is not a politically correct website and never has been one, nor has its userbase ever taken kindly to tone or content policing. What I'm really trying to say is kill yourself, you stupid bitch.

How deep in shit is Hana mentally at this point?
Double suicide attempt arc when?

>this entire post

Actually go back to /reddit/

I don't care about the Mari scene whatsoever, I'm just letting you know that you're a retard.

I don't necesairly agree with you but I dislike that scene because it crossed a line. There's always a kind of innocence to all the lewdness, even with Hana and Kiyoshi's makeout session. I'd be like if the next chapter we suddenly go to Shingo fucking the shit out of Anzu or something. It'd be too weird and you'd suddenly feel like you're reading a hentai rather than a high school comedy.


So this is the moment Chiyo gets turned on by being cucked, right?

There was a reason the snakes were there, y'knwo.

Sup Forums is not a politically correct website and never has been one, nor has its userbase ever taken kindly to tone or content policing. What I'm really trying to say is kill yourself, you stupid bitch.

Imagine being this butthurt because people doesn't share the same opinion as you

>you're a retard

Your lack of self awareness of astounding. No wonder everything about that scene is lost on you.

What does Sup Forums have to do with any of those posts? Why is /u/ so oversensitive? This is why you should stay in your containment board. For your own sake since you people cry like little bitches every time someone tells you to fuck off.

Mari's ass.

Really though I want to know, now that it's been ages since a proper scheme took place and all the boys are busy being apologetic pieces of shit and PBRfagging and the girls are all just derping around, why keep on watching? Risa is redeeming Andre somewhat sure, but is that worth reading through everything else?

Barely ever even shows though, in current arc it's literally Mari Is Missing, it's a good ass but come on man you must be starving.
>Why is /u/ so oversensitive?
Because weeb faggots were always actually just as bad as regular faggots, and /u/ and /y/ are actually just as bad as /lgbt/.
>but I'm HOMOSEXUAL so you have to support my bad behavior you nazi!
Yeah, it's dumb.

So a guy and a girl have pseudo comedy 69 scene where they need to suck the poison, to be honest it made me laugh than fap to it.

While Mari x Kate scene where Mari manipulated Kate hungry desire into doing that made me fap to it, so that's a winner in my eyes.

Kiyoshi is good for comedy but not for sexy scenes, and people who call other fags for enjoying two girls making out scene must be gay themselves.

I want r/The Donald and pol kiddies to suicide

That's a lot of unnecessary words for a post lacking any coherent point.

Thanks for proving my point kid

Sup Forums is not a politically correct website and never has been one, nor has its userbase ever taken kindly to tone or content policing. What I'm really trying to say is kill yourself, you stupid bitch.
No matter how much you spam this same meme about how Sup Forums was a safe haven for special snowflakes before the election, no one will ever buy it

Thanks for letting everyone know you were born in the 21st century.

>violent cunt
This is true
>who goes out of her way to ruin the happiness of a potential couple
Fake couple. The whole relation ship between them are based on nothing but lies. Kiyoshi doesn't like Sumo and he continues to lie to Chiyo.
>even after giving her blessing to kiyoshi
I don't remember this ever happening

Defend what? It is true that the females of this manga are pretty horrible most of the time, but even then the male characters actually deserve alot of the punishment that they receive. The only real problem here is that Kiyoshi gets punished for shit he is innocent of, then avoids getting punished for stuff (sometimes worse things) that he is guilty of.

She is a bitch because she tries to stop the guy she likes from being with another girl? A girl he has been constantly cheating on as well as lied too?
Hanna is a bitch because she violently kicks people... but this? While her reason for revealing this to Chiyo might be egoistic, she did the right thing when she told Chiyo this.

>you're saying is that Hana dindu nuffin?
Naww... what she did was a bit underhanded, but even then she did the right thing. Even if she didn't want Kiyoshi, she should tell Chiyo about him. Kiyoshi is trash and is treating Chiyo terribly.

1. Continues to lie to Chiyo. Their whole relationship is based him lying.
2. At any time he could have told Hanna to fuck off. He could have taken her kicks and suffered like a man.
3. He keeps on doing pervy stuff with her. Forcibly kisses her using his tongue to make her shut up. etc etc

So even if there are some accidents, he keeps on playing along. For instance even though they originally switched underwear by mistake, that is no longer the case. They are doing it deliberately now.

>Why is /u/ so oversensitive?
Lets be fair here, Sup Forums is much more oversensitive about /u/ or yuri content in overall than /u/ is about Sup Forums.

There's more crying about yuri content from Sup Forums recently seeing some shows than it was in the past.

What the fuck is happening in this thread


>This thread

>a bit underhanded
Haha you know how younguns are, always shanking each other, don't mean nothing by it
>she did the right thing
Nigga disrespec'd a brudda can't have that, deserved to get his ass capped yo
>Kiyoshi is trash and is treating Chiyo terribly
Ay yo you disrespec yo woman again I'll fill you both up wit lead I don fuk around nomsayn

The dying throes of Hanafags and yurishitters

Holy shit, it's been a while since there was this much autism in one prison school thread. Did the redditors invade again?

Just stop posting and shut the fuck up already you dumb brainlet cunts. No one wants to talk politics here, especially not with retard kids. Go fellate cheeto hitler somewhere else

Is Meiko Sup Forumsfag?

So is someone gonna dump the chapter or not?

I guess we know where you two are from.

No, user, she thinks you're disgusting trash. If you're lucky maybe she'd let you lick her spit from her boot.