Anime spoiler roulette thread

ITT: Post censored anime spoilers. Others post and view them on their own risk.


Literally every single character dies a horrible death in Texhnolyze.

Squeeler's race were human all along, and so are the titans from SnK

Kamina dies in the first half of Gurren Lagann.

The good guys win in most anime.

Kaiki is best girl

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You lost the spoiler roulette eh? Had that been a gun, you'd be a spooky ghost right now.

Yang Wenli dies in episode 82 of LOGH

>thread dies because nobody actually watches anime

Fuura Kafuka's been dead from the beginning and each of the girls were failed suicides and Nozomu wasn't a real teacher, just a guy that was hired to take care of them

Dude! I was just about to post that!

the happy kid became the sad maid and the sad kid became the happy maid

Traps are gay

Gan literally rapes 3 of the MCs

Every protagonist in Stone Ocean dies except for Emporio, and ironically the only Stardust Crusader still alive at this point is Joseph.


Ready for this one? Cause CC follows Lulu from the beginning.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood dies

Shannon and Kanon are both Beatrice in disguise, but the real killers were Battler's parents.

I finally picked up LOGH, and now this. Do I blame you or OP

This thread os fucking scary. I dont want to click on any of those because theres so many anime i want to watch in the future, yet the urge to read those juicy spoilers keeps tempting me.

everyone knows that you slowpoke

Don't worry, almost everyone dies in it, all you was really spoiled on was the timing.

His death is better in the manga

Don't worry, almost everyone dies in it, the only spoiler there was the timing. For example, characters like Kircheis die early on where characters like Reuenthal die later on.

Joe from Ashita no Joe, dies in the end.

And his rival dies halfway through.

You got me. I am only 14 episodes in, and I didnt know that. I only know of the final spoiler, because it is a meme.

Togame dies and Shichika breaks all the swords he was not supposed to break.

How about you blame yourself? The OP warned you. You knowingly came to a minefield, and nobody is to blame, if you find yourself standing on a mine.

Thanks a lot buddy. I was gonna watch most anime, but you ruined it for me.

Kumatetsu wins the battle, becomes a tool god, turns into a sword and becomes Kyuta's "Sword in the heart". Also he reconciles with his real dad and abandons the Beast Kingdom forever.

Akagi kills himself at the end.

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Nonoriri is Noriko from the first series

Ran didn't technically die tho

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The girl in Girl May Kill kills the MC at the end

Sheryl wins and Alto dies

Ryuko is Ragyo's presumed dead daughter and Satsuki's younger sister.

Snape kills Dumbledore

Her mind and body died faggot she died when oniishi stabbed the tower after that ichise is just imagining her

You're all right user

Does this really count as a spoiler

Shu dies in Twin Spica.

I mean the whole manga she is either a love interest or a daughteru interest so I'd say so.


Even better is the fact that there are hints in all of the OPs even though the manga didn't end with that reveal until nearly a decade later

My friend spoiled that for me as I was watching the first episode. Haven't been able to pick it up since

Shut up...


Bruce Willis was dead all along

Ringo isn't real, everything from episode 4 is Tadakuni's dream

Pretty sure this is debated to this day

Kyon is the actual god and not Haruhi

Shu and Marika are related, so they have the same genetic disease. Shu is admitted in a school in America with lots of physical tests so he has to endure an intense training there. He suddenly starts coughing blood there, then his father reveals Shu's mother died of a mysterious illness. Since he ran away from home he never knew about his disease. His little sister go visit him in the hospital and he asks her to go buy some juice, but when she comes back he's already dead. In the end, his spirit becomes "Mr.
Bunny" and he becomes friends with a little girl who wants to be an astronaut.
No, Marika didn't die.

his spirit becomes "Mr.
Bunny" and he becomes friends with a little girl who wants to be an astronaut.

Oh my word, my heart. Thanks, man.

Aeris dies.

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