When did breast sizes akin to this start becoming so increasingly common in anime...

When did breast sizes akin to this start becoming so increasingly common in anime? There used to be a time where Eiken was ridiculed and a girl having a bit more than a handful was considered big, but nowadays that just seems to be the new minimum. What happened?

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>increasingly common
no. you're just increasingly watching that kind of show

Humanity progresses. It will never stop progressing, and making breast sizes better (such as the one pictured) is one of the signs of that progress.

This OP, you just like watching this sort of anime. Which is fine, just don't be such a tsun for it.

Are you implying it's a bad thing?

..increasingly common? I wish.

People realized there was an audience for such things.

>increasingly common

Not common, though.

Besides your example there's what, Manyuu? And that's pretty much it?

And those are both blatantly ecchi-centric shows.

I wish they were more common, actually.

Qwaser and Queen's Blade come to mind pretty quickly, and stuff like Hajimete no Gal might not go as big but they're still pretty sizable.

Remember that back in the day, characters like Ranma were considered large by those standards. They've definitely been getting bigger over the years.

Manyuu, Qwaser, Maken-Ki, Occultic9, Valkyrie Drive, Queen's Blade, Kagaku no Yatsura, Maidragon, Basquatch, Gal are names that come to mind. If you expand the range from gigantic to huge you can also include stuff like shinmai testament and HxH among many others.

Granted, we are not quite at Eiken level yet. But there definitely is a big difference between was considered big then and what is considered big now.

If you are also into breast expansion or bakunyuu (Breasts bigger than the Head) you should check out bible black

Qwaser's were big, but they weren't quite OP big. Cattleya definitely qualifies, but she was robbed of sufficient screen time.

I definitely won't argue that boobs have generally gotten a lot bigger in anime, though.

And I'm not complainin'.

We better reach eiken levels as the new standart soon

Anime just imitate life, all the new generations of girls are being born with bigger breasts and hips, even in Japan.

Pretty much this.

I worked near a high school last year and those girls had racks that made me really question their age. They had to be only 15-16. It was absurd.

What country are we talking about here?

>breast sizes akin to this start becoming so increasingly common

It's the estrogen mimickers in the water and plastic. They hyperfeminize women, sissify men and turn the frogs gay.

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Is funny seeing feminist from older generation trying to brainwash younger women into hate the men kek

Should I Continue watching this show? Started it ~3/4 months ago. Got to episode 4.

bad art and bad proportions have always existed

As has bad taste, which you have made readily apparent.

You should probably just kill yourself.

Sounds like a fair trade if you ask me.

Funny isn't the word I'd choose, personally.

You could also just do yourself a favor and look up the webms/stitches. It's all you need really.


Wait, common??? You should watch some normal shows user

That's weak OP.

Even One Piece girls got bigger to keep up with demand.

Chifusa is perfect.

>Jungle de Ikou
I still remember the dance

I'd rather they make a new one. I have nothing against size but I dislike her hair/clothes/pretty much everything else but that.

So since a few fellow titfags are here, anyone know who the biggest tits of next season will be on? I want to make sure I'm watching it, same as every season.

I unironically wish for Eiken to get a new anime adaption. It'd probably do much better in today's environment, and a full season of opportunities for Kirika to have screentime sounds amazing.

The mangaka has already drawn the Eiken characters taking a dick anyhow, so not sure how that'd go nowadays.

Revisit the monastery episode but give Chifusa the tits she should've had.

This thread is disgusting...

This thread is amazing...

There's an increasing amount of LNs doing smut or borderline smut so who knows. Give it some more years and our sense of morality will have deteriorated sufficiently.

Fuckin Toei

But will Japan's?

Is anyone actually going to play her game?

No. But I will fap to the art.

Yes, the anime was fantastic

No we havent made any progress....

what does this have to do with?

I guess it's true, liking thick girls is universal. Just as shitposting.

Anyone saved the image of those two Roman's calling each others brothers for life?

Fucking love how Romans shitposted in style.

The UI looks stylish like Persona, but I don't know if it'll improve the story. I have to wait for the localization anyway.


How long would you last from her paizuri?

Considering you'd need a dick big by even hentai standards to even make it out the other end of her paizuri, I'd say not more than a few minutes at least.


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By estrogen are we talking about the pill? Moment you hit puberty.



Modern men no longer desire large breasts

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Then why are breast sizes rising across the globe?



Its the ever waging war between those that prefer boob or butts. Size is sometimes a factor


More series need tiddies so big that the clap when the character walks.

All the emphasis that series placed on just how fucking big the tits were, was perfect.

Hoods truly appreciates huge boobs, and it shows.



I wish every girl got the bust upgrade Hotaru always gets in her fanart and doujins

When did making stupid generalizations akin to this start becoming so increasingly common on Sup Forums? There used to be a time where people knew what they were talking about, but nowadays it seems like everyone here fancies themselves an anime expert with 100 series watched none of which are from before the late 70s.

Big tits must sag.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

2D tits never sag.

Sag is good.

Some sag that is, not fried egg nailed on a board titties.

Unless the artist wants them to.

Ashitaba-san is so good.

Titsy Morgan 1/6th castoff when?



I love big boobies so very much.


>hurdur progress for the sake of progress!!!

You sound like a leftist. Leftists are never good. I would like to shoot you now, if you may please.

I wish I had my own Lucoa. Her boobs would get sore from how much attention I'd give though.

>tfw going through episodes frame by frame for Lady J nip slips
>those heavy slapping sounds when her tits bounced
too good for this world








I need more Valkyrie Drive in my life


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