Is this the body every anime fan lust after?

Is this the body every anime fan lust after?



This is.

Pretty much

Too flat for my taste.



not necessary

Add 30-40% more boobz.

gross, too many curves

>nice hips

Yes, and I didn't even watch shinmai

We aren't talking about the drooling idiots.

Breasts too big.
Giant fat ass.

I'll pass.

there are some others I'd lust after more, but if I'm honest I'd kill for any 2D body


I'm not into huge boobs fetish. Though this particular one would be more pleasing to my eyes with a somewhat fuller rack. At least that was what I thought until image attached.

Ideal female body here

I was rude myself, I thought you're one of those "Lucoa is a goddess" type of kids. I apologize.
Even I have to agree that absolute no breasts only look good at the smallest loli bodies.

No, it's this one user

You're pretty quick to attach titles to people, user. I don't even know who the fuck this Lucoa is.

In my defense, today's Sup Forums is pretty shit.
She is a typical cowtits character from that KyoAni dragon show who's being spammed daily

best girl





Why are her breasts that of an average adult's in the anime?


pretty much

she can shape shift she becomes older and more busty as she powers up, shes a succubus

this is her full power

Is she the next one to get pumped full with semen? I hope Basara says: "Maria, I want to be inside you".

>That background
Fucking gay traps, they keep ruining everything.

she is not a trap

she deserves it

>Man requests a 30-40% increase on a small-chested character
>You jump to Lucoa
That was your fault, that increase still would've resulted in a reasonable bust.

I want to eat her.

theyre all great. but Maria, Zest, Imouto & Sensei are best







do you have the scene where she asks to hold hands



Yeah but I didn't mean her adult form, but her "loli form" in the anime, that has a good C cup breast size.

Mediocre face, but those thighs are killing me.



maybe legal issues I have no idea

I always thought her face is extremely pretty and sensual.

I think it's more of the staff's "personal touch of taste"

Maria a best

Pick your type?
I pick O

A or O.
None is really my ideal type, but these are both delicious.

X > A > I > O

x > o > i > a



X > O > I > A

I wanna lick every inch of her body

O is best, just so erotic with the ever so slight chub, but still having all the shape.
A is second, the petite build and the shyness that comes from it is charming.
Then comes I, a bit muscular, but the fitness has its own kind of appeal.
X is hte worst on the principal of it being just boring, and the face ruins it further.