Will Purple cameo in the Jailbreak arc?

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timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20171001T00&p0=:&msg=Dengeki Fall Fes 2017/Index S3&font=slab

No. Kamachi also doesn't do something twice so she's also gonna stay locked up forever.


>In fact, Niang-Niang and Nephthys had been much the same. If the Magic Gods at the top were like that, perhaps it was just that the magic side as a whole was strange. That might sound like an amusing adolescent delusion…but when he thought about it some more, Kanzaki the Saint showed a lot of skin with the cut-off parts of her clothing, English 2nd Princess Carissa had worn a wonderfully shoulders-baring princess dress, and Marian Slingeneyer, the Dvergr of Old Gremlin, had worn naked overalls… He did not want to think about it too much, but had he stumbled upon a truth of the world that said people approached nudity the stronger they became? And even if this was no more than a hopeless delusion coincidentally having some similarity with the truth, it was still a sad state of affairs for the magic side.

>“…So was there some meaning to that Fallen Angel Erotic Maid? Like foreshadowing of an evolution to a second form?”

五和 - Itsuwa (first name?)
Family name?

Is that fucking Kamidori?

She also appears in the Railgun manga, being defeated by Saten in the bat twirling race.

>yfw fully powered Index will have a lewd outfit
>now that Lola has revealed herself she might get a new lewd outfit as the Witch Queen of Academy City
Yes, yes, yes!!


I want a lewd demon lord Touma more than I want a lewd Pendex.

I'm going to miss these old memes. Truly, the Aeon of Horus is beginning.

Othinus please.

Can't believe Puzzdex is fucking dead.

So do you need a phone number if playing the MMO on an emu? Just downloaded it yesterday


Does Paula get screentime in the upcoming season?


> The threads will never be filled with S3 soon or S3 never posts again after October 1st
We've come a long way man.

I'd never thought I'd be getting sentimental over the no Season 3 memes after all these years.


2 days until you get blown the fuck out forever

Railgun S3 SOON!

Have fun getting ass blasted then, it's going to happen. If the leak wasn't enough to slap you out of denial, the fest will.


The superior of the barcode mage.


I don't know why people feel the need to be contrarian about this, it's literally been confirmed. Are you that upset about Index being all over the media and returning to the spotlight? Well whatever, opinions.

Nearly a decade of waiting.


Not if you get it through 9game

>Hamazura won't be the final boss of Index anime anymore

Man I used to love that game for some odd reason back in the day.

The end of an era.


Its been way too long, I dont know how to feel about this

Rare Kakine.



>protect Kazakiri from Vento
>protect Index from Kihara-kun and a billion HD
I miss actual protection being an optional objective.

It's been said before but whoever made this is a time traveler for predicting that with Lola

Will this guy appear again?

If you meme hard enough

>S3 PV is Touma and Index watching HO on their TV and ends with him saying he's gonna go to school

He has a higher chance of appearing because he's a meme in Japan too.


Theories about Laura being some end game boss have been going around since forever.

No one said she was a demon. She's just gonna get fucked over by her boss Baphomet anyways

He's going to be in France fighting mechs isn't he

>implying miki won't troll by having a blood sign anime first, even if it's by 5 minutes.
>implying /raildex/ won't go apeshit
>implying it won't be hilarious.

That'd sabotage BS' rep and effectively kill the series

Are anime leaks always a 100 percent true?

The way this was leaked, yeah. I believe Re;Zero's announcement was leaked in a similar way a few years ago.

Index 2 got leaked too I believe.

No it wouldn't if they actually stop being gay and announce season three right afterwards. Would be great to watch the thread flip out though.

Same leak happened for re: zero's anime at some event before it actually happened like a year ago. I'm sure it's the same with Index, especially with the Fest around the corner.

I thought Choronzon was the last obstacle to enlightenment.

When is the fall fest anyways?

in like 2 or 3 days

It is. It's basically a lackey for Baphomet which is the thelema version of Satan. That's why it's the last obstacle for Thelemites, because Aleister believed himself to be holy in the sense of thelema, hence a guardian angel.

Everybody said she was a witch.

2 days and some more hours



timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20171001T00&p0=:&msg=Dengeki Fall Fes 2017/Index S3&font=slab

It's the equivalent of a demon in pokemon

Pretty much. Whether it's through a website being registered or uploaded too early, store signs, preemptive listing of articles by reporters, its usually always true.

Not to mention, Animax likely had that PR prepared to hype up the episode but some idiot either uploaded it too soon or forgot to edit out the announcement parts that were to be added.

It's time for another rewatch. One might call this a miracle.

>more imouto nerfs

Intern-Kun died for our sins

Announcing Index S3 right after would get more of an "oh, you" reaction rather than "you motherfuckers"
Assuming Miki survives long enough to actually announce S3 that is.

>someone tries sniping him
>we OT15 in real life now

Just use nerfed Touma and feel his fukou da.

Nowadays, not really. It's lore mentioned it being banished to the Distortion World by Arceus or something for being violent in D/P. Then in Platinum it's lore was changed again as the ruler of the Distortion World to keep things balanced in the real world. It's been that way ever since, it looks demonic but in reality not really. I don't even think there is a Pokemon equivalent to Satan.

> Announces Railgun D or BS S1
> Crowd freaks the fuck out and mobs the stage to beat Miki
> Day later he announces Season 3 on twitter before getting sniped on his way home

>oriana still untouched

Two years ago I would have rejoiced about Index III but I don't care anymore. The novels became tedious to read as well. So I dropped it altogether and started enjoying other shows. Life has been surprisingly good so far.



Chinks are horrible at nerfing and buffing shit so far. Touma is worse to the point where I don't even know If I want to use him, and they apparently "balanced" Oriana but in reality they indirectly buffed her.

Better nerf greninja

They should just make PvP and PvE changes separate, baka chinks

You're full of shit, latest patch didn't do anything to Touma but make dragon strike work as intended, and latest patch Oriana's damage gains literally went from 1% to 0.1

Is the lag worst now or is it just me?

Imoutos objectively are better than before

>Underestimating Miki

Are you all really so stupid as to not see his plan? He is setting you up once more to feed off of your collective despair when he pulls everything out from under you. This is how he will gain the power to take over all of anime, japan, and even the world. And you raildexfags are going to help him accomplish it.

Hope only leads to sorrow. Let go of this pipe dream. Give up on your childish wishes. Do nothing, feel nothing. His ascension is inevitable, and we may only save ourselves by replacing despair with denial.

This is your mantra: It is not happening. There was no chance of it ever happening to begin with. We will never get Season 3 because Miki is just too clever and strong and influential. What can fags on Sup Forums do against such might?

Give up, so that you may be spared the pain of defeat.

I feel like I've seen this post before.

Nice copypasta, no one cares though

I don't care about NT being adapted because I honestly don't think we will ever make it that far but OT being finished would be a nice way to cap off the anime.

>now does less than 300 damage per rifle shot on a pure attack level 45 imouto

>Misaka Network Beta got nerfed into oblivion
>doesn't even give homing bullets anymore
>Alpha nerfed in last patch
>Full Burst somehow worse than just unloading the entire clip into an enemy
>additional Imoutos don't do full damage anymore
U wot?

If it makes enough money they're not gonna stop here.

The archive isn't turning up anything, I don't think this is a copypasta.

It's at least from another anime, I swear it's familiar

Leave Miki to me.

You know something's wrong when imouto does less DPS than a same-level kuroko and kazakiri on top of being made of paper.

I don't think anyone expects them to animate NT unless we've memed a little too hard and shit gets out of hand. First we have to worry about the rest of OT being properly adapted. Whether we get a 3 cour that completes the series, or a 2 cour with 3 WW3 movies, we just need OT to be perfect.

Besides if they ever started animating NT, it would have to be some crazy shit like the sales dropped below 20k or something. Alongside that we'd probably be sitting here for almost another decade waiting for them to do NT S2.

You can not handle the truth, so you dismiss my words as copy paste. I expected as much.

No, it is not. I typed it out right here and now to try to warn you. But you all are too stupid to listen.

They made Mikoto to stun if you hit her PvP only, but stuns if you attack with her in PvE

We don't have a reasoning as to why they've waited until now, though. There's always shit going on behind the scenes and we know the distribution licenses for the series had to be changed.

NT is harder one to adapt though, they would need like 2 24 seasons for Othinus and then another one for Magic Gods and Kamisato (this if they ignore NT11 and even then it is tight.)
It is just an insane number of episodes.

>level imouto up to 43
>go to pvp
>level 41 kanzaki fights me
>I unload the whole clip into her
>less than 50% of one bar of health
>she kills me in half a knockup combo
fucking chinks