Isn't this anime a bit too deep to be considered a shonen?

Isn't this anime a bit too deep to be considered a shonen?

I honestly can't see the average 14 year old that creams his pants over Boku no Hero Academia and One Piece enjoying something as thought provoking as Hunter x Hunter

It has a lot of elements which are able to entertain and maintain the interests of people who can't keep up with intellectually.



>this is what hxhfags actually believe

>it's a cartoon so it can't be deep

A cartoon can be deep. This cartoon is not.

sasuga hxh fags

I bet you missed the point of the ant arc

>thought provoking
>things that cannot be said about hxh
0/10 worst OP

I honestly can't see people giving less weight to words like shounen or seinen, but I fucking wish I could.




>so deep, hurr durr
>I watch Rick&Morty too, let me explain it, because it's too deep 4 everyone else

My 11 years old brother disagrees, I wanted to rewatch HxH and he wanted to watch it so we went through it together. He fucking loved it and creamed his pants all over the Chimera Ant arc.

This gotta be bait.

Sure a 14 yo doesn´t enjoy it like a 20yo+but it´s not too deep.
It has a good story and at some points older viewer understand the facts better.


Do we need 3 HxHbait threads? Fuck off.

Manga is serialized in a shonen manga magazine = shonen

>Humans are the real monsters story you can find in any garbage bin battle shonen
So deep.

Thanks for confirming that you missed the point.

Enlighten me.


Then why isn't there a recent anime adaptation?Even Boruto is more entertaining than this crap.

How did you get that out of the CA arc. It's more of a celebration of humanity

The message was that Humans have the ability to do anything to win or get the results they want. Look at Netero's final moments he used a poisonous Bomb kill Meruem and how Gon just gave up on life just to take revenge

Which, in actuality, is the exact same kind of "humans do bad things" message.

one piece is better than HxH though

>Look at Vegeta's final moments he used self destruct to try killing Buu and how Dr. Gero just gave up on life just to take revenge

I wonder how retarded one has to be to miss the fact that Komugi was a positive and important factor in Meruem's growth

Well it's not super unique or anything since dragonball did it decades before it.

And beauty and the beast did that way before anime was a big thing

could you stick to one thing?

Death is meaningless in Dbz and Gero's revenge isn't handled the same way as gon's, he was just made up to be in the arc unlike Gon who is the protagonist


I am not the user you responded to, that was my first post in this thread.
Honestly I am also gonna come out and say that the ants were shit and the humans had every right to nuke them.
I honestly can't believe there are people wo defend any if the ants or meruem, some of them had some nice development, but that didn't make the humans evil or wrong for exterminating most of them.

Aren't you a bit too young to be posting on Sup Forums?

I honestly can't see the average 14 year old that creams his pants over what entertainment media he considers to be philosophical enjoying something as thought provoking as post-ironic shitposting

The only thing deep here is my dick in Pitou's vagoo

>implying deep = dark
yes HxH has a darker setting than most shounen anime but that doesn't make it deep by any means.
Stuff like NGE, Mushishi, Arakawa under the Bridge or Angel Beats is deep. Those anime have a second meaning/layer to them, where there's room to interpret or draw a conclusion of.

Not since 10 years ago.

To be fair, you have to have a *very* high IQ to understand Hunter X Hunter. The strategies are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of nen powers most of the tactics will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Gon's hypocritical outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from*Miguel De Cervantes* literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly *appreciate* the depths of these decisions, to realize that they're not just retarded- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Hunter X Hunter truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Hisoka's existential catchphrase "O MY RUBBER NEN," which itself is a cryptic reference to Shakespeare's ever popular writing style.I'm smirking right now just *imagining* one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Yoshihiro Togashi's masterpiece unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I *pity* them.
And yes by the way, I DO have a Hunter X Hunter tattoo. And no, you cannot see it.
It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

>Having less screen time turns you into a worse character

>post-ironic shitposting
>emoji posting
You need to go back Sup Forumsermin

Is it as deep as Gons will be?

Hey! That is my meme!!!

I knew something about these fanbases seemed familiar. Odd that it took pasta to make realize.

Really though, I read through some of HxH and dropped it cause it was just generic shonen but with "lol wacky" character designs and a somewhat dark setting. Was really looking forward to it, too, because people said that nen was this really cool power system, but it seemed like just a convoluted way to excuse away whatever power the author wanted.

Did I just drop it too early for it to get good, or is it really just Rick & Morty tier fans hyping it up? (dropped around the time the scarlet-eyed kid fought the guy who could punch good)

I got into Hunter X Hunter because it was a fun shonen with a lot of side characters who don't get overpowered by the main character, cool and unique powers that made sense in-universe, a tolerable power creep, and a competently put together story that could go anywhere because the author is immune to being fired.
Those are things that kids and teens can also enjoy.
All of the "thought provoking" stuff that kids won't appreciate and understand until they're older is just the reason why I keep clicking on HxH threads even though we're in an indefinite hiatus.


aren't we a little past caring about what the ""intended audience"" what's good is good regardless.

When did you drop it?
I am don't participate in ant of the hxh threads so I wouldn't call myself a hxhfag, but I did really enjoy hxh.
I thought it didn't get really good untill yorknew.

When the kid with the "dousing chain" fights the guy that punches really hard from the Spider tattoo group.


OP,i love HxH,but i`m not going to pretend is some deep shit,is good and simple,thats all

Even though the Greed Island Arc was pretty basic in terms of storytelling I really enjoyed it. I loved the training arc Bisky is a best Hisoka messing with Gon and Killua was fun and the dodgeball game was awesome. The villains were kind of weak but the fight between them at the end was pretty good. The ending may seem like a dues ex machina but I thought it made sense. The Chimera Arc is good and had some pretty good characters like Knuckle Morel Netero Meruem and the Royal Guard. The fights are pretty good as well and there's lots of intrigue around the world of HXH.But the pacing crawls constantly and drags even more more than any section of the DBZ anime. And then you have shit characters like Ikalgo.There's also a certain twist which while on it's own is great BUT there's an other element that makes it much less potent. I'm not sure if you'll enjoy Hunter X Hunter if you didn't like the Heavens Arena Arc and even I didn't particularly enjoy the Yorknew Arc much or Kurapika in general. However I think overall HXH is pretty good and at least an 8/10

>angel beats
found the feelsfag
that shit is an insult to haibane renmei

pitou is my wife!

I am not sure if you're going to like it, to he honest I dropped the manga, around that part too, but I got really into it when I watched the anime a few years later on.
If you dropped it recently you don't have to bother with it, but if you dropped it like a year or 2-3 back you might like it this time around.

pitou is male

Pitou is your husband.

6/10 breddy gud bait. Will work better on /r/anime

That is my fetish

>Angel Beats
Is this bait?

Who superior intelect GochiUsa, HxH, and [noitaminA] seasonal anime watcher here?

it gets better imo, kurapica is *that* character and he gets dropped from the story after that arc finishes. though after 15 years the manga is currently back to another kurapica arc

NGE isn't deep. It only hammers you with its themes for 26 episodes straight and a movie, the execution is clumsy. Not only that, but they are attached to a subpar "monster of week" plot that lacks any synergy making the experience feel disjointed. The characters are all two-dimensional (at best) assholes only defined by their problems, they lack nuance and verisimilitude. The religious symbolism is a complete joke (even Anno admitted it). In the same vein, Haibane Renmei did it much better and in only 13 episodes.

Unless you enjoy heavy-handedness regarding pretty basic themes such as self-awareness and self-acceptance, there is nothing to gain from the show. It lacks tact and subtelty to tell that type of personal story making the experience a complete annoyance.

Mushishi would be a good candidate if the author didn't completely forget about the human side. It's a good show but it really feels like a missed opportunity.

Angel Beats!, sure buddy.

It's not deep, it just gets surprisingly dark, considering it's artstyle

>NGE & Angel Beats


Still haven't watched it tbqh
Its been on my backlog for way too long

Yorknew > Election > Tower of Heaven >Hunter Exams > Chimaera Ant > Zoldyck >>>>> Greed Island

Not really sure where to throw Dark Continent Expedition arc yet

Thanks, anons, probably not gonna pick it up again. It's cool and all, but I don't want to get invested in a manga that's on semi-permemant hiatus that I don't find really interesting.

Are there any other "battle manga" outside of the crappy shonen jump tier ones like Nardo, One Piss, and Boku no Loser MC? I like the formula of "fight stuff, worldbuilding, rinse, repeat", but it seems like most of that sort of manga is too generic.

I know it's become a meme, but I liked Berserk before the loli witch got involved I like loli witch but that's when the story really began to nosedive. Psyren was decent, a little generic in terms of character abilities sometimes, but well made all around. Need to finish it. The only other "battle manga" I can think of that isn't absolute garbage is ONE's original OPM

check out helck


>One Piss
One Piece is pretty good
>Boku No Loser Academia
Also pretty decent.First season is knida meh but the rest is pretty good especially in its characterisation fights and plot progression
>One Punch Man
I don't understand why people enjoy OPM but hate the other shounen series. It makes fun of then sure but at the same time it basically is them. The only twist is our protagonist is nonchalant and uber strong and even that's been done. The main joke of the series starts to wear thin and the author recognising this makes more structured and typical shounen arcs with the interesting side characters while he reserves Saitama for final boss and SOL shenagigans.Its not bad at all but not very different

>Two dimensional

>Death is meaningless in Dbz
Same for HxH buddy. You got more things to grasp at yet?

How what?

Prove me wrong without going into details regarding their shoehorned psychological issues.

What? "Humans are the real monsters" doesn't mean all humans are pure evil.


Are you retarded or were you asleep when kite died

I thought Gash Bell was pretty good, it blended comedy into the fights really well imo. Though it is monster-of-the-week in the beginning and in between arcs.

Will check out.

One Piece is not good. I read like 300 chapters and it never got good. But to each their own, I guess.
And I like Murata's art, but his OPM isn't that great. ONE's original is great, glad I read it before it got memed into nonsense by people who only read/watched the other versions. It's not the "parody" aspect I enjoy about it, though.

Yeah and guess what...he came back. So did Hisoka. That's super deep. Also you wish away anything with no consequences. So deep.

Nice try, sweety

Are you retarded?

I don't know much but I can tell you if Hunter x Hunter was airing when I was 14 it would've have been my favourite show ever.
I think it's amount of depth is actually perfect for early teens.

NGE's thematic depth summarized: "don't run away", "interacting with others will hurt you, you must accept this", "love yourself".

A competent writer would've illustrated those efficiently in one movie instead of hammering them onto the viewer's head for 26 episodes.

It isn't deep at all, just overcomplicated mechanically for no real reason.

Don't give him a (You)
It's just a pathetic HxH fanboy with no taste or braincells. Many such cases. SAD!

I'm not the fag that was arguing your point. I thought it was funny the way you trashed it and blew him the fuck out.

Well, user, I washed HxH when I was 14 and I enjoyed it. Yet, pretty sure I couldn't "full" understood it.

Those are just the basics. It's also about how you can grow up and live a meaningful life without forgiving your family, how your mistakes will shape you and how people perceive you, and that ultimately your choices aren't unlimited but are purely formative to who you are.

There's also parts about dogmatic theology ruining mankind, ego causing all conflicts, and how we all want to escape our problems but in the end we always return to that part of our lives because the other option is empty.

> dogmatic theology ruining mankind,
This seems like some fanfiction bullshit.
Where was it in NGE?

I finally went through the show all the way. I both get and don't get why this show is loved.

The Chimera Ant arc made this show literally everything that people selling me on the series said it wouldn't be. As great as it was it dragged ass and spun out hard from a story about an invasive species threatening the environment to a big dialog about man's evolution towards cruelty and desperation and Midway through half these fucking bugs walk around trying to act innocent like they didn't spend the first half EATING and LOBOTOMIZING the supporting cast of the first couple arcs and trying to behave as if they were meek little lambs that couldn't hurt a fly. There wasn't even a power creep there was a straight up quarry jump in power. And possibly the worst transformation this side of SSJ3 Yusuke.

I liked the earlier arcs dynamics, creativity, and character interaction but even before when I could feel the referential nature of the show it was oppressively palpable in this arc.

Overall I love it, but I fell lost after the final 20 episodes.

>This seems like some fanfiction bullshit.
>Where was it in NGE?

That's literally Seele's MO and why they go around fucking up the world.

lmfao, are you fucking serious? You're the retarded one that's also asleep, m8. Gon got Alluka'd and Kite literally is alive and a girl now.

HxH is good. I like it. But I don't, not for a single second, think it is deep.

It's a shounen. Stop fucking thinking the demographic is some stamp of quality. "Oh man HxH is really a seinen that makes it so much better".
I can't tell if I hate you cunts worse than the deconstructionfags

Don't remind me
>HxH is actually a deconstruction of the shonen genre!
I cringe everytime.

So "dogmatic theology ruining mankind" is illustrated through Scooby Doo villains?

Seems painfully simplistic to me, I can't really call that depth, it's just fedora material.

It maybe good and intellectual, but hunterfags stop saying it's "deconstruction".

See all these Reshit tier answers? Congratulations, OP. Now take your illusion that people here are adults with you and gtfo.

>So "dogmatic theology ruining mankind" is illustrated through Scooby Doo villains?

I don't recall any episodes of Scooby Doo where they unmask the monster and it's the Illuminati, conspiring to unmake humanity from individuals to a singular entity.

Which was a political comment on collectivism stifling our humanity and snuffing the joy of living from life by making it homogeneous.

But there I go, talking to people who don't have arguments about shows they either haven't seen or don't get evidently.