I, for one, self-insert as ako

i, for one, self-insert as ako

i, for several, will tri-insert you being ako.

Lose some of the weight, manboob fatso.

I would insert my dick into Ako, if you know what I mean.

only kei-chan is allowed to

What compels the author to write something like kiss x sis
Why wouldnt you just make hentai

It's better than hentai and you can have actual voice actresses who want to continue their careers after your show.

is the manga worth reading?

i'm disgusted by piss girl

this was better than 90% of hentai

Kiss x sis was my first ever ecchi, it's sad that it was all downhill for me since the beginning

what are the odds of more kiss x sis anime you guys
is it worth still holding out hope, the ova series did just end two and a half years ago

No real reason to make more, it probably won't happen.

has he had sex yet? I dropped this a while ago because the MC gets less action than Rito.

I could only get so far into this shit
did they ever explained why riko always has that bandaid on her stupid face

This show was such a cocktease.

what about the bandaid
its cute get over it

>No good doujins
>Only good one is NTR

I think we can all agree that Riko is the sexiest.

>is the manga worth reading?

Manga plot is a bit of a train-wreck at this point.

Is this a good show to watch with your sister?

>Is this a good show to watch with your sister?

Only if you are Kyousuke and your sister is Kirino.

Do you, like all good brothers, kiss your sister on the mouth? If yes, yes.


What an excellent series of doujin.

>Kiss x sis was my first ever ecchi

And you survived the experience, despite having had no prior training? Amazing.

Hey same, it's also the only one i've watched where the constant cockteasing didn't make me angry and prevent fapping.

not him but why?

At this point it's a lot of Keita and gang running around, with Sensei mis-understandings and relationship drama.

There's been a noticeable drop-off with not enough Ako/Riko cuteness (or lewdness).

thanks. maybe I should just start reading, might aswell