Why doesn't Rei eat meat?

Why doesn't Rei eat meat?

Because she's a vegetarian.



She has her fill of Gendo's meat.

She used to spent a lot of time with Nadia years ago.

I don't get it

She doesn't believe in cannibalism

Why is Mogudan so obsessed with Rei?

Cause Rei > Asuka




Because Rei a shit.

>the virgin vegan and the chad meatlover

That meme isn't funny

t. virgin

Getting triggered is just going to make reifags post shit like this more often.

Anno doesn't. That's the biggest reason why.

I'm not triggered, and there's nothing wrong with being triggered.

doesnt she usually live off supplements that replace meals? thats probably why

Because she created life on earth and hates having to eat it.

Canonical Rei eats tofu ramen
Pills are a meme

Its not wrong to get triggered necessarily but reacting to bait just encourages more bait.
Thats why theres usually only one attempt to bait per thread with the 'rei loves gendo cock' meme but lots of shitposts with the 'asuka loves kaji cock' meme

Because Rei has Lilith's soul. Every creature on earth came from Lilith so it would be like to eat her own offsprings.

She's waiting for marriage.

Why would he make the worst girl his self-insert?

Because she wants to get married

kill yourself fag

Isn't shinji his self insert?


He's overweight enough even without animal fats. And it's not like Anno needs energy to do any sort of hard work. He makes a single film every 3-4 years, if even that.

>'asuka loves kaji cock' meme
How can it be a meme if it's true?

And that's bad because?

Because she's Anno's self insert

All this christian symbolism yet she's actually hindu
Bravo Anno

In the original it's because she doesn't like it.
The taste offends her. Shame, best girl is missing out on some good eats.

That said, that Rei doesn't want to eat meat simply adds to her gentle nature. She doens't lambast or harass others for eating meat.

Simply, best girl.

Gendo gives her all the meat she needs.

Someone who is a vegetaian is someone who refuses to have sex... ever.

>dumb reihaters making slander in order to make up for their waifus/husbandos canonical inferiority

Another cunt already tried this shit joke
Disconnect yourself from the server of life

Because she's best girl

So is Anno's lazy depressed ass finally working on the final Rebuild?

Garlic ramen without pork. Looked like she had takeout wrappers littering her apartment, and the bag hanging off her minifridge was full of cans for what might be vegetable juice.

The final Rebuild never mattered. With the third Rebuild, Anno's sick ass got to publish the otaku revenge he always dreamed of: a butthurt attack on Rei fans that glorifies his favorite characters, Asuka and Kaworu.

In the midst of all this chaos, Anno focused so much on Rei that despite hating her and trying to ruin her character, that Rebuild's story is fucked up.

The final Rebuild must either redeem itself by undoing the Asuka and Kaworu pandering in a cataclysmic and precise manner and restore Rei and EVA to it's former glory,


continue down it's current road of pure pandering.

Anno has gotten his fill of pandering and doesn't even believe it'll be out until after 2020. 3.33 was Anno blowsing his load to a sadistic fantasy, and then went into a post-ejaculation depression.

I thought it was beer.

>Anno hates himself
>Anno hates Rei
Makes sense.



Cause she only eats loads of pills and semen.

Eating yourself is bad for health, deadly bad.

It'd feel weird probably.

For Rei it's likely purely instinctual.

are the eva mangas any good?

The first half/three quarters of the NGE manga is good, after that it goes to hell.

Filled with someone else's meat

There are two good Eva manga, one is okay, and seven could cause staph infections.

No joke, the first time i stopped to think about it, in special the scene in NGE where she asks for ramen without pork, i thought it was because she was lilith -> judaism -> pork isnt allowed in judaism.

>Rei is now disney-princess level perfect
God Bless Studio Wallaby

Semen is meat though. Rei doesn't.

Why would she want that? Context pls

>Context pls


wtf episode is this from?

Rebuild 2.0, you faggot


A bit more specific?

Wow. Happy Merchant is a dead ringer for Anno himself.

What does it mean?


I suddenly want sushi

Wait, this is a real thing?

Yes and not a new thing at all, I think I've heard of places in the US who do this

Probably real somewhere in this world, but its a rather famous concept.
You never seen it on tv or anything?

But why would she want it tho? Did she just think it was cool?

THAT'S THE JOKE, you mongoloid. Rei is the last person who would ask for something so audacious, and she's doing it in her normal mood.

I'd like some sushi served on a naked Rei.

So they killed her character for a joke?

This is what Reifags are like
Don't be like him anons

>Can i share
Still cracks me up

Yes, you mentally handicapped tripfag, subversion of expectations is literally the cornerstone of humor.
Just like shinji is the last person i would think would ask to share ramen over the body of a naked woman.

Alright that's it, a round of Reis for the whole house.

Imagine living in japan and refusing the eat fish.
That'd be absurd.

>So they killed her character for a joke?


Which one is this from?

Fine, so "kill" is a bit of an exaggeration.

The Japanese actually don't typically consider fish to be meat; same way Jews don't.

Oy Vey

Then what the fuck does being vegetarian mean in japan? You miss out on the 3 times a year you'd eat cow/pork?

The point is that it'd be funny if Rei said it. You wouldn't expect Rei to do that.

but the Japs are a strong race. unlike the thieving Hebrews.

Second best one. Its command of character is excellent.

Americans eat too much meat, to be honest. Post great dishes without meat.

Bullshit. Shinji's weiner is too small to see.

what's the name of this specific one? is it finished?

Does Rei count

Whenever I eat Rei, I get lots of milk, and milk is not vegan, so no she doesn't.

thanks for the addiction to short hair, rei


I guess terrorist food will do

Rei is pretty.

>falling for this meme
Those art pieces were not canon

Rei is smart.

>art pieces
>Literally the Evangelion manga

Dude you've made an idiot out of yourself for this entire thread.