Konbini Kareshi

Last episode today.



I bet they didn't have the budget to animate the nurse.



The end.

Holy shit.

Don't die on me, bros. I'm about to watch it.

Yeah that had absolutely no need to be there.

Man, this was the most misleading OP of the year.

No fucking shit. The class rep being worst girl made it even worse.

Man, I wanted to see more of pink vest. I don't even know her fucking name.

Clearly they wanted to do more but the budget gave out 3 episodes in.

Read the books.

I didn't know this was based off anything.

I'm kind of conflicted. It did poorly and/or was flawed on almost everything and if you ask me I will tell you it was bad, but I still enjoyed it for what it was.
The fujobait I expected turned out to be honest to good bros broing it up and the Mashiki/Mishima couple that I found boring for more than half the show ended up making me wanting more of them. Shame about how everyone else got sidelined, apparently. I also really liked the story book part in this episode.

This guy ruined it for me. If only it had ended after class rep's drama got solved.

This is an original.

>that garbage ending
The only good thing was the twist

They have released four mooks with drama CD since 2015.

I'm pretty sure that some of the characters in that OP or in the ED didn't appear at all. Also, its kinda funny how little the story focused on the main character and his love interest. Towa and inchou stole the show.

It came out of nowhere tough.

She didn't make it, did she?

This show was SO fucking pointless, Why the fuck did I even finish it.

I didn't even know people on Sup Forums were still watching this, Only the front 4 were even relevant and even then they were both friendzone nonsense.

Thanks for nothing, shitty convenience store commercial.

I'm sorry, Gatsu, but you need to check after the ED too.

Time to watch the last episode and post in the last thread with my konbiniggas.

Blown the fuck out.

Cliffhanger: The Animation

>"That girl who gave me the book is very important to me"
>Mashiki crys
>Runs out of the room
>Mishima wont fucking follow her
>Episode ends

>"A-A... A-About the b-b-b-b-book"
>Something happens
>He doesent repeat what he was about to say
>Episode ends

>They walk on that weird "love-bridge"
>He suddenly stops
>"There is something i want to tell you"
>"I-I eh... I... I..."
>"M-Mashiki! I-I I always wanted to tell you that... eh..."
>"I-I, eh... Huh?! Mashiki!?"
>She faints out of boredom
>Episode ends
>Another Cliffhanger

>"Mishima! I wanted to..."
>"Let ME say it"
>"Mashiki i-i ... eh [...]"
>"I lov- "
>Truck drives by
>They stare at each other, smiling.
>Anime ends
>No kiss
>No huggies
>Not even holding hands

You guys told me this anime is shit an i was to stubborn to accept it.

I bet they didnt even had the budget to animate the fucking kiss scene with Honda and Glasses-chan. Fucking hell.

>this whole post
The glacial time the episode seems to move and cliffhanger were really something for sure.

Truck-kun wins again.

>walking into the light
Yeah he probably killed himself as well.

My fucking sides.

>hell yeah motherfucker.jpg

It feels like they originally wanted to put all the couples in the OP in the show but ended up making the two main pairs have really long arcs. Seems like they had no idea what they wanted to do and just went along with shit until they ran out of broadcast time. It could've been better desu

Did it ever get good? I saw the first 3 episodes and gave up because I felt nothing was happening.

Go watch GlassLip. That's pretty good.

Waste your time on another anime.

I, for one, thought it was pretty comfy.

Waste of VAs

Fuck the plotfags, the VA and music carrying the show was enough for me.