In celebration of Legend of Galactic Heroes saviors

In celebration of Legend of Galactic Heroes saviors,
let's have Kuroko no Basuke thread.

me in the middle desu.

Who is the best basket and why is it Purple?

May Legend of Basketball Heroes threads will be a great as S1 Basugay threads.

Because he is cute and big, and also evil. But not as evil as Akashi, which is why Akashi is the best basuke.

>not self-inserting as the black guy

Ganguro not a nigger.

he act like one

fujoshits ruined kuroko no basket

fujoshits ruin everything

What chapter does Kuroko get dp'd in?

kurobasu was made to bait fujos anyway, what do you expect?

When was it not fujoshit, retard?

fuck off dirty yuriwhale

Touou vs Seirin chapter

That looks pretty gay.


Where should I watch LoGH? Been meaning to see it.

depend if you can stomach 110 episode of archaic quality.

Is it worth watching? People seem to hold it in high regard and it seems like it could be the sort of thing I'd enjoy.

It's not difficult to imagine a world where the series is exactly the same, but with a different demographic fanbase NTRposting about the whole Kuroko/Momoi/Aomine relationship. Too bad all sports anime are designated for fujo followers

It's a great anime that ventures in philosophical discussion. The animation is eye bleach at first, but you get used to it.

I'm planning on showing it to younglings so I hope its good. I just want the story to be simple enough for them and watchable for me.

Great. Where should I go to watch it, then? It seems a bit scattered, do I need to worry about different shows or movies or anything?



The creature called "woman" was given life only to betray men.


How can Aomine compete?

Aomine is definitely not a ganguro. I don't think you even know what the word actually means. Its a fashion subculture thats not defined only by dark skin but also bright colored hair and white makeup to offset the tanned complexion.

The more extreme rendition of ganguro is actually a little creepy (it definitely falls into uncanny valley territory) and it rarely shows up in anime. The only semi recent example I can even think of is the first season of Durarara, I believe the girls who Izaya harassed and stomped on their phone were ganguro's.

Ganguro evolved into the modern day gyaru which is seeing a huge spike in popularity recently. They're related but more like distant cousins.

>Just watched episode 82 for the first time

Why did I put this show off for so long?
How did I avoid spoilers for so long after coming to Sup Forums quite frequently since 2007?


>How did I avoid spoilers for so long

Threads were very active while it was airing but each time it went on hiatus, it was pretty much dead silent here. Thats the one thing I have to give Kuroko anons credit for, no matter how batshit the threads were they never tried to turn it into a 24/7 general. There were only threads when there was something to actually talk about, be it anime or manga.

Gotta' say though, that was the best damn time I've ever had watching a show with Sup Forums.

I know you're just fucking about but, Yang ;_;7

You know there was a point when the joke was getting old, and we're way past that already. I bet there's only one or two bitter faggots posting their basugay memes on LoGH threads, while the rest have moved on.

Also stop posting gay shit on the catalog, do that on /y/.

Nothing gay about men with other men, fag, your avatar would agree.