Why didn't cell just fly to space and destroy the earth from orbit?

why didn't cell just fly to space and destroy the earth from orbit?

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then that would have meant that he wasn't perfect enough to do it as is and he couldnt accept that

Gohan could have easily countered.

Too much Vegeta genes, not enough Frieza ones.

I mean, the only reason they didn't counter the explosion was because attacking would only make it worst.

what? he could just fly around the earth in peace while gohan has no idea where cell is, then he could launch an earth nuking beam from the opposite side of the planet. no way gohan could counter that in time.

Sensing Ki

hiding ki is also a thing, something cell used to his advantage a lot.

You can't hide ki while also using said ki to destroy a planet. Come on nigga even dbz logic wasn't this dumb and it really was.

my point is that when cell's on the different side of the planet blasting a nukebeam there's no way gohan will get to him in time even if he can sense his ki as the blast is coming.

For one you have to actually charge your attack before you use it. meaning you use kai and lots of it.

Two, Gotenks could fly around the earth a dozen times in a small moment. I think ssj2 gohan will be fine.

Again this is dbz logic. Not complete lack of logic just really dumb works for the plot abandonment of scientific logic.

Not to mention Gohan was faster than Cell. meaning he would just y'know, follow Cell.

fucking saiyan saga vegeta was already powerful enough to destroy the earth or at least he was pretty confident of his ability to do so
cell could just about hold his fart in for a nanosecond and that'd be enough of a charge up to destroy the planet

follow him
1) in the fucking space
2) while cell's hiding his power level

Well he didn't did he? Maybe he's just fucking gay.

Honestly, most of the people he got DNA from were a bit dense and/or vainglorious.

And Vegeta loves to talk himself up.

People have been blowing up the moon from Earth since Roshi. Going into space doesn't ensure safety.

Why Did Goku Matrix Evolve into Duke Saiyamon

the moon is a big fucking target and it doesnt move at whatever speed cell can move at

Which is slower than how fast Gohan and most of them can move.

>Which is slower than how fast Gohan and most of them can move.
he cant fucking see cell in space from the earth you dense twat

because he's retarded

They're far faster and Cell wouldn't even make it to space. Semi Perfect Cell is well below many of them.

Why didn't he just blow the planet up like Freeza did in RoF?