It's been a year since this aired and I still can't get over how incredibly shitty it was. I can't even think of any other sequel/prequel that was this terrible and series-ruining.

Someone didn't watch Apocrypha.

Danganronpa having recurring characters and extended universe was a mistake anyway. The strength of the series always was on the mysteries, the psychological horror and the feeling/uneasiness of not knowing what lies beyond.
In the moment you start to explain shit, extend the universe and use old characters, the mysteries stops being interesting, and start being cringe in the case of Danganronpa.

All that garbage about future foundation, remnants of despair, hope peak academy, riots and bla bla was always fucking awful. The fun was on the crazy twists, not knowing what's going to happen and on the situations taking place on the killing games. The universe of Danganronpa is the weakest part of the series.

Don't know anything about Fate but isn't that an alternate universe?
DR3 didn't have that excuse. It permanently fucked up the lore and now I can't talk about Danganronpa without some idiot bringing up DR3 bullshit like the mind control videos.

Apocrypha is just a spinoff that can be easily ignored one it's over. DR3 polluted the main story line of its series.

>It's been a year since this aired
Nani the fuck?

The creator also hates his series.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony also killed the franchise for good.

Now that V3 is in English, is it true that the final trial is basically Kodaka telling the fans that he's sick of DR and that otaku are losers?
I heard japs got angry about that when the game was released.

new game worth $60?

No game is worth $60.

So... what do nips think about V3 after all this time? is it worth playing?

>I can't even think of any other sequel/prequel that was this terrible and series-ruining.
Eureka Seven AO

The whole series has incredibly shallow writing.

DR3 the anime didn't really get a lot of love on Comiket as well.

The DR hentai artists who made doujins before barely bothered to make any for the anime so I guess the ending left bad tastes in everybody's mouths.

It never tried to be anything with deep writing. It was just a fun and enjoyable VN.

I'm okay with mysteries but,
>In the moment you start to explain shit
Fuck you. Why even make a sequel if I'm still not going to learn anything? I don't want every work in the series to be DR1-from-scratch. Shit taste, user.
The anime was not good, but this is not why.
The peak suffering scene and watching that amazing despair OP 11 times made it worth the hours it took to watch though.

One of the biggest problems with this piece of shit is rarely talked about.

You can have garbage characters, non-sensical plot that retcons previous works but the real problem is that both arcs didn't really feel like danganronpa. and not just because it's a fucking anime not a game

The tone is just off, mainly because DR3 isn't fucking funny, it takes itself way too seriously. maybe the dub might be better

Doubtfull. The DR1 anime's dub was aparently bad by even dub standards.

>it takes itself way too seriously.
I don't really agree with this being a primary problem. I think the only parts I liked in the series would have been really shit if it wasn't much more serious than the games. The games work while being light-hearted because they don't attempt to capture bigger the horror that allude to, otherwise it'd be pretty dumb.
The overall plot direction is the biggest problem, not to mention Kyoko revival bullshit and the somehow-even-bigger-ass-pull of confirming dead dr2 classmate husks made it back to normal.
If it was funny while trying to cover a similar section of the overarching plot, I probably would have liked it even less, as much as I enjoyed the games.

Too bad, I really wanted Juzo doujins.

>Cheapened almost everything that happens in the second game to the point where it makes me wonder if the writers were on some kind of mission to ruin the series
At least it had memes?

Playing the beginning of the game right now and it seems to be heading in the ''Everything was just a game'' direction, as I heard at the beginning of the year.
Still, it's still intriguing and the OST is Godly as always. I guess the problem is that we can't never escape the curse of the third installment

I wasn't talking about the anime specifically. I just feel like Danganronpa doesn't really work as a franchise.

At least the threads for it while it aired were fun.

It was a memefest thats all i remember about this series

Really? Glad I didn't watch it, as I didn't watch any of the Danganronpa anime.
What happens that ruins DR2?

I'm pretty sure DR3 ruined the series for a lot of people. It was just that horribly bad, and shit like Chiaki existing and that Mary-Sue of a teacher who's name I can't even remember only made it worse.
Future was only passable because of how stupidly intense it got and how amazing Juzo was, but Despair was a fucking train wreck, and the characters we wanted to see got virtually no screen time, because they just had to blow Chiaki and Teacher bitch.

DR2 ending left it ambiguous as to whether the characters that died in the simulation would come back alive or forever remain comatose. DR3 just brings them all back to life with practically zero repercussions.

we could have had this instead of an old man and a scared boy

I still maintain that this scene alone validates me watching both arcs.


Tell'em Naegi

Junko coming back to life would have been better than what we got.

Retcons the Remnants' backstory so now they were hypnotized into becoming evil rather than being corrupted into despair by Junko.
This ruins their characters, turning them into bland victims, ruins all the themes about what despair does to people and makes the entire final trial of DR2 pointless.

Junko coming back as Kyoko and making Naegi choose to save the world by killing her thus falling into disapair woulda been great. We coulda still had most of Dr3 stay the same but Junko playing a role as Kyoko through out the killing game and only dropping it to select people (Monaca, Best Uncle, Juzo and Mitarai ) woulda caused so much interesting interactions

We will never get Matsuda having more then 2 seconds of screen time, He will never have a voice and we will never get to see the fun times of seeing Junko as a Baka

>Junko will never get a decent doujin
Oh I'm feeling the despair

The impression I get from this is that the anime was pure fanservice. There's no other reason to try not only to resurrect the characters, as to also make them more likable.

The ''everything was just a simulation bro'' twist was what I hated the most about DR2, but what you are saying is even bigger garbage because it cheapens pretty much everything that happened even more.

Did we ever find out why Munakata did it?

Celes is the only Danganronpa character that has good doujins to me. I wish Chiaki and Junko had better.

>Junko coming back as Kyoko and making Naegi choose to save the world by killing her thus falling into disapair woulda been great. We coulda still had most of Dr3 stay the same but Junko playing a role as Kyoko through out the killing game and only dropping it to select people (Monaca, Best Uncle, Juzo and Mitarai ) woulda caused so much interesting interactions
Agreed. This would have been an interesting turn of events. Having the DR finale without Junko especially was a huge mistake.

Why did they kill Kaede in the very beginning of V3? I almost cried.

>she kills the most interesting motherfucker
Wew, pottery

>The impression I get from this is that the anime was pure fanservice.
Well yeah in the end it was. Since in a DR3 interview it confirmed that the first written part of DR3 was the 'Hope' episode.>but what you are saying is even bigger garbage because it cheapens pretty much everything that happened even more.
Exactly. DR3 completely ruined the message that DR2 gives out in its ending.

Well, this is what I get for coming here and reading spoiler tags before finishing the game.

Well, this is the actual reason why people like Danganronpa in the first place. You never know what will happen

Why did the DR2 cast turn evil just from watching Chiaki die?

How can you even use Ryota's talent to edit live footage to brain wash them into being evil?

If all it takes just to brainwash someone is just a silly visual why even go through the trouble to kill Chiaki when you could have just gained another ally?

Why is Kodaka Japanese J.K Rowling? Where he can't even write a coherent universe without writing from the top of his head?

You know why.

Did they at least have some scars from the time they inflicted bodily harm on themselves?

There's nothing wrong with the series being serious. The first two games managed to balance the serious moments with the comedy making it contrast heavily when shit got real or it's time to wind down.

Can't have Danganronpa without a self-insert fuckboy getting into ecchi harem antics.



Only Hopeman having a prosthetic arm and Kuzuryuu having an eyepatch, that's it.

VN/Game-to-anime adaptations are almost as bad as anime-to-liveaction

Nope, Nagito had a replacement hand and Fuyuhiko had an eyepatch but everyone else looked exactly as they did in DR2. Which makes no sense because their game appearences were avatars from before they entered the school so they should be older.

Their revival was a mistake, but at least they should have appeared in their despair forms from the first episode. Gundham had fucking tattoos on his face that just vanished.

It's pretty sad because for the first time while playing a Danganronpa game I thought to myself ''Wow, this time they made an actually enjoyable protagonist. I must be dreaming''

It fucking sucks. Why do I always have to play as a fuckboy? I never despised a protagonist as much as I despised Naegi, I would spend time with Byakuya just that he could humiliate Naegi for me.
If you want to give me a male character, fine, I even prefer that way. But give me someone who is actually a man, not a sissy like Naegi, and isn't a fucking annoying retard like Hajime.

It was a sequel, not an adaptation.


Nothing about the brainwashing videos makes the slightest bit of sense. Sometimes they need live footage, other times they're just animations. The despair video makes you crave for despair but it also makes you love Junko for no reason. And the hope video apparently doubles as all-purpose mind control.

It's just an extremely lazy plot device that does whatever the plot needs it to do.

The original JUZOBOYS poster died in a car accident.
Press J for JUZOBOYS to live on forever.

At least this new guy is actually a detective and doesn't need a girl to hold his hand for literally the entire investigation and trial. Which is pretty much what happens anyways.

Do I have to watch this to play the new game?

The worst thing is that Shuichi himself would have made a nice first killer. His profile says he wanted to use his talent to commit a crime rather than solving one. Him being the culprit would also keep the element of seting up the murder in front of your face.

No, nobody should watch this anime under any circumstances.

I agree user, I actually enjoyed Kaede being the mc more than the first two games.
I was thinking it was him the whole time until Kaedesaid you need to speak up and tell the truth. Fuck this game lad.

Play 1, 2 and Ultra Dispair Girls. After that play V3, but get out of this thread because of V3 spoilers.

I can't believe that I rushed playing the first two games just to watch this shit with you guys.

Fuck the anime was bad.

Even if they were dead set on killing Kaede off, it should've been the third or fourth trial, not the first.

I feel bad for people who watched this without threads.

DR1 is my favorite in the franchise, but it was massively worsened by Naegi's being the MC.
Why Japs have such a fetish with shit protagonists? People use the self insert argument, but honestly, the vast majority of people don't want to insert on this kind shit. No one wants to be the manlet who is unremarkable on every aspect and gets mocked by everyone, not even people who are like that want to be like that. When people play a game, they want to be the cool guy, the competent guy, the intelligent guy, the charismatic guy. NO ONE wants to be unremarkable insecure dumb boring dude, no one.
Shuichi is certainly a improvement from Naegi, and at least for now I like him more than Hajime(I think?), but he still looks like a beta self insert at heart. Why can't we be the Byakuya of the story? Why it always has to be the boring beta? Fuck.

Oh well, at least he is a ''detective'' now so him solving cases won't be so ridiculous as in the first game, where the most dense kid was somehow the best at solving mysteries.

I actually loved it. Pretty much was the most ambitious videogame related anime.

Also exposed Kodaka as a hack for retconning Zero.
Which prepared me somewhat well enough for V3 being a total clusterfuck of pure SHIT.

Do you already beat V3 or you are just basing that on what you heard?

Playing it right now. Killing Kaede was a huge edgy mistake.

I don't know how to feel about her death. On one hand, it's playing into Danganronpa's biggest strength, which is to always catch the player off guard, on the other, I think they blew their load too soon. Why waste your (probably) most shocking twist right at the beginning of the game? The only reason I can think of is that they wanted to give the player a gigantic hook right off the bat.

The real reason is that they can't greenlight and fund a visual novel game where you play as a girl for too long. What will otaku think??

>Visual novel game
I always thought of Danganronpa as more of a point and click than a VN.

True. Kaede should have at least died in the fifth case so we could play most of the game as her and it would also be a nice callback to Makoto's butched execution. V3 is full of wasted potential.

Honestly, what did you guys expect from one of the dullest franchises in the history of video games? Seriously each episode following the dimwitted protagonist and the easily predictable end cast as they fight the same villain has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the pop-up imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of emotional impact, all to "deconstruct" villains and itself, to insult the player.
Perhaps the die was cast when Kodaka chose to outsource Danganronpa 3 rather than direct it; he made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody. Just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for his games. The Danganronpa series might be anti-/u/ (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-Science Adventure series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.
a-at least DR2 was good though
"No!" The writing is dreadful; the game was terrible. As I read, I noticed that the ideas of "hope" and "despair" were even more overtly obnoxious than it had ever been.
I began marking on the back of an envelope every time those words was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Kodaka's mind is so governed by cliches and dead references that he has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Danganronpa by the same Kotaro Uchikoshi. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are playing Danganronpa at 13 or 14, then when they get older they will go on to play Zero Escape." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you play Danganronpa you are, in fact, trained to play Uchikoshi games.

Look, I hardly think of Danganronpa as a masterpiece, but your post is far too pretentious. You can say many things about the series, but dull? How is it dull? It has one of the most unique settings and premises I have ever seen in a game. It has a unique art style. The music is iconic, and in my opinion amazing, and it has also very iconic character designs.
Are the characters one dimensional and silly? Yes.
Is the story a fucking mess and over the place? Yes.
Is It full of very amateurish written mistakes? Yes.
But it isn't dull, nor it is boring. Those are the last adjectives I would use to describe the franchise.

You also seem to be confusing why people play and like Danganronpa in the first place. The series never pretend to be deep or well written, and it even pokes fun at itself at several instances. What makes players like the games are how thrilling and full of twists they are, and also how different from everything else they are. It's the kind of story that you can never guess what will happen.

>Zero Escape
Although I do think Zero escape is better, especially the first one because Virtue's last reward is full of fuck ups and amateurish written often found on VNs(Zero escape 3 is even worse than any Danganronpa), I also think you are underrating Danganronpa.

Those were the best things ever

It gave me Seiko but then it took her away. Also Aoi should've won the Naegi bowl.

You are wrong

What, are you serious?

Not him but his post insinuated that DR and ZE are both shit; that the readers will grow up from reading one ridiculous mess to another ridiculous mess.

Yeah, you are right. I probably read It too fast at first.
Well, It's not there's much better stuff to be found when it comes to vidya.

Think again

>there are people who didn't watch the anime with Sup Forums
I pity them
Figuring out forbidden actions and the MIND HACKS was also fun

Saihara is well written though. Definitely the best and certainly better than Naegi.


The anime was a huge disappointment but the threads were some of the best I've experienced on Sup Forums.

I only started watching with Sup Forums around episode 4. Was probably for the best because that's when shit started to go down hill

It's pasta

I remember Monaca showing up was the hypest moment in the series. And then they ruined it by turning her into a completely different character for no reason.

Who is the worst girl in the series?

Yeah the episode Monaka appeared was they hypest part of DR3 and then when she decided to fuck off to space, that's when I realised, DR3 was going to be a disaster.

It made me hate the franchise, it was just absolutely garbage

From the first game: Asashina
From the second: That annoying girl with the huge boobs, forget her name now.

This. Akane and Asahina were worst girls. Ogre was too masculine to be regarded as a girl but had a nice personality. Imposter-sama was best girl.

And from DR3?