Anime tropes you despise

>flustered tsundere character uses a double negative to describe the mc

Any over the top reactions to things that aren't that big of a deal


I see your trope and raise you this:
>The same over the top reaction being used twice

>mc has dark past
>is fucking autistic, never shows any emotion whatsoever

>the word baka


>10 people say "eeehhh?!" at the exact same time

I actually love this trope.

>[pans to the sky]

>the ed starts to play

>MC shows up in world
>has to fight bad guy because people bitch about him

The worst. Who the fuck does this? Why is it a thing?

>double negative to describe the mc
See I find this cute, what I don't find cute and despise is when they kick his ass afterwards because tsundere.

how disgusting indeed

Mitsuba ruined It for me.

This user speaks for a lot of people when he says this.

>Characters acting like stereotyped anime characters instead of relatable human beings
>15 years old kid is the most amazing person on the universe and is smarter, stronger and faster than anyone.
>All the episodes have sexual tension and constant teasing between the main couple, but in the end they don't even show a kiss, and many times the relationship doesn't even get closure.
>MC is a total beta
>Character acts like a huge pervert, but does nothing/acts like a pure boy when he actually has a chance of scoring.
>MC is fighting for things he has little knowledge and understanding of, but wins anyway because muh friends

Now, some of this shit is just that user being a bitch.

>the older sibling is taller
>regardless of their age
>or gender

>Characters acting like stereotyped anime characters instead of relatable human beings

Well, it is a medium for escapism. Real people and relationships that you can relate to are rarely going to be as entertaining or easily depicted as anime versions, though with the sheer volume of stereotypical series, the few that do play it straight are refreshing.


>*word echoes*
>*pans up to the sky*
>*scene ends*

>tsundere,any kind really
>when a characters starts shouting or getting at the MC for nothing really
>when the girls in class start talking with the self-intitled ''average looking guy'' with no fucking reason whatsoever
>when a girl initially has no interest for a character but then changes her mind when he does something remotely relevant

Is there an anime where the MC shutsdown everysingle girl thrown his way?A MC that cares more about his bros than his hoes?

>forbidden technique reduces a character's lifespan
>pretty much might as well have no negative consequences

Who drinks that swill to begin with?

>characters are in high school

Ahh it cannot be helped.

>video game scene/subplot
>MC fucking sucks and gets beaten by all the girls

>character reacts with a short, soft 'eh?'
>scene ends
I love that take on it.

>MC doesn't go for the fucking sure thing that's 10x better than what he waited for and chose
Pic very much related

>MC has a big tittied older sister who walks around the house with just a bathtowel

This does happen in real life. I'd know


It's a visual representation of the family hierarchy. Which makes some sense depending on the series.

>don't kill the bad guy, you'd be just as bad as he is!
>I have to protect my friends.
>MC getting his ass handed to him. REEEEEEEEEEE friends becomes invincible
>super edgy psudo-intellectual even though the show is giant robots fighting aliens.
>MC ends up with the first girl shown.

>>MC ends up with the first girl shown.
This is forgivable if the first girl is good.

You seem to be getting the wrong idea of what relatable means. Literally no one likes unrelatable stories, or unrelatable characters, for the simple fact that If you can't relate to what's happening, you can't buy into the story the author is trying to tell. And the whole point of fiction is to make the story believable enough for the audience to buy into it. Fiction is supposed to both develop images on your imaginary and also to work with the images that are already within it.

The thing is that the people making and watching anime nowadays are so ingrained within anime culture that they actually buy into these retarded character and retarded interactions. And it is a problem because it becomes basically a huge circlejerk of otaku making anime for otaku, with no one being able to enter unless he's introduced to it since birth. So it's less of an ''escapism'' problem and more of a circlejerk problem.

This is also a fairly new thing. Anime always had over the top shit and retarded characters, but it's getting worse every year, with nowadays very few directions and animators being able to portray subtlety, behavior, nuance and a wide range of emotions in a human, down to earth way.

I really hate when they go to karaoke bars for some reason

It's not just a meme though.
Apparently if you plan to stay in Japan and make friends there, you need to be prepared that they will invite you to it.

>bad guys never ever fucking win at anything.

Nichijou is truly the GOAT.

>MC is dense enough to disregard bold advances of 3+ hot damsels
>Implied NTR
>Actual NTR
>MC is a genius Sherlock vs Anton.jpg
>MC uses ultimate ability that strains his body and can kill him - walks away from it without any lasting consequences
>Best girl gets 2 times more screentime than every other girl - loses
>Talking during intense fights instead of focusing of murdering the shit out of each other
>Muh katana folder 1000times
>Muh Japanese culture and foods in Isekai
>Go to Isekai - don't know how to make Roman Concrete or Gunpowder or Glass or Steel
>Secret weapon in fighting series - it's mecha
>Sounds in space
>Missiles not taking weeks to reach target in space battles
>FTL lasers while they should take minutes until target
>Dual-wielding superiority
>Nobody is wearing a helmet in medieval settings

I hate it

>the oldest girl in the cast is always the tallest female despite everyone being at least high school age

>the male MC is obviously the writers self insert

>Self-insert MCs
>Nippon ichi
>Isekai, especially with absolutely retarded-tier natives

Hold on.

It's not normal to go to karaoke with your friends at least once a week?

>MC lives in a society or is surrounded in a community where everything is awful and bad things just happen to him even though he's perfectly normal
>MC has to find out that it's not his surroundings that are wrong, but his mentality

>adults don't exist
>except one christmas cake who acts like a teen and has no authority
>teenagers run everything and wield all authority

>audience made to think that mc won
>side character (usually glasses-kun) starts explaining to nobody that the fight has only just begun as he pushes his glasses up his nose

Don't know why but this made me laugh so much

Mitsuha a best you pleb.

>The character who works the hardest is a complete jobber
>They're also the best character.

Just let them shine for once. Fuck.

She's nowhere near the level Miki was on.
Taki could have at least dated Miki during while he waited all that time, but no, the retard had to be depressed and mope around all those years.

"This operation only has a le le le le le le.000001% chance of success"

This guy knows whats up


followed by
>It's the only chance we've got!!

>Being wet gives you a cold
>Character would rather nearly destroy relationship than ruin surprise gift/event/whatever

>deadpan emotionally inexpressive kid with half-open eyes played up as cute and endearing

>everyone is retarded
>misunderstandings everywhere

>I may not be able to see... But because of that, I can sense the tension of your muscles, your sweat... I know how you'll move before you move!

>student council governs the school
>colds are cured with rice porridge
>sword fight ends by knockout

>character gets in to a series of retarded misunderstandings instead of bothering to communicate with the other person

>Nationalistic empire with strong military is evil
>Characters/kingdom preaching about equality and diversity is the good guy

I literally have never seen this, that sounds more like a western animation trope but I don't watch enough anime
>Character would rather nearly destroy relationship than ruin surprise gift/event/whatever
Holy fucking shit this

My least favorite is [tanks/dragons/religious figures/boats] are turned into generic anime girls for a slice of life series.
I also wonder why mecha has so much love triangle and cuckoldry in it too, but that's minor compared to the first

>I literally have never seen this
To be fair, it's more prevalent in JRPGs than anime.

>religion is the bad guy

Geeky beta males with large harems and isekai in general.

Stating that you have to be able to relate to what's happening to buy into a story isn't always the case and it's less an issue of human nature alone and instead a combination of it along with genre and other aspects. I hardly expect to see Ryoma from Getter Robo depicted with any subtlety or nuance to his emotions or anyone from a super robot series for that matter, but that's a different story for real robot series that include a focus on human struggles. It doesn't impede my enjoyment of the former because it's not what I'm going into the series for.

I agree that behavior of anime characters nowadays is in it's own league of retarded but there's plenty of examples of equally as retarded depictions in older, popular series. Like you said, the issue is that it has become normalized now that these types of characters and interactions are commonplace and the majority of consumers don't care but I find it difficult to believe they're buying into it rather than becoming complacent about it. People don't see these retarded characters and interactions as believable, they see it as part of anime as a product and piece of entertainment.

Also, if anything anime went from being a circlejerk by otaku for otaku to a massive industry. I think a bigger issue is that the industry recycles anything that sells and leaves the rest to suffer. A series doesn't need to have relatable characters when what sells is another aspect of a show, i.e. the designs, action or otherwise. That becomes secondary or nonexistent. Minute nuances to help add humanity to a character aren't necessary when the people producing it aren't doing it out of passion but as a business.

Basically, I'm agreeing with you.

>Literally no one likes unrelatable stories, or unrelatable characters

Speak for yourself, I don't want characters that are anything like myself

Not him, but being relatable doesn't have to be similar to yourself. It just means that you either understand, sympathize, connect or identify with the character/situation.
For example, I relate to Shinji Ikari, because I understand his situation and find It believable, but I don't identify myself with Shinji because I'm nothing like him.


>everyone has no memories of something that happened 5 years ago

the childish loli character that is somehow suppose to be intimidating when they could be easily punted by anyone.

that screech was the worst part of the show

>lolis that are supposed to an important and integral part of the show and supposed to be taken seriously
>smart/genius female scientist that are super zany autists full of quirky traits

>I'm so much more powerful than you if you land one hit on me I'll concede, that is, if you can manage it.
Looking at you The Breaker.

>fighting angels is relatable

Is that actually an anime trope though, or is it a translation trope? I don't think Japanese actually can have double negatives.

>characters can clearly remember events that happened when they were like 4 years old

>Character constantly uses video game analogies to describe what's happening

It is though? It's just a different kind of hard struggle. Saying that you relate to something doesn't mean you have to feel exactly what the character is feeling, or that you have to live what the character is living. If you can connect yourself with the character and/or understand his trouble, you are already relating to him.

>those mundane memories at infancy somehow shape their entire lives

>You don't remember what you said to me 12 years ago?

That's not that unrealistic though. Our mental development and number of imprinting pretty much peaks at infancy.

>Girls make all kinds of moves on the MC but when he does anything remotely romantic/sexual they beat him up and call him a Baka and a pervert

>girl and boy like eachother
>almost confess/fuck
>faggot niggers barge in and ruins the moment
>Happens again the next episode

Now THAT is a particularly annoying trope, it isn't eve remotely funny and they do it 24/7

>beach episode

>girl gets harassed by a mob to establish how irrestistibly hot she is
>MC barges in and saves her in order to give the girl a reason to like him and to show how nice he is
Save that shit for the doujins

>pleb doesn't know the power of Japanese Rice Porridgeâ„¢

>Princess from foreign kingdom looks exactly like lead girl
>They swap places for a day
>Princess falls for MC boy
>Kisses boy before leaving
>Cheers for lead girl as they part way


>character causes immense physical and mental pain to MC, is forgiven for literally no reason at all

>girl does horrible shit out of jealousy because th MC has new female friend, guy forgives her and finds a way to blame himself for her actions

Call me weird, but I wish some mainstream manga would actually let the MC get a girlfriend, but nowhere near the end. Surely one manga writer can actually pull it off well.

>childhood friend is in love with the MC because of promise made when they were 5-7 years old

>it's not like I don't like you or anything

name 1

>MC holds the door open for a girl and she falls in love with him
>He's practically bulletproof against advances and all around beta

There are 20 page doujins that have more rationality and realism then this shit

Turn A Gundam?

Sword Art Online? They get married like halfway through the first season.

Dude everything:
Turn A
Probably ranma

I'm sure there's plenty I'm forgetting but it's a supper popular thing.